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HP Aero 13.3" 2.5k 100% sRGB, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD: Ryzen 5 7535u $985 / Ryzen 7 7735u $1099 Delivered @ HP

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Not bad for ultraportable, all metal body, recent processor and 2.5k screen, fast 6400mhz ram. Unfortunately only 43w battery, but cant expext too much for a <1kg laptop. Unsure how bright screen is.

Both also available on ebay store however slightly more expensive there.

Ryzen 5 variant @ 985 delivered

Ryzen 7 variant @ $1099 delivered

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  • Zen 3 tho

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    HP has never been the long term reliability brand, almost every unit that landed in the shop was "Parts only" and for the sake of reputation, any that was re-usable was never sold … off loaded to some other repairer who wanted the parts in the thing.

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      Their EliteBook / ProBook are quite reliable. But their consumer lines are not great, more for look than reliability.

      • certainly my experience - 2018 elitebook still running pretty well despite a tough life on the road with not a single problem until I lost one of the cooling fans earlier this year.

    • Can't be worse than Acer

      • isn't someone bought the recent Nitro 16 saying they are pretty good?

    • I had a envy x360 that lasted a good 8 years. Other than the battery needing replacement, id say the build quality was top notch

      • Envy was their top tier line. Now, Envy is just another fancy looking line. More like a dressed up pavilion.

        Same for Lenovo, ThinkPad is still reliable, ThinkBook is still OKish, then the IdeaPad (not so great) …

        • What about the lenovo yoga line more specifically the yoga 9? Thoughts on reliability?

        • I bought the thinkpad e490s series which was all the hype a few years ago here. The performance was good but the build was so terrible that I've moved onto a macbook air m2. The laptop would turn off if a certain part of the bottom body was pressed, hinges broke, battery life was awful from the get go and so on.

          Is there even any consumer grade laptop that is in the price range of a macbook that has a good build?

  • Great specs if you don't need a reliable laptop! HP is now a budget brand laptop like Acer, if you like to take risks, then this laptop is definitely for you!

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    HP, with their printers rejecting 3rd party ink cartridges and built-in scanners not working without ink in the cartridges. Yeah nope

  • reviews look to be pretty solid. Non-touch screen which will be a deal breaker for some. I'm thinking I need a backup for my day to day dell latitude for o/s travel where laptop failing would be really bad news. Less than a kg so not that much more weight than the tablet I currently use.

    • If just a backup and looking for portability, keep your eyes peeled for a refurb toshiba portege that often pop up here for around $300, theyre also usually less than 1kg. Havnt used myaelf but ozb folk seem to go wild for them.

      • thanks for the tip - look to have last been posted in late february here on ozbargain but will definitely keep an eye out.

        Do wonder, however, if I might find myself using one of these aeros in the place of the dell latitude for shorter trips instead of taking both. The Dell is standard work issue (latitude 9430) and has been a complete dog - failed out of the box then failed immediately after repair, then parked back in its box for a year after repair because I just couldn't trust it and the old HP elitebook was still running well, and then when that started playing up pulled it back out of the box and it almost immediately failed (this time with pungent smoke coming out of the speaker slots) and then repaired. I argued that the internal cookoff had likely damaged more than just the motherboard and I should get a new machine. No dice with Dell support insisting on sticking another motherboard in (its third). Hasn't failed for 3 weeks now so maybe, just maybe it's sorted. Do wonder what the ozbargain brainstrust thinks of Dell these days? That machine cost well over $3k.

        The IT guys at work reckon they are continually getting these dells being returned - they recommended I go for a mac and if it wasn't for the fact I have never understood ios I probably would have.

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