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20% off Steelcase Storewide + Free Knocked-Down Delivery in VIC/NSW/ACT for Most Items @ Steelcase

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Example Prices:

Steelcase Gesture w/Headrest: $2,363 / $1,890.40
Steelcase Gesture w/o Headrest: $1,989 / $1,591.20
Steelcase Leap w/Headrest:$1,940 / $1,552.00
Steelcase Leap w/o Headrest: $1,679 / $1,343.20

From 04/04/2024 through to 12/05/2024

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  • +3

    Why nothing for QLD whats their deal

  • Is the free knockdown delivery part of the PACIFIC20 deal? or is it a permanent change?

    Also, just realised the prices have increased AGAIN - specifically the Series 2. Argh, these sales just brings it close to the RRP before the price increase.

  • +4

    So the Leap has gone from about $1100 to $1379 over the last year or so? Cool, another vendor you can drop until they learn they can't gouge.

    Gesture prices have also been about $400 cheaper more recently.

  • they jacked up the rrp recently? i've seen it cheaper early this year.

  • +5

    It’s an interesting tactic. Keep nudging the RRP of your chairs higher and higher until you see the sales numbers drop off, then have “sales” to convince people they’re getting a bargain. Rinse, repeat.

    Are the costs of making and distributing chairs really going up, or is this just capitalisation on supply and demand?

    • +4

      Totally agree. They just had the 25% off Series 2 sales recently with RRP of $989, and shortly after the sales, they jacked up the price.

      I wonder if this has anything to do with the knockdown shipping that they're offering. Forcing everyone else to pay more just to cover those 'free' shipping cost. Yuck.

      @SteelcaseAustralia would you like to address this?

      • -4

        After much consideration, we decided to remove the self-pickup option from our sites. The reason for this is that we weren't able to provide an ideal customer experience for pickup as we use 3rd party warehousing providers for our online stores, and that experience was leading to increasing complaints from both customers as well as our logistics partners. At the same time, we recognized a need to provide shipping-inclusive pricing, and so looked to build in free shipping for most customers in NSW, VIC, and ACT, and also reduced shipping costs to other locations. Unfortunately shipping heavy furniture in Australia is expensive, our prices were already substantially below what most of our other official global stores are selling at, and there was just no way to incorporate shipping costs into the equation without raising prices. Even after this raise, the prices we are offering for most products remain below what we charge on our US store for the same configurations.

        • +1

          No pickup no deal lol

        • As a man who picked up an order from the warehouse: they aren't kidding, it was very much "not great".

  • +3

    So the Gesture (Holiday edition, which is cheaper than the standard edition) has gone from $1,179.10 on sale last November to $1,451.20 including this 20% discount. They're not fooling anyone.

    • From 5 months ago - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/808060:
      Leap Platinum Frame Models:
      Original Price From: $1,614 AUD
      Sale Price: $1,210.50 AUD

      Now it's $1,739 - $1,391.20 on sale.

      If the pricing was somewhat reasonable I'd buy new, but I just bought a used one for 1/3 of that price… and I picked it up on a Saturday.

    • -5

      While I understand people's frustrations, I would just like to clarify that this is not an apples-to-apples comparison, as we did not actually raise the base pricing on the holiday editions and other clearance items. Last November we had more options available, including no-headrest options, while we currently are only stocking Gesture Holiday Edition with HR.

      All that said yes, this isn't as deep a discount as we offered for Black Friday.

      • Your site only shows Holiday Edition without headrest.

        • -2

          Sorry, I saw a different picture initially when I loaded it. The fact remains that the retail price is unchanged on the holiday edition. It was $1814 then and it is $1814 now. The difference is that during Black Friday we did a 35% off to get to that price point, and due to being a special Black Friday offer that is not something we can replicate for every sale.

          • @SteelcaseAustralia: Are you saying that your $1814 Gesture Holiday Edition does have a headrest, or that it doesn't?

            • @letsgetquizzical: No, it does not. 1814 is the base price for Gesture Holiday w/o headrest, while the base price for non-holiday editions is now 1989.

  • +4

    Have been wanting to get an office chair for ages since I work from home almost everyday but this price gouging from Steelcase is putting me off their brand. Would have been ready to buy on sale if they hadn't jacked the prices. Does anyone have recommendations on alternative chairs to the Leap? Have heard the Haworth Fern is pretty good.

    • +4

      Exact same thoughts - waiting to pull the trigger on the Leap when they drop prices to reasonable levels. This is not it.

      Meanwhile, might look elsewhere as patience is wearing thin.

      • +4

        SteelcaseAustralia, if you're reading these comments take note and offer us a deal worth buying. We're ready.

  • +1

    SteelcaseAustralia, if you're reading these comments take note and offer us a deal worth buying. We're ready.

  • These egro chairs are sooooooo exxy. I want an HM Aeron or something Steelcase based on research, but it seems like they keep spiking in prices lol!! Cmonn

  • With no delivery in QLD, I think I might just use office works.

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