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Bose Ultra Open Earbuds $379 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Are you sick of headphones with noise cancelling, immersive sound, and which let you enjoy music without interruptions?
Want to go back to the good old days of not hearing anything while vacuuming?
Need a new way to look slightly ridiculous without going full Vision Pro?

None of this comes cheap, but Bose is here to help with their new earring style music things.

Recently released to rave reviews, except for their high price tag. Luckily Amazon has them for 16% off.
These are open style earbuds with some flexible band that lets them clip around the outside of your earlobe. Apparently this is very comfortable and they perform well, and are great for fans of open style buds.

I actually really want to try these but that price damn.
Someone please buy and let us know how they are (and let me borrow them)

  • OPEN YOUR EARS TO THE WORLD: Hear all of what’s around you while enjoying rich, private sound; the wireless earbuds' open ear design says, “I can still hear you” while OpenAudio technology provides you with high-quality, private sound
  • BE IN THE MUSIC, ANYWHERE, EVERYWHERE: With Bose Immersive Audio spatialised sound, these Bluetooth earbuds feel and look good, and bring you closer to your music, so you’re not only listening, you’re in it
  • FEELS GOOD, STAYS PUT: The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds feature a flexible joint and a light-as-air-grip, simply hook it gently around the back of your ear and you’ll stay open to the world
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  • Interesting design; you clip it on your earlobes like an earring.

  • +1

    If only these came out earlier, I would probably have got them instead of the shokz.
    Base on reviews these are the most comfortable earbuds around, but the mic absolutely sucks.

    • My thoughts also! Picked up the Shokz around 1-2 months ago and they've been the only thing to stay on my ears while working out but had always had Bose products until the Shokz.

  • +1

    as a person with big ear lobes - no the inside bit where headphones sit on is too big
    This might be a great option for me
    anyone have thoughts on this? is this aimed at bike riding / hiking etc?

    • Actually I can see these being pretty good for biking, given you want to have some connection to your surrounds.

    • I like to use non-pro airpods for biking and hiking, and these look like they'd be way better

  • -2

    I'm not sure how I feel about this concept. I understand the higher price tag for noise cancellation… but this is. I'll need to check out some reviews but I'm unlikely to be the one that fills you in on my personal experience. I think im going to opt for an over ear noise cancellation. I have Galaxy Buds Pro that are a couple.of years old and debating whether I want to go in ear again.

  • I'm confused by the first paragraph - why not headphones with noise cancelling, immersive sound, and which let you enjoy music without interruptions?

    • +1

      For me that paragrah is what nobody said, ever… pretty sure they mean to say why have headphones with noise cancellation…

    • Not great lying down on the side may be

      • I will keep my buds for bed time listening, they still work fine. I hate the inconvenience of putting in and out of my ear, and the rubber falling off in my ear when I need to remove them at work to have a conversation.

    • +1

      I was being sarcastic

  • I got this today. Can't say I hate it.
    Comfortable, handy, I wore them and have an intense tennis practice session and they are still staying on my ears. However, sound quality is not that great. It is slightly better than Apple wired earphones. Immersive mode is crap.
    I value them around 199$ max, but it's Bose :)

    • I disagree slightly, I think not having anything in the ear makes it infinite times more comfortable, the fact that these don't fall off during extreme movements is really impressive. The sound quality is great, the main concern is the mic quality which will get better with software updates.

      • +1

        Ah, I mean sound quality is slightly better than Apple wired earphones. I'm totally agree with what you said, comfortable is next level compare to others.

  • @crentist Did you get into dentistry because of your name? :D

  • +1

    I got these from this deal, I gotta say these are really comfortable and nice sounding at home/office(quit environment) but i find these not loud enough. Went to Westfield and had 100 volume and it wasn't loud enough for my taste. I also used for sleep when going to bed no issue with lying sideways. i am gonna return these as i just bought shokz open fit from Jb for $245 price match. Openfits are really comfy and more important sounds much better/louder then open run and these bose open buds. hopefully they 2nd gen will be even better

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