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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Graphite $184 (RRP $349) Delivered @ Amazon AU / Buds2 Olive $125 (RRP $245) Del'd @ AZ eShop Amazon AU

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Hi I'm long-time follower but posting for the first time.
Today I noticed that the deal with Samsung Galaxy Buds2/Pro. It might be handy if someone is looking for Buds2/Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 (Color: Olive) $125 (RRP $249) Delivered @ AZ eShop via Amazon AU

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    Hi OP, Title is incorrect. Pro is missing from the title

    Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro $184.00 (RRP: $349.00)

    • I've added the pro on title but somehow it's gone LOL thanks for heads up, I'll try to add

      • Cheers!

  • Are these pro ear buds just average? The reviews say so.

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      For this price I think they are quite good. Decent sound quality, good ANC, nice form factor, water resistance etc. Depends what you're looking for I guess.

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      I think they're quite good, ANC is top notch and lots of features too. Sound quality is also good. Only potential gripe will be fit, YMMV.

    • i like mine but fit is poor; might need to play around with different eartips. i also hated the default sound profile but i prefer the more v-shape-ish of the 'dynamic' profile. anc is.. serviceable - its better in environments with consistent background noise (flights, trains, etc) than around people.

    • fit isn't that great, YMMV - I ended up replacing stock tips with spinfits.

      Biggest gripe for me is the tuning, treble is particularly harsh on these buds.

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      They're excellent if you're a Galaxy user, pretty good for everyone else.

    • I was underwhelmed by the sound until I did the sound config on my Samsung galaxy to test your personal hearing performance. Now they're great.
      Also way more comfortable and easy to use compared to the Sony equivalents.
      Also they're decent for phone calls, unlike most buds, including Sony.

    • The sound quality is pretty good but the ANC is below par (personal opinion). I tried bought the Buds2 Pro but sold them after testing them at the gym. The ANC wasn't that great.

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        So far in this thread ANC has been described as top notch, good, serviceable and below par.

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          I'm wonduring if the mixed feedback on ANC and sound quality is dependent on good v poor fit…

          • @Doineedthis: These don't sit super far in your ears like some IEMs do, so I'd say yeah, poor fit is probably the biggest cause of most of the sound quality or ANC complaints

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              @CrispyChrispy: Fit wasn't the issue for me. I tried all eartip sizes and even foam tips but the ANC still wasn't good. Maybe I got a dud? Also, I listen to rock music quite often and I felt that the Jabra 85T was much better overall. As I said earlier, it's a personal opinion. Earbuds are very subjective.

        • Lot of people, especially the ones coming from airpods style earphones wear these kind of earbuds incorrectly. They need to be pushed and twisted for a perfect seal and top notch anc

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    $169 @ mydeal for the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro (black & white). This includes free shipping, $10 off for first time customers, 4.2% cash rewards for first time customer and 5 x woolworths reward points

    $169 + $10 off first time + 4.2% cash rewards ($6.67) + 800 reward points ($4) = $148.33


    • Good price for great buds. Australian stock or grey import?

      • Note sure, I cant see anyway to tell. It says sold by Mydeal.

        Im more than ok to save some coin for import, its a pretty big saving

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    Get officeworks to price beat it by 5% = $174.80


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    $169 for the Buds2 Pro via MyDeal for a long time now.

    Neither myself or my colleague had any issues purchasing via the MyDeal app.

    • Does officeworks match MyDeal price?

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        I doubt it. MyDeal is Woolies-owned, I believe, but ultimately it's a marketplace with no physical stores.

  • good pair of buds.. I have used the galaxy buds+ and now the buds2 which are noticably superior pro. Active noise cancellation function works well.

  • having had pixel buds pro (poor fit), sony xm4's (terrible call quality) and now samsung buds2 pro, the samsungs are by far my favourite.

    One big letdown though is the lack of multipoint

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      These do have multipoint but only for Samsung devices ie. Samsung TV, tablet, laptop, etc.

  • I rather buy 8 Tozo ones and not worry about any damages.

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    been using these for years and very happy with them, would recommend

  • Will these be any good with an iPhone or better to go with airpods if one is an iPhone user?

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      AirPods, no app for these on the App Store so can't customise the settings or play around with all the features (anyone correct me if I'm wrong)

      • Was looking at airpods but I just don't like the stem design. But also don't want to miss out on the features 😕

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          Airpods is almost 100% better if you are an Apple user they going to be way more seamless compared to galaxy buds on an iPhone

        • The stems actually make it easier to place into ears.
          I have Buds2 and the glossy texture please the size of the buds can be difficult to put in

  • Buds2 pro.didnt fit my ears at all. I even tried aftermarket eartips.
    Came from Buds+.

    Gave to mum and bought regulat Buds2, fit much better.
    Decent price for buds2

  • Yesss !! I've been saving for this, thank god its 20% off now.

  • Can anyone recommend a good alternative at a similar price point if these aren't great? Not an audiophile, mostly want decent call quality and something that won't fall out.

    • 1More Evo. Bass, volume and call quality feels better than the Buds2 Pro

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      What about the Sennheiser on sale on Amazon? Note, I've never actually tried them but looks like decent discount at $158. And if you didn't like them just send them back with 30 days.
      Limited-time deal:
      Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black https://amzn.asia/d/7U5JKkm

  • If I have a Pixel phone am I better off getting the pixel buds?

    • These work fine with non-Samsung Androids, just get the app and you get 95% of the functionality you would if you had a Samsung. Been using these buds with my POCO without issue for 2 years now.

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        Not strictly true. This model uses Samsungs proprietary audio codec with Samsung devices versus mainstream HD codecs. There's a noticable degradation in sound quality between listening on Samsung hardware and other Android devices. They dont sound bad, but there's a clear difference.

        • I can attest to this as well. If you're an audio snob, keep note of codec compatibility across devices folks. I could be wrong but I believe Sony is the one to go for should you want consistency across different devices.

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    Wondering, if anyone's used the Pixel Buds Pro vs the Galaxy Buds2 Pro - which is better?

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      Pixel Buds have better battery life, touch controls, Android integration (Google assistant etc), and marginally better ANC.

      GB2P have better sound & for me at least, the fit is much better. Pixel Buds fit & comfort was so poor for me until I started using Comply tips.. however the tips that fit were the quickest degrading Comply tips I've had, and were $55 or so a packet, it was becoming uneconomical.

      I've heard the finish on the black & purple GB2P wears off - can't comment as I've only had them a few weeks.

      • I've heard the finish on the black & purple GB2P wears off - can't comment as I've only had them a few weeks

        The finish on the case might, but I've been using a cheap case for the case so no degradation at all

        The buds themselves are perfectly fine after 2 years of heavy use

    • If sound quality matters to you, the Pixel Buds will be better when connected to a Pixel phone, the Galaxy buds will he better when connected to a Galaxy phone. This is due to the different prefered audio codec of each device.

      • Not too fussed about that. I am interested in comfort, and I really like the read-aloud notifications for certain apps which the Pixel Buds do (and I presume the Buds2 Pro does, as as the first generation Buds Pro did).
        I really miss that with the Shokz Openfit and OWS Sports which I also use.

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          Can confirm notifications can be read aloud

  • Ive had jabra elite and b&o ear buds in the past and these are by far the best. When paired with a galaxy device the features and quality and top notch.

    But by far my favourite part is how comfortable they are. I sleep with one in my ear at night and never wake up with sore ears from extended use, like I have in the past with other brands.i keep it in the ear not on the pillow btw.

    Sound quality is great on the dynamic setting and anc I would say is very good, without being perfect, but way above average. My jabras for example blocked slightly more but had a strange hiss/fake sound when anc was on. These feel completely natural and only let through a tiny bit.

    Highly recommend these

  • They've been this price since ~9th April.

    Got pinged by Cx3 back then…

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