[SA] Register with QBE for CTP Insurance & Get a $25 eGift Card (for a Range of Brands) after Payment for 12-Month Policy @ QBE


SA only $25 voucher for car rego and its back!

Register with QBE first via link, then pay your 12 months CTP insurance via Service SA.

$25 voucher will emailed to you.

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  • $25 damn thats huuuuge

    • for sure, it's like free money, since you can't avoid it and all the other insurance companies also the got almost the same ratings!!

  • +1

    Hey boomramada, I posted that 3 months ago, guess it's expired. Lol, good work.

    Is there an equivalent in your state of ACT?
    I remember QLD was ? $50!

  • Good timing.

  • Not worth it for anyone owning old cars that can randomly get problems, (for whom 3 months rego is better as if cancelling rego of 12 months you barely get anything at all back, compared to just paying for 3months each time).

    If you got newer car or like not looking to car soon, (want to keep same car for like 3 years or so) then only a good deal. Otherwise don't really recommend going with this 12 month rego routine.

  • Oh it only for SA. Amy cheap roadside assistance recommend?

    • Usually, one that comes with the insurance after paying a little extra?

  • Excuse my ignorance, but what sort of things can you spend the egift card on? Is it like a visa debit card, or something else? Can it be converted to cash? I couldn't discern this from the website.

    • +1

      It's a Prezzee swap card, for places like Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi etc.

      • I change to Amazon gift card

  • Unfortunately they offer flat CTP price regardless of your driving history. In my case, it’s $200 more than the cheapest I can get from another insurer.

    • +1

      That's strange. Mine usually have the same CTP on the rego, for each of the insurers they list

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