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[St George] $5 Bonus Cashback with $75 Spend on Any Gift Cards (Activation Required, 1000 Redemptions) @ ShopBack via App


Credits to OP in anonymous deals

Shopback have launched a new St. George lounge similar to Westpac and have this awesome offer for any gift card!!

I linked a St. George card with still already having linked a Westpac card, meaning you can be apart of both.


Referral Links

Referral: random (3823)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • -6

    Are you required to pay with a St. George bank card?
    If so, this deal is worse off than a 10% off digital Coles prepaid MasterCard deal.

    • +4

      Yes, you are. Exactly like Westpac deals.

    • +2

      Stack with 6% Cashback on $100 7-Eleven Gift Card and you get 11% off fuel

      • -1

        If you use 10% off digital Coles prepaid MasterCard to pay for your 6% off 7/11, you get 16% off.

        This is why I purchased 30 x$250 digital Coles prepaid MasterCard, stock up for the next 6 months.

        Not sure why I got neg for telling facts.

        • +4

          you get 16%+ off

          I believe the Coles 10% off digital would net you ~7% after taking the activation fee into account. So in total it would be 13%, which is not to far from this offer.

          Not sure why I got neg for telling facts.

          I personally didn't neg your comment but I think your comment can sound a bit self-entitled and obnoxious to some. I also stocked up on the Coles MC as well as Vanilla Visa, but I still appreciate this post. You are of course free to say what you think but I think some comments are better to just keep to ourselves :)

          • +1

            @foxes28: Thanks. you're right. I've forgotten about the $6.30 fee, so that should be 7.25%+6%.

        • How do you spend your reward points on your multiple accounts?

          You need a phone number and email for each one hey?

          • @Poor Ass: No, flybuys account was not required to get 10% off digital Coles prepaid MasterCard during last promotion on 28/Feb.
            Perhaps you mixed it up with physical card promos.

            • @TanedaR: Just keep in mind you can save your coles m/c gift cards for stores that you cant get this good a discount, rather than spend them on 7/11 cards which are available under this deal. Unless you have a massive amount of the Coles M/cs you need to spend.

            • @TanedaR: Do you have multiple FLybuys accounts ?

  • +14

    $0 Monthly Account Fee for Complete Freedom Accounts @ St. George & BankSA for those wanting to open an account.

    You can also complete this:

    Open a Complete Freedom account online by 30th September 2024 and spend at least $40 on your new Visa Debit Card at Woolworths or Coles and get $10 cashback once per month up to 4 times.
    New transaction account customers only​

    • +1

      Just hope your card comes before Sunday!

      • as with Westpac, apparently one can open an account and start using it within a few minutes

        • +1

          Any idea how? I opened an account but there appears no way to use your card online immediately, like there was with Westpac and NAB.

          I found an add cart to google pay option in settings, but it just opens google pay, without giving you any card details or adding anything.

          No big deal otherwise, I figure the account will come in handy for future offers, even if the card doesn't arrive in time this week.

          • -1

            @hamza23: With Westpac, you could login to the app. Add the digital card to either Google Wallet and Apple pay, before the physical card arrives.

            • +1

              @ja912son: Yeah, I was asking about the St George process, as it doesn't seem to have the same function.

            • @ja912son: I believe his question was regarding St. George.

            • +1

              @ja912son: I just applied on iPhone, there's a menu to add to ApplePay but said can't add at the moment due to technical issues. So probably not implemented yet :(. Can't find card details neither unlike Westpac app

          • @hamza23: Same. I couldn't find card details and the add to Google Wallet just opened the app. Will just have to wait for physical card delivery and future ShopBack x St George offers.

        • +1

          I've just opened an account and went to add to Google Pay, all it does is open Google Wallet. You'll need to wait for the physical card.

          • @OZBMate8911: Ok. Any idea, if we need to manually request for the physical card, or is it automatically given by opening acc?

            • +2

              @hanofee: Per the account opening E-Mail:

              Once your ID is confirmed, your card will arrive in 3 - 5 business days and you can easily activate it through Internet or Mobile Banking.

    • +4

      To receive up to $40, you must: open a new Complete Freedom account online between 01/02/24 and 30/09/24 and have a linked St.George Visa Debit Card on the account, and have never held a transaction account with St.George before.

      Just be mindful of this clause in the terms for the cashback.

    • I tired, it shat itself on the web site. Called them and got the run around for 1 hour. Such a joke.

      • Did you try more than once on the website? Mine failed the first time with some error but went through the second time.

        • Yeah tried multiple times. Tried 'Finishing my application' from the email they sent. Fill in all the info and says error can send another SMS code, go in branch to open. Thats why I called (only one branch in WA in the CDB) and applications couldn't help they said 'customer connect' would help. 'Customer connect' said applications should do it. I grave up for $5.

          • @rpb: Argh, yeah if mine failed online again I wasn't going to bother.

    • +3

      More terms:

      $40 cashback offer: Fees and charges apply. To receive up to $40, you must: open a new Complete Freedom account online between 01/02/24 and 30/09/24 and have a linked St.George Visa Debit Card on the account, and have never held a transaction account with St.George before. You must spend a minimum of $40 per calendar month for the next 4 months at Coles or Woolworths supermarkets excluding subsidiary brands, such as Coles Express, Woolworths Metro, service station outlets or liquor retailers. The offer will commence the calendar month following the successful account opening of your Complete Freedom account. Payment must be contactless or online, using your debit card linked to your Complete Freedom account. The monthly minimum spend must be processed to your account within the calendar month. Refunds or cancelled purchases are ineligible spend. If a mobile wallet is used to make contactless payment, the payment option must be set to VISA.

      So to clarify, you need to spend $40 per month for 4 months in a row.
      If you skip a month it'll void following months, this wasn't clear to me so I got a rep to confirm

  • +4

    Just remember if you have multiple cards linked, after swiping pay now, to change the payment method by clicking the visa or Mastercard etc symbol. I nearly ballsed it up

    • yeah i have juggled two no probs but adding a 3rd here for st george hahah idk

  • +7

    Westpac owns St George (which they rebranded to Bank Of Melbourne in VIC), so this seems unnecessary

    Why not just accept StG/BoM cards in the Westpac lounge?

    • +2

      Just because it is owned by them doesn't mean everything would work seamlessly, they might still be running on their individual systems. Plenty of organisations, banks included would still continue to run on their own existing systems for years even if acquired by other entities.

      • -3

        And how does that affect ShopBack accepting the cards on their system and sending the data to the relevant banks?

    • More business for the group

    • +2

      Maybe they have a separate marketing budget

      Westpac has its reasons for retaining so many brands

    • Westpac also owns shopback , well a large piece of it

  • +2

    I noticed on the weekend I was a member of the St George club, along with Westpac & Ozbargain.

    I wonder if you can link a Visa debit card?

    Eligible St.George cards can be found here.

    which goes to a 404 error.

    here's where I found out I was a member

    Update added BoM debit card (Account -> Linked Payment Methods), selected that when buying a 711 giftcard and it says I have completed the challenge.

  • +1

    Also, works on BoM branded cards.

    • How to add BoM cards? No option to do that.

      • Just add card as you normally would, then go to challenge. Or go to challenge and it will ask you to add card. I used BoM debit card (Visa).

      • +1

        Account -> Linked Payment Methods-> Add a Credit or Debit Card Securely

        and yes I added my BoM debit card. bought a 711 giftcard using the BoM Debit Card (when paying tap Mastercard/visa card symbol next ro card# and select it). It says I have completed the challenge.

        • Thanks! This is helpful.

    • Does BoM have app that can add cards digitally? I have empty BoM acc I no longer used, and couldn't remember where my card is

    • Cheers, worked on my BoM credit card

  • +1

    Anyone else fill in all your details to apply for a St George account and then get an error when requesting SMS verification? Ugh

    • I recall having some issues when signing up. Try different browsers in incognito mode. Eventually worked.

    • Mine did that the first time, I tried again and it went through. Had to complete the application again though.

      • Can you find the card details to use on the app?

  • +1

    For a starting offer would have expected 10%. Nonetheless need to find my old cards…

  • Ahhhh excellent. Hopefully some Westpac+St George double stackers to come.

    • +2

      That would be awesome but how would that work? Upon checkout you would only be able to use one card payment method…

      • Yeah sorry I meant ShopBack+StGeorge haha

  • Does anyone know if this works with BankSA cards too?

    • If you scroll up a bit, someone says it works on their BoM card. So maybe it will work on BankSA cards too. Give it a try and let us know :)

      • Did not work :(

  • -1

    hambio you back on Shopback ??

  • Does StG have referral system? Just asking before I make own acc…

  • +1

    This BOM home loan is finally starting to pay itself!

  • Sigh, tried opening StG bank acc 3x all rejected after clicking Open Now, after inputting all deets.. combination of normal browser, incognito, and Cellular/wifi… told me to visit branch to open but only 1 in the CBD in Perth, 🖕

  • Can someone help please regarding the $10 off $40 offer at Coles / Woolworths?

    I don't have NFC on my Samsung phone (only discovered that after I bought it) so can't use Google Wallet in-store. How do I ensure that using a physical card in-store meets both requirements of being (a) contactless and (b) processed through the Visa network?

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