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6% Cashback on $100 7-Eleven Gift Card (Max of 5 Cards/1 Transaction Per Account) @ ShopBack via App


Stack with fuel lock to save a few dollars.

Full credit to Korban Dallas for the title.

Use at 7-Eleven locations Australia wide
7-Eleven will not be liable for any lost or stolen Gift Cards or any value loaded on a Gift Card that has been lost or stolen.
This Gift Card expires 36 months from the date of issue and can only be redeemed at a 7-Eleven store in Australia.
The 7-Eleven Digital Gift Card ('Card') is issued by Heritage and Peoples Choice Limited pursuant to a licence from Visa Worldwide Pte Limited.
Blackhawk Australia Pty. Ltd. ACN 123 251 703 ('Blackhawk') is Heritage's program manager for the Card, and Heritage and Blackhawk are collectively “us”, ""our"" and “we” in these conditions.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3750)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +3

    How do you use 7eleven gc? Do they allow split payments?

    • +4

      Via Google/Apple Pay. Yes, they allow split payments.

      • +1

        I just loaded on Google pay. Never used GPay. How can I check balance on these?

        • +7

          The gift card in this deal is a specially-branded Activ Visa gift card, so you need to go to the balance check website listed on the Activ Visa gift card website:


        • +1

          If you tap on the card it shows all the spendings on Gpay

          • @Mortin: Excellent. Would be good if Google Wallet also had a notes field for payment cards like they do for saved gift cards.

    • +8

      its a visa card. works on coles united fuel pumps as well

      • does 7-eleven gc work at coles express and united as well?

      • Liberty Fuel?

    • Careful. Not to be racist but my wife tried to do a split payment and the attendant didn't know what she was talking about.

      Wasn't our go to but 1/50 chance this might happen to you.

      • +23

        I don't understand the racist part. Or were you implying that people of certain races don't understand split payment? in which case, that generalisation is the definition of being racist.

        • Countries which don’t primarily use cards for transactions are unlikely to know what a split payment is.

          • @askbargain: I had one that couldn't speak english, I figured that out even before it came time to 'try' to split pay.
            Didn't name store but contacted head office about that.

        • +14

          When comments start with “not trying to be racist but…” usually is a pretty good indication that it’s a racist comment

          • +1

            @THL: Apparently racists dont need to try to be racists.

          • +1

            @THL: Not trying to be racist but I tend to agree with you

      • +1

        Some 7 elevens actually can't split for some reason

        But yes some attendants are also untrained to do it

        • +1

          Just set $100 on the bowser and fill up. Shouldn’t be hard given the current state of fuel prices…

        • +2

          Fuel lock resulting not a round amount . Always some remaing $$$ on card.

      • I usually ask before hand

      • It's time to fix the split payment issue in Australia. QR Pay is one way and much cheaper to run and smarter. I only see WW brough the concept to its Everyday Pay that can do all the splits and points for you in one scan. The downside is it requires internet connection. While some stores have very bad receptions, they started to offer free WIFI. Blackhawk could do the same, unless they don't want to as they might manipulate better in the old way.

  • thanks op!

  • +11

    Whichever cruel moron designed these Blackhawk gift cards has a pointy seat reserved in hell.

    This is the process they proudly advertise as “convenient”:

    First you give away some personal details before you get the numbers, which on iPhone you have to manually enter into your wallet (buttons are hard for Blackhawk’s cigar curled claws) - truly manually at that, because copy & pasting isn’t allowed (why would it be?!) - and then you agree to an angry wall of Ts&Cs and if you have an Apple Watch you get that twice…

    The convenience just wafts about the place!

    • +3

      Agreed. It would be trivial for them to implement an "add to wallet" button

  • Thanks OP.

  • +28

    I found out the hard way that fuel lock is capped at 25c/L the other day.

    Worst part is there was a United opposite that was the cheaper rate (~$1.85/L, versus ~$2.30/L).

    I don't know why I'm telling you all this, but my pain is your entertainment.

    Decent post, OP! :)

    • +1


      • '+' vote for your transparency!

    • +4

      I drove ten minutes to go to the petrol station that had the $1.879 locked in price instead of going to 4 other nearby 7-11 petrol station that had it at $2.31 or thereabouts.

      • +1

        Oh dear. I'm sure many of us have done this. Only the strongest will admit it.

    • Yeah 7-11 is only worth it with chopper usage now. These GCs just sweeten the deal

      • +7

        The chopper is not as shiny as before due to a maximum of 25c / L cap on discount.

        • +4

          I know. It's still consistently cheaper than the cheapest servo in my area though. YMMV, pun unintended

      • +2

        I have used these cards at coles express

    • I read the fuel lock update email a month or so back so was aware of this.. shame, I saved over 50c a litre once

      • +2

        I used to fill up bottom of the cycle and use the fuel lock to top up the following week. My car is pretty much on a 3 - 4 weeks per tank anyways

    • -3

      “However, if you redeem that Fuel Lock after 12:01am on 6th of February 2024 and the saving exceeds the new maximum saving of 25 cents per litre, for technical reasons the saving that exceeds 25 cents per litre will not be processed at the time of your purchase.

      “We will honour the additional saving by reimbursing you the amount in accordance with section 16.25, if you fill out the missed fuel discount form under the contact us tab of the My 7-Eleven app.”

      Keep your receipt. Need to take a photo and submit to get the extra back in a gift card.

      • Didn't grab a receipt, but that's a good thing to note for next time! If there is a next time..

      • +3

        You conveniently left out the start of the condition which dictates the rest of what you wrote:

        We will honour all Fuel Locks locked in prior to 6th February 2024 to the full extent of the saving. However, if you redeem that Fuel Lock after 12:01 am on 6th of February 2024 and the saving exceeds the new maximum saving of 25 cents per litre, for technical reasons the saving that exceeds 25 cents per litre will not be processed at the time of your purchase. We will honour the additional saving by reimbursing you the amount in accordance with section 16.25, if you fill out the missed fuel discount form under the contact us tab of the My 7-Eleven app.

        For them to honour the additional saving, you need to have locked in prior to 6th February 2024 but redeem after 12:01 am on 6th of February 2024. No one here would have that anymore since locks expire after 7 days.

        • -4

          oh well. Guess those chopper rides didn't pay off over the long term for those who used the chopper

          • @netjock: I used an old spare phone I had lying around for my chopper rides (Samsung S7) so it definitely paid off for me

            • @CodeXD: You gained in the short term. Now the 25c cap is going to be for rest of your life. Unless you intend to never drive it doesn't work out.

              Lets just say short term small benefits don't add up over the long term. You need to look at the total cost long run not short term.

              • @netjock: but the fuel lock doesn’t require any upfront investment? unless you’re talking about these gift cards, which are actually Activ Visa cards that work at most (if not all - I think it depends on the MCC) servos

                • -3

                  @theg00s3: Talking about something else all together.

                  If you spend it immediately or within your credit card interest free period there is no close. But longer it sits there the less you get. 5% pa interest rate so if it sits there for 1 year you only get 1% discount. Not accounting for income taxes.

    • use this card at united next time

    • Same here. I ended up paying more than the nearby petrol station when it was at cycle’s peak even with 25 cents discounts.

    • It like tells you clearly on the fuel lock?

  • +5

    From memory these GC works with most fuel stations (including Coles express and Ampol)

  • Got 2. Thx OP.

  • +1

    thank you bought 4

  • +2

    Do they sell Amazon gift card at 7-11, if yes can we buy anything with this 7-11 gift card?

    • +2

      Do they sell Amazon gift card at 7-11

      When I had a look at 7-Eleven convenience stores not selling fuel in Melbourne a while ago, I could not see any.

      When someone else went hunting for gift cards at 7-Eleven a month ago, they apparently did not see any either.

      I do not fill up at 7-Eleven, so I would not know what is usually sold at 7-Eleven. Obviously, I have no idea what is stocked at the 7-Elevens you visit!

      if yes can we buy anything with this 7-11 gift card?

      I have not seen any reports of any products that cannot be purchased using these 7-Eleven gift cards. I think the only issues that pop up from time to time are ones related to redeeming them (e.g. the attendant does not know how to redeem them, the attendant refuses to do split payments).

    • +2

      I used these to buy discounted TCN cards of some kind from 711 a few months back.

  • -2

    once per account…limited

    • Send gift to yourself

      • +1

        Doest work after buying 2 already

    • You can buy 2

    • one account two cards

  • Thank you, bought with Vanilla Visa

  • Anyone managed to use this card at BP? Thanks

    • I’d like to know too.

    • +3

      I used at BP and it worked.

      • Legend - thanks mate!

  • Max of 2

    • how does this work - for me only works on tap and pay instore, doesn't give cashback if using apple pay online…

  • -8

    Purchases in ShopBack app do not always track. Currently rejected for a prior OzBargain deal because "the reason your claim was rejected is that your orders were not attributed to ShopBack". Escalated multiple times and they still insist orders within the app are not eligible for cashback.

  • -3

    Never find any worth buying at 7-11 except for those in the app

    • You don't drive, or have an electric vehicle?

      • I'm lately using the 7% Wish + 4c. The fuel price is competitive in my area. My local Liberty usually offers over 10c less and hassle-free. 7-11 is my 3rd option but with this 6% + geo lock, if still easy to use, it's worth considering too.

        • Where do you get 7% off Wish? Thanks.

          • +1

            @goodfella: Prezzee gift cards from last promotion. The deal should be back this Easter I assume.

  • choppers no longer work, fuel lock capped at 25c. Unfortunately even 6% off is not attractive if you compare prices with smaller players like Vibe, United or Metro

    • +1

      chopper still works with VPN. It depends to when you use it. ATM even with 25c capped discount my local 7-eleven is the cheapest

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