Ingmar Bergman's Cinema (The Criterion Collection) 30-Disc Blu-Ray - $249.97 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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~$50 cheaper than the February deal. Still getting through my set that I received on Christmas.

Still phenomenal value. Now even more so than before!

Will probably take me the rest of the year to get through it all at my current pace

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Fanny and Alexander tsk tsk

  • +1

    peak kino

  • +6

    Sorry for injecting a brief moment of frivolity but I couldn't let the opportunity pass by

    One of my all-time favourite Cheers intros as Frasier tries to discuss Ingmar Bergman with those at the bar.

    • I darn well miss that show.

    • +1

      I've never seen cheers (a little before my time), but this is the best sitcom intro I think I've ever seen

    • Never seen Cheers, but Frasier is my all time favourite sitcom.

  • Might listen to "Gloomy Sunday" after binging for a while.

  • Stupid question: this is a US import. Are the discs region locked?

    • Been Criterion, yes likely.

    • +5

      This is a good question. It's one of the rare Criterion releases that is confirmed to be entirely region free (according to multiple sources).

      • That’ll teach me for not checking

      • +2

        I confirmed in my last post, but you can also see the "A/B/C" logo if you zoom in on the Amazon picture of the yellow backing slip.

        Have also tested about 10 discs. They're region free, no doubt

  • Weekend sorted. Thanks OP

    • [if this comment is in the vain of anti-intellectualism and is an attempt at humour by appealing to popular sentiment regarding arthouse films]:
      Haha! Good one, mate! How about them [popular sports team]! xD

      [if there was even a sliver of honesty in your comment, which I highly doubt]:
      Please seek a therapist for Monday

  • +1

    Good find. A bit of um and ahh'ing but at $6/film it was ultimately a no-brainer.
    Now, to integrate a blu-ray player into my setup…

    • Do you have any PS3 or later consoles?

      • Don't own any PS3 or later.
        I did consider buying them just for Blu-ray, but as I won't be using them for gaming, it's far more cost-effective and future-proof to buy an UHD reader.

        From my reading, only the ps5 has 4k Bluray capability, and for $350 secondhand it's not really worth it over a $50 box.

        • I also implied (poorly), the Xbox series of consoles. Xbox One S and One X are both UHD players if that helps even in the slightest 🤷🏻‍♂️

          Beyond that, the Panasonic ub820 is otherwise considered the "sweet spot" of price Vs quality.

  • Grabbed it, thanks buddy. Have to pay it off over time but the discount was to good to pass up. Hope the sound isn't to bad for the older titles.

    • I've watched about 10 of these now through a Samsung Soundbar. Most tracks seem to be in their original mono or stereo output, but I've not had any issues with the quality yet on my end

      • I don't doubt that this release will have the best audio available, just very old movies tend to have a low quality sound recording. The main thing that puts me off movies before the 60s. Fine for most dramas though.

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