Best Product to Rehydrate

Hi all,

So I'm a pretty active & therefore sweaty guy. Have suffered long term, from headaches, possibly caused by me being constantly dehydrated.

Disregarding any other possible ailments, could anyone suggest the best form for a daily rehydration product. Like Hydralyte, Powerades, etc but in a healthiest, most beneficial form?

Thanks in advance for any relevant advice.


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    Best Product to Rehydrate

    dehydrated meals generally benefit most

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    How much water are you drinking a day?

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      yeah this.

      OP re. headaches - you should be drinking plenty of water BEFORE your workouts (during the day, not like 2 litres just before you start).

      During and post-workout - drink water or electrolyte drinks whatever as long as you are aware of your sugar/salt intake. For example Gatorade is ~6g sugar per 100ml, compared to coca cola 10.6g/100ml

      edit: i've mixed up the links, but you get the idea

    • Probably between 1-1.5L of just water. Plus other liquids like a can of soft drink everyday usually, & 2 litres of Gatorade/ Lucozade on days I'm more active.

      Probably not enough water though I'm guessing with the headaches.

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        You should be drinking between 2 and 3L per day

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          Human body doesn't need that much. Only drink water when you're thirsty. If you are drinking water and pissing it out then you're body is out of balance. Try eating better food like some lamb roast to boost your yang energy.

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            @gougou8: I think its best to drink regularly before you are thirsty. I think your body is already dehydrated if it signals that you are thirsty.

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              @TeutonMaster: This is incorrect, it would be silly to evolve a method of signalling that you need water that only happens when you are already desperate for it.
              Like all things, just listen to your body. It's insane the bs people spread about water, just drink when you need it… Don't drink a insane amount and it's completely ok to go a little bit with out drinking. Just don't be silly and drink nothing all day on a hot day but if you did that your body would hurt you for it anyway.
              Sometimes I go 3 hours or so with no water on a cool day.. completely normal and healthy

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        Yeah that's not enough water.

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        Not enough water and way too much Gatorade in terms of sugar content. I would just ditch the Gatorade/lucozade/staminade and drink the full 2-3l of plain water and see if that helps. Like comment below milk is also good, but plain milk, again due to sugar and you need to consider overall calories in a day depending on what else you’re eating and your activity levels. Headaches can be for a variety of reasons, stress, posture, eye strain, allergies, environmental exposure (e.g. odours, solvents), heat etc, but cutting the sugary drinks and ensuring adequate water intake has got to be a good start. If you don’t like plain water you could do unsweetened herbal or green tea hot or cold for some your intake. Rooibos has a natural sweetness to it and is caffeine free if you have a sweet tooth, the antioxidants in it are also supposedly good. Chamomile tea before bed is also a good one for hydration and relaxing. Whilst oral rehydration mixes can help in some situations, they shouldn’t be necessary under normal circumstances and I would go to adequate plain water as a starting point. If that doesn’t seem to hydrate you then I’d talk to a doctor about it.

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          I agree that I can't see why they'd need that much Gatorade unless they are active for 8hours.

          That said, what's wrong with the sugar content in Gatorade? It's actually a somewhat key component to increase the uptake in the electrolytes.

          • @filmer: Nothing wrong with some sugar I think it’s the quantities that OP is intending to drink it in. Makes me feel they are best to stick to plain water. Especially as they haven’t tried adequate plain water first.

            • @morse: I do agree. I doubt they're doing 5hours of constant activity that would warrant the consumption.

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              @morse: Yes drinking more water is my number one takeaway from this thread.

              Seemingly obvious to some but I was unaware that my water intake was too low.

              Number two takeaway is that I do need to cut my intake of sugar. That will be harder to enforce on myself haha, but is necessary.

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          Thanks for your detailed reply.

          I would say that my sugar intake would be on the high side unfortunately.

          I have seen multiple professionals in their medical fields over the last few years regarding the headaches. The issues they have found and we've worked through have only had minor effects on the issue but none have been that effective.

          Hence my post, and my sweating possibly being a cause of the headaches. Whenever I exercise more extended periods, play golf, go for a very long walk, etc, I sweat more and overheat moreso than the average person I'd say. This leads to headaches and my head 'overheating' which can often take two days to recover from. I often am physically and mentally drained at these times, very fatigued in fact.

          But the most important thing I have realised here is that I do not drink enough water, that will definitely change now.

          • @IamMe23: Height/weight?

            I have a friend who is about 190cm and 110kg who sweats buckets on the links… Though he, like me, doesn't feel the need to drink HEAPS for any particular occasion and only complains of headaches when he's on a crash diet.

            • @Assburg: 168/82

              On the course is where I overheat the most unfortunately, whether riding in a cart or walking the buggy under an umbrella.

              I am guaranteed to develop a headache on the back 9. I'll have sweated a lot & my head is hot & throbbing.

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                @IamMe23: Man, it's a horrible thing to confront but unless you're able to move some serious weight at the gym… you're on the cusp of obesity.

                Being overweight makes us feel bad enough but, in your case I think it would be wise to assume your diet could probably use a lot of work.

                No judgement at all… I shoot up to a 27.5 BMI once every year or two then spend 6 months working it off… but man do I feel so much better when diet is good and weight is down.

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                  @Assburg: Well my diet can / should certainly be improved, but obesity I have never thought I was, 'Dad bod' for sure though!

                  I am certainly solid from the ground up, & do move some weight at gym regularly.

                  I appreciate your response and it has certainly triggered a wake up call in the dietary department.

                  • @IamMe23: I really feel like a prick saying but yeah… I'm still coming off of my heavy phase from nov-dec last year and I'm down 7 out of the 12kg I need to lose.. every week I ask myself is there really more to lose or is this it now?

                    Sadly, the answer is that almost always there is more to lose (excepting body image disorders).

                    My advice would be to start small, try and break the sugar habit before cutting calories as withdrawal is a real downer. Do things you love, a 7am round of golf on an empty stomach might leave you feeling far better than a 7am run.

                    Good luck with it man, I'm certain if you make some changes you'll feel better in more ways than one.

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      yes, water water water

      Water is tio most easily absorbed kiquid

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      If heavy on workouts and sweats alot as described by OP, water alone won't cut it. Because with sweat and urine you loose salts as well, which needs to be topped up.

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        I don't disagree but if OP is only having 1-1.5L of water a day, they need to up that intake first before adding salts.

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        Guess where you can get this from? The food you eat.

        • Depends on your eating habbits :-) some people just do omad or tmad

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    Pepsi Max. The more you drink, the more caffeine you get, so you'll want to drink more of it.

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      I suddenly feel so thirsty
      God I love an ice cold Pepsi max on a hot day

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    best form for a daily rehydration product


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      I think you mean H₂O

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        Duckie clearly meant HIJKLMNO

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          I think he actually meant H₂WHOA! at Mt. Splashmore.

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        I meant H₂O₂

          • @jv: No. I thought that was your sister…

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              @Chandler: It's my grandmother.

              • @jv: I'm your grandmother?

                Matriarchs sense. Cheers.

    • Are you referring to H2O: Just Add Water (the Australian TV show)?

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    Water with a splash of apple juice.

    Don't know if it true but I was told this by a nutritionist. Apparently your body will absorb the water quicker with a hint of sugar content.

    Could be bulltish.

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    Isotonic saline solution is what they use in hospital for IV rehydration.

    That's 0.9% salt in water, which you can easily and cheaply make at home. Don't expect it to taste great. For clarity: drink it, definitely DO NOT inject it!

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      Probably better off buying the salt, rather than trying to make it at home.

    • Good one, yea might try putting 1% salt into a water bottle daily then see if that helps👍

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        I don't recommend. I went down this road, ended up making my own salt based drinks with minimal cordial for flavor.
        For one, salt isn't just sodium chloride. You'll want more potassium. Two, it only really makes sense if your not eating anything. The food most people eat is high in salt, so to balance it out you want to drink water with a sub isotonic concentration.

        • Thanks for the shared experience and info.

          I have since looked at a more complex DIY mixture from a previous thread on here that I'll be trying instead.

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          It's funny how many people don't realise this and go off YouTube and tiktok videos for their health information.

    • Don't expect it to taste great.

      Slightly salty? Some girls love it.

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      This is the correct answer.
      Half a teaspoon of natural sea salt (Maldon, Celtic, Himalayan Pink) per litre will do the trick.

    • instructions unclear, injected water with air bubbles….

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    Hydralyte tabs

    • Yep will start ensuring at least one Hydralyte tab in water daily.

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        You can get a similar product from Aldi for much cheaper. Much better than just adding table salt as that only contains chloride and sodium. You need potassium, magnesium and calcium too. Magnesium and potassium are the two most commonly associated with nausea and confusion.

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          Awesome I'll definitely check those out from Aldi.

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        I do 3 every morning and feel great / much better. I drink 5L easy a day of water and no exercise.

        • Wow, that's huge. Are you taking the tablets because you're drinking so much water?

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            @kiitos: Not sure.. I heard on podcast about some rehydration and thought to do so. I could just be having bad quality water (like low minerals)

            This is something I’m investigating too, water testing and carbon filter / RO system

            I do feel good though after having them

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    healthiest, most beneficial form

    Water. Plain and simple. Nothing else is going to hydrate you as well. Those other products only have an effect because they're mostly water.

    • But that doesn't make for a good clickbait tiktok video

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    Water + salt (celtic sea salt or other high-quality salt) and coconut water is what I drink after a sweaty session at the gym.

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      Based on the avatar, would have thought MSG + water, for that succulent re-hydration.

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      Yarra Valley water?

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        Not everyone is a baller.

      • RIP OFF!

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  • What happened to the coconut water fad?

  • Tap water

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    Best Product to Rehydrate

    Dihydrogen monoxide

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    Water is most likely your best bet.

    If you're looking for other stuff such as electrolytes, there's multiple studies showing pros and cons depending on your lifestyle. But those sports drinks also contain high carbs and sugar.

    At the end of the day, drink whatever you want, if pure water is giving you a headache or you want flavoured stuff, then get the sports drink or vice versa. There are flavoured powders you can buy to put in water. I used to buy this to flavour my water.

    • That's great I'll look into this Bolero drinks.

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    Milk apparently -… - as it gives you sustained hydration due to slower emptying of your stomach.

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      <poops in lactose intolerance>

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      Music to my ears. Who doesn't love chockie milk right!

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        No one said chocolate milk.
        I fear for your health 😂

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          "We all should start to live before we get old. Fear is stupid." Marilyn Monroe.

          I'm with Maz mate, I'll take the chockie milk but thanks for your concern.

          • @IamMe23: TBF Marilyn never got old. Maybe a just a teensie little bit of fear and she would have made it to 40.

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    2 litres of H2O with pinch of salt. Salt is cheap.

  • I use Voost Hydrate tablets in water. It is brilliant. The berry flavoured one is good. I also have Hydrolite ice blocks in the freezer.
    The Voost tablets in water works much better than the Hydrolite tablets. I live up in Darwin and some days it gets very hot.…

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      Thanks it's certainly on the shopping list of things to try, once I can get it on special of course😉

      • Sometime the orange one goes on special on Amazon. Berry is the better flavour. The weather up here can be very humid during the build up. I found it's the only product that works well. My 3yo loves the Hydolite ice blocks

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          Yea I've actually went out and bought two tubes of the orange Voost Hydrate today as they on sale @Woolies.

          They didn't have Berry but I'm now on the lookout for it👍

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    Pepsi Max

  • Check for tumour

    • Actually had a CT scan couple years ago & all clear.

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    maybe you are diabetic

    • Not likely, would already be consuming far more than 1.5L per day due to constantly feeling of thirst.

    • Had a family member constantly suffering of headaches and pains. Never thought much of it. One night she had had headache and took some Panadol and went to bed. Never woke up.

      Turns out she was diabetic and never got it diagnosed.

  • Coke

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