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Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Maze Blue Dinner Set 16pce $66 (RRP $269) + Delivery (Free C&C Sydney) @ Peter's of Kensington


Gordon Ramsay and Royal Doulton’s latest creation is something truly amazing. Blue Maze is practical dinnerware at its most beautiful. Maze dinnerware is a charming shade of cerulean blue, decorated with a pattern of subtle rings, embossed on the smooth, stoneware surface.

* Designed in England by Gordon Ramsay and Royal Doulton.
* Made from stoneware.
* Microwave safe.
* Dishwasher safe.

Set Contains:
4 x Plates - 28cm (w).
4 x Side Plates - 22cm (w).
4 x Bowls - 18cm (w).
4 x 350ml Mugs.

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  • +14

    Chill. It's just some plates and mugs

    • But they're Doulton’s latest creation!

      • +1

        they don't create often as I have had a set of these for over 10 years !

        • agreed i have them in white for 10 years too, there is nothing " latest creation" about these

    • That's where you're wrong my friend

  • +5

    Would be interested if it was bone china, this is stoneware.

    • -1

      not vegan approved

  • +3

    Check your dishwasher if it can actually fit the larger plates. Recently discovered that 24cm is the largest before the spinning arm hits the plates!

    • The larger plates won't easily fit most dishwashers in a standard layout, but if you can slant them in your dishwasher you should be okay albeit with a slightly lesser capacity depending on your layout.

    • +2

      I take a dinner plate with me when i've needed to buy dishwasher in the past

      • Respect to this level of commitment!

      • no really do you…..LOL thats hilarious!

    • See if you can adjust your top rack. I had this issue for a long time before I realised the top rack was on the lowest level. After raising it all the plates fit in the bottom rack.

  • +2

    Cerulean makes me think of a gentle breeze…

    • Yes! Was thinking of the exact same x-files scene.

    • +1

      pretty sure that show taught a generation of us that word!

  • +1

    Most dishwashers have a clip on the upper rack that enables the rack to be shifted up higher to allow for this.

  • +1

    Was watching Gordon Ramsay videos yesterday, wayyy too much drama! I think he became famous by performing more dramas than preparing decent food.

  • Ya know what else is truly amazing, the plates and bowls at Kmart.

  • When I see there only stated where does it "Designed" but no where its made,it is low end item for me,BigW have same for much cheaper

  • +1

    Designed in England by Gordon Ramsay and Royal Doulton.
    The design process -

    Ramsay: "Stop wasting my #$@! time and give me a #$@! round plate!"

    Royal Doulton. "Gulp! Yessir, Mr. Ramsay. Right away, Mr. Ramsay!"

    Ramsay: "Now #$@! off, you twat!"

  • Prism tumblers in second link 14% lead crystal which I am not sure about.
    Cant see how Pb is a good idea with any food or drinks

  • +1

    Which one of these plates would be best appropriate to serve an idiot sandwich?

  • +1

    When I saw Gordon Ramsay mentioned, I assumed it would have been about Royal Doulton toilets.

  • Made in Taiwan, I believe.

  • I've had a similar set to this in the past (same branding but different colour). It got stained with cutlery marks SO quickly. It was horrible. Got rid of them. I now use bone china rather than stoneware and it's holding up SOOOOOOOOOO much better. Using a Max&Will set.I think porcelain will also work well. But stoneware no good.

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