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Seiko Auto King Turtle (Sapphire) $499 Delivered @ Starbuy


Seiko Auto King Turtle SRPF77K… $499 delivered.

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 45mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 13.2mm
  • Cal. 4R36 Automatic Movement, Hand winding & Hacking
  • Ceramic Bezel
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Drilled Lugs
  • Divers 200 Metres
  • 3 Year warranty from Seiko (Australia)

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  • +5

    Great watch but that pill cyclops would do my head in.

    • +2

      So just remove it bro, plenty of youtube vids showing how to do it.

      • +3

        I was happy to do that on my SD1953 but not on a $500 watch.

        I've noticed a lot of reviewers complain about the metal strap keeper. I have a different Seiko with that and it's perfectly fine and actually functions really well.

        • +2

          I have this watch but only paid $250, I think it's still in the box. I'm gonna remove the weird cyclops

    • Agreed, and the texture isn't the best either.
      Just get a sumo or samurai.
      Most people know what day it is and it's one less thing to set for an auto ;)

    • +2

      I know the King Turtle has better technical specs, but in terms of aesthetics IMO:

      Mini Turtle > Turtle > King Turtle

      • Worth getting sapphire, for a good price like these hey. Don't see many Mini turtles around but I like them too.

        I'd remove the pill shaped cyclops but leave the samurai one on, the date window looks funny if too small.

      • I reckon it's more…

        Slim Turtle > Mini Turtle > Turtle > King Turtle

      • I own all of turtles and tortoises and I agree, mini is the best and the only one I've had a rando compliment it.

        Mini > land tortoise > Turtle/King minus cyclops

        • Have you got a slim Turtle (SPB31xJ)?

          • @Muzeeb: No I don't. When I had a choice between a SPB313J and a SBDC169 on sale, I picked the Willard which was only about $100 more, and has a nice dial.

            SPB31xJ is pretty much a land tortoise with a 6R movement, but costs 5x more.

            • @rosebank: That glacier dial is awesome.

              I have the slim and the land and the slim case/crystal/hands/finish etc absolutely shit all over the land. Definitely worth the premium in my experience.

              • @Muzeeb: I'm sure the hardware is better, but they just look too similar to me. Which slim do you have?

                • @rosebank: 317 - traditional black. I've always loved the original 6105-8000 over the wider Willard. The price was right so I jumped.

                • +1
                  • @Muzeeb: That black Willard looks good. May have to mod the dial on the steeldive

                    • @G-rig: It's not a Willard. It's a turtle origin. A modernisation of the 6105-8000 which was released before the Willard (6105-8110). Most comfortable watch I've ever worn. Seiko nailed it in 1968.

                      • @Muzeeb: Ah so if is. I'd be happy with either, that's a looker for sure, no doubt pretty expensive too.

    • +1

      You young pups will be grateful for it one day.

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