[Pre Order] Lian Li 140 SL140 Uni Fan Infinity Reverse $45 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


Have been waiting for the 140 reverse infinity fans for a couple months now since their release, only other place to get them at this time is via Amazon AU via Amazon US @ ~ $70.

Retails for about $30 USD (plus taxes) so $45 AUD is a pretty good deal, may even be a pricing error with it being cheaper than other Infinity lian li fans in Australia. Shipping cost may hurt the viability of this deal though.

Ordered 6 for myself though ETA 24th of May, should be able to cancel if a better deal comes up in the next month or so.

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  • What is the benefit of the "reversed blade" version vs the standard?

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      So it looks better. In a case like the o11 and its many clones, the side and bottom fan mount is designed as an intake mount. However, with the regular direction fans you'd be looking at the backside of the fan rather than the front side.

      • If I get the Montech KING 95 Pro, then will I need to buy these too?

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          No, the Pro comes with all the fans you'd need already

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      so you don't see the bracket, will give you that infinity look.

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      Aesthetics (can be used as intake without bracket showing towards your view).

      Supposedly also has slightly better airflow

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    I haven't been looking recently, but this price seems to be what the 120mm version used to go for, maybe even a bit less than that.
    Good price for what fans like this normally go for (ARGB PWM reversible, with LEDs along the sides from a reputable brand.)

    Great for those who want every available surface inside their PC ARGB'ed.

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    Got Lian Li fans after being utterly frustrated with Corsair fans. No regrets. Better performance, properly diffused lighting, less cables and no iCue.

    • I plan to do the same (Assuming I can get over the awful experience with RGB fans and corsair), good to hear RGB fans can be a good experience.

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