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Whittaker's Chocolate Blocks 200g-250g (Coconut, Hazelnut, Hokey Pokey, Dark Almond) $5 + Delivery ($0 w Prime/$59+) @ Amazon AU

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Amazon has price matched Coles for the Coconut & Hokey Pokey variety today, so thought it was worth a post. Hazelnut and Dark Almond are also available, Milk Chocolate is on backorder, so didn't include it in the title. You can order it and cancel at anytime if it takes too long, if paying by card you aren't charged until it dispatches.

Buy 8 for $40 and get a further 5% = $38 ($4.75ea) in Dark Almond, Hazelnut, Hokey Pokey only.

Whittaker Creamy Milk Coconut Chocolate Block, 250g (5% $40 spend does not apply) SOLD OUT
Whittaker 33% Cocoa Hazelnut Chocolate Block, 200g (Backorder - 2 to 4 weeks) Available again
Whittaker Creamy Milk Hokey Pokey Crunch Chocolate Block, 250g SOLD OUT
Whittaker 62% Cocoa Dark Almond Chocolate Block, 200g SOLD OUT
Whittaker 33% Cocoa Creamy Milk Chocolate Block, 250g (Backorder) SOLD OUT
Whittaker's Oat Milk Block - Finest Plant Based Chocolate 250g (Backorder) SOLD OUT

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  • +6

    Mmmmmm 62% Cocoa Dark Almond 🤤

  • How do you get the 5%? i can't add/buy more than 6 blocks

    • Buy multiple flavours in 1 cart

      • Doesn't work for the flavours i want

    • Ah yeah looks like a limit of 6 per customer per variety you would need to split it, like buy 6 of 1 variety and 2 of the other variety.

      Edit: Or add 6 and then spend $10 on something else in the $40 get 5% off promo.

      • Sadly that's not working either except for adding 2 salted caramel

  • +5

    Expect chocolate bar pricing to spike!! https://tradingeconomics.com/commodity/cocoa

    • +4

      In the future, I will own no chocolate bars and be happy.

      … Wait a minute!

    • +14

      When $5 is the discounted price, makes me think it’s already spiked with inflation.

    • +3

      this bodes well for my waistline

  • Love these, great find!!

  • Thanks hamza, got the coconut and dark almond

  • Thanks OP got 3 different ones, haven't had these in years!

  • +1

    Coconut OOS :(

  • Thanks mate, ordered 4 each of Hazelnut and dark Almonds.

  • Inflation the hidden tax

  • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months lol wtf

    • -8

      Don't expect much from corrupt bald Bezo! Probably himself stocks first batches to crash them on ciks with wine.

      • -2

        Trolls working hard again, I know Bezos, he would not neg this, but laugh and enjoy it. lol

  • +3

    nothing like some melted chocolate in your mail box :D

    • I've been put off by melted m&ms from Amazon. Don't know if I could ever recover from the potential tragedy of a melted Whittaker's block.

  • +4

    are these even worth $5 when you can get Aldi ones for like half?

    • +5

      Spoken like someone who has never tried these chocolate!

      • +4

        I mean Aldi chocolate is pretty damn good

        • It's atrocious!

    • +2

      no one but yourself can say if it's worth it to you or not

  • +1

    The coconut one is the closest thing to those discontinued coconut rough chocolates. So good!

  • Do they not make the Milk Caramel Blondie block any more?

    • Blondie doesn't appear to be available in Aus anymore. Showing unavailable on Coles/Woolworths sites.

      • :( It was yummy

  • Coles has the same price, if Amazon sold out

    • +1

      Explains the first line of the deal!

      Amazon has price matched Coles

      • +2

        Lucky we have a detective on this site to figure this stuff out

  • +1

    Hazelnut back in stock for now.

    • OOS

  • +1

    still no dark ghana peppermint chocolate. they sell it at countdown in New Zealand so why not here???

    • Sold at Amazon for $9.04 if you are willing to pay. Won't go down to $5 since Coles/Woolworths don't have it.

      The range in NZ is much greater than ours.

      • yeah i hate coles and woolies for removing those, everytime i go to NZ or a friend does i make sure to buy 10 blocks.

  • how does it compare to Whittaker's Toasted Coconut Slab ?

  • Hazelnut back in stock again.

  • Milk chocolate all out at my local :(

    Tried the honey nougat almond one, it's not bad. No peanut slab or coconut though.

    Also a big fan of the peanut butter one. Don't think i've seen them do peanut slab in block form though.

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