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Kogan FREE Shipping - Storewide - Ends Soon


Just received this email from Kogan, it's FREE shipping…Ends soon.

Some good deals :
$479 Galaxy S3 16GB Blue/Red
$519 Galaxy S3 32GB Blue
$329 Galaxy Nexus
$419 Galaxy Note
$599 Galaxy Note 2
$419 HTC One X
$209 HTC One V
$519 Sony Xperia T Black
$549 Canon 650D body
$269 Sony PS3 Super Slim 250GB
$979 Apple MacBook Air 11" 1.7GHz i5 64GB
$219 $239 $279 Google Nexus 7 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

Start your Christmas shopping today and SAVE

*Free Shipping offer applies to all items in stock. Not valid on pre-sale specials, LivePrice items, or products with an advertised dispatch date of 14th November or later. Kogan reserve the right to not ship to some remote or rural locations. Free Shipping offer does not apply to wholesale or commercial orders.

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  • +5

    $479 shipped for the Galaxy s3 but if you wait another month it should go down $30 more: http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/samsung-galaxy-s3-16gb-blue/

    • +7

      I would be waiting 3 more days for the new nexus and see what that does to pricing.

      • +3

        Yep, I would imagine the nexus 4 will mean we will be seeing S3 prices hitting around $450 in at most a few weeks. They are very similar phones; the S3 is older, but has a few more features, so it is hard to pick price comparisons.

        • agreed - the S3 is gonna drop price again. After all, if the S3 was going for $449 a week ago, I'm sure Kogan could arrange a price drop from $479 when the Nexus's coming out

      • Funny thing is if you buy Nexus4 from google on the 13th, and from Kogan today, you'll probabily recieve the Nexus a week before Kogan.

    • Yeah Kogan did sell this phone last week for $468 delivered already, and that didn't generate much enthusiasm….

      • Kogan had blue for $449 a week back put up the price by $30 and say, "hey! Our $28 shipping is now FREE!"

        • +1

          449 was plus shipping and the shipping is only $19

        • +1

          No it wasn't.
          $449 was for the phone plus $19 shipping.
          I paid $468 for it a few days ago.
          You are $11 worse off with the "free shipping".

        • +2

          Thats what i just said…"449 was plus shipping…$19"

          this is just kogan chucking a shoppingsquare

        • +1

          this is just kogan chucking a shoppingsquare

          Yep, but they're punching well above their weight…the reigning champs at SS have been able to set records into triple digits for shipping IIRC! ;)

  • $419 for SG Note, it is the cheapest price I've ever seen. I know Note 2 has been released and Nexus 4 is on the way, however, Note seems to still play strongly in the its targeted segment. I am going to make order now.

    • +2

      Most reviews say the note 2 is worth the upgrade, especially if you use the stylus.

      • +1

        Yes I agree. It has much better screen (larger yet less wide compared to GNote). Battery life is also something to boast about. With Note 2 you quickly forget what 'lag' is and soon it will seize to exist. I got mine last week and I made the change from a Samsung Nexus S, so it's a pretty expensive upgrade for me but it's worth it.

        • -5

          Note 2 is 16:9, Note 1 is 16:10. Note 2 is wider than Note 1.

        • -2

          Depends which dimension you are referring to, or rather, which way you're holding it up. Note 1 is definitely not wider when you're watching a movie.

          When someone says they have a "wide screen" (16:9) TV, they're referring to the longest dimension (horizontally, i.e. the 16).

          16:10, the longer dimension is not as long in proportion to shorter one than it is on a 16:9. If you're going to hold it up the other way around so that the longer dimension is vertical, then of course the Note 1 is "wider" than the note 2. So depending on how you look at it, I'm both right and wrong.

          I mean, my TV is 16:9 but my monitor is 16:10. I could flip them both on the side and now say that my monitor is a "wider" screen than my TV, but that's not the length we mean when we call it widescreen.

          You can argue that a phone is normally held vertically, but the reason they made them 16:9 is so you can watch movies in their native aspect ratio, like you would on a TV. When you're watching a movie, the Note 2 (16:9) will have a wider screen than the Note 1 (16:10). On a 16:10 screen there will be borders at the top and bottom.

          But do downvote me for trying to keep consistent with screen convention.

  • ohhh my…just bought a note 10.1 two days ago. still waiting for the delivery updates. should have wait for today.

  • +9

    I think you guys are getting confuse about deals and good customer services.

  • What's the shipping time with kogan?
    Lately have been hearing about item takes too long to arrive from kogan

  • +1


    47% Saving and Free shipping, seems like a great Christmas gift for those you love.

    • +6

      Santa Claus is coming, and you will be too.

      • +17

        Poor Santa, only comes once a year. Though I guess that's why his sack is so big…

        • +2

          Of course, he has a big load to deliver

        • Made my day lol!

    • Methinks some people might prefer the other end of the massager…

  • are their blu-ray players worth it?

    anyone purchased one?

    I'm weiry of purchasing from Kogan after all the iphone 5 issues. I am aware Kogan branded products are much different to getting supplies from the 'grey' market but a company that conducts bussiness in such a way just removes all faith imo.

    • Cannot comment on the 3d but I bought a regular wifi version at the start of year. It's ok, you can make it multi-region but it can be a bit slow to load and open, and the wifi is useless because it drops out. I also have a sony and a soniq blu ray players, sony clearly the best (but cannot be region free) but the soniq one is similar to kogan and was cheaper.

    • I have the basic Kogan blu-ray player. Loads pretty quickly (compared to a PS3), region free for both blu-ray and DVD out of the box. It just works, so I'm very happy with it. Region free blu-ray players without firmware hacks or switching regions every time you switch blu-ray disc regions are rare.

  • Sigh… I just ordered from kogan last night. How do i cancel the order?

    • I would just email and ask them to honour the better prices, surely they would, if not. Cancel and re order.

      • use the phone number at the bottom of your confirmation email. I've heard bad things about their response time to emails, but when I used the phone number they sorted me out without any issues.

  • They don't have the 3G ipad 4??

    • No one does. It's not released yet.
      But, rumoured to be released next week. It is for US, but given that Apple products have generally always been released in US and Australia at the same time, there's a good chance it'll be here next Friday if it's correct too!

      • -1

        People are reporting they have them already.

        • -1

          Source ? Usually you post bit.ly links

  • Would someone know if you'll incur foreign merchant fees with your credit card? I mean, does kogan bill your card from AU or from HK?

    • No, you don't get those fees.
      You pay what the price is listed there, billed from AU.

  • +2

    Hilarious. I just got a Note 2 last week. Oh well, it's not like I had precog abilities and could've predicted this :p

    Note 2 is worth the extra price of the Note 1 in my opinion. Really nice phone.

  • the canon 650D - its not a 'grey import' ?

  • Their new 27" 2560x1440 monitor included in this deal?

    • Nope!

  • How much is delivery usually? Say for a phone to Sydney?

    And why does the white Galaxy S3 cost more than the blue one? Makes no sense!

    • +1


      Samsung produced too many blues and not many whites. At launch it was the other way around.

      • Interesting. Thanks :)

    • +2

      Because Samsung needs to pay patent levy to Apple for using white. No wait, maybe a white color phone will mislead other people think you own an iPhone so Samsung is allowing the $19 extra to defend itself from being sued by Apple.

  • +4

    Look out. I preordered my iPhone from Kogan 7 weeks ago and they haven't sent it yet. They sent me a discount voucher, but it's no good to me - maybe you want a $25 gift voucher. Here is it IP5DLYOPC3R2ZMG14B . Leave a reply when you use it so others know it's been used.

    • Used :(

      • 44 minutes too slow.

    • Anyone else got one that wants to share? :)

      • -2

        sure FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8

        • -2

          W7XTC …

    • thanks =D

  • Thanks for the deal. I've gone for the 32GB Nexus 7. Thanks to everyone who has warned about delivery times, hopefully it doesn't take too long. As long as it arrives before Christmas I'll be happy!

    • +2

      Please explain clearly what the issue was.

  • WARNING: I think this offer is Bait-And-Switch advertising.

    They sent out an email to customers on Sunday, advertising free shipping. For anyone who put their order in on Monday morning (less than 24 hours after the advertisement), the offer had gone again.

    There are laws that say that retailers can't just advertise a price and then suddenly take that price away again. Yes, maybe it was buried deep down in Kogan's terms and conditions that Kogan can do whatever it likes. But up front, in the headline, it made the offer of free shipping.

    The only end date in the email advertisement said:
    "*Free Shipping offer applies to all items in stock. Not valid on pre-sale specials, LivePrice items, or products with an advertised dispatch date of 14th November or later."

    That indicates that the offer is still on, probably until at least 13 November. I suggest that anyone who missed out on the free shipping should put their order in anyway, and if you don't get free shipping, then let the authorities know about it. That is, tell the ACCC and also let the Department of Fair Trade in your state know about it.

    • +1

      "or products with an advertised dispatch date of 14th November or later."

      I don't know about everyone else but I understood that line was indicating you couldn't purchase a pre-order item such as their 55" 3D LED TV with free shipping because it's a pre-order.
      It didn't say "or products with an advertised dispatch date after the end of this free shipping promotion"

      And surely anyone that put their orders through on Monday would've had to do the calculate shipping part before confirming the order.

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