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Free Shipping - DJ Equipment/100MW 650NM Single Red Laser Star Party Stage Projector $54.99


100mw 650nm Laser Star Party Stage Projector is designed according to the security and good performance, which will be safer to human and environment

How great it will be if you have this 100mw 650nm Laser Star Party Stage Projector when you hold a party at home

It's perfect for projecting on a ceiling or wall

You will have the ability to create your own professional laser show

The patterns are constantly moving and morphing

Don't be hesitating

With fast shipping and reasonable price, this 100mw 650nm Laser Star Party Stage Projector can beyour best choice

Play Mode: Sound active, auto-run

Power Supply: 110V/250V, 50/60HZ

Size: 31.6 x 18.5 x 15.8cm/12.44 x 7.28 x 6.22in

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    Can lasers be imported into Australia? I thought customs will confiscate them now?


      1mW+ Laser pointers are banned, other products with retina burning lasers such as DVD and Blu-ray burners are completely legal.



      You can buy these at Jaycar.


      It's a dance Projector, not laser pointer. So of course it's legal.


        Unless you use it outside next to an airport….

        • +1 vote

          hmm…dance with the airplane?


          Landing planes make a good backdrop for an outdoor rave party :)


    i think it is handheld ones.

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      Nothing stopping this one being a handheld one as well. ;)


    What's the difference between that one and….say…. this one

    aside from price, and extra colour


    Gand held lasees are ollegal, ie. battery operated. Mains powered or lab lasers are not, regardless of power


    tony007, don't suppose you have any pics/videos of this thing in action?


      hi Hinee, if you need some pics, i can send you them.


        could you send me any links

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          just like this

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    Google cache shows same price on 10 October.
    IMHO this is therefore classified as advertising.

    • -6 votes

      thanks, mate, you remind us, lol!


      Great catch!

      I hate it when reps try and deceive customers. That's one way to lose a lot of customers!


        i register here two days ago, and the discount of my product has began some weeks ago, i shared it in other websites. you guy said i try and deceive customers..hmm…i wanna say nothing…whatever i share it, it's cheaper, you get the best deal, that's enough?


          "whatever i share it, it's cheaper, you get the best deal, that's enough?"

          Try this: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Sale-Mini-Green-Red-Laser...

          Same product: $18.72 USD DELIVERED. On top of that, you have a 60 day payment holding system from seller in case they send you a bubble wrapped brick or a faulty device.