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40% off Specialty Coffee Blend Bundle (2x 1kg Bag for $62.55) + $10 Shipping ($0 SYD C&C / $75 Order) @ Grand'Cru Coffee


The Dawn & Dusk Bundle offers a curated coffee experience designed to dominate from sunrise to sunset. Start your day with our G.O.A.T. Signature Blend, a rich and complex espresso blend featuring notes of caramel, butter, and cherry ripe. As night falls, switch to Phantom, a bright and fruity espresso that delivers lively acidity and bursts of apricot and berry.

G.O.A.T. Signature Blend

Our G.O.A.T. espresso blend showcases caramel and butter on the nose, with a clean cherry ripe aftertaste. It's a medium-bodied coffee with a light & fluffy mouthfeel. At higher brew ratios, the cherry ripe intensifies in the body with a complex vibrancy in the cup.

Phantom Specialty Blend

Our Phantom espresso blend unveils a lively acidity, complemented by rich apricot and berry flavours. It's notably chocolatey medium body adds a rich and luxurious layer that perfectly complements its fruity undertones. When enjoyed with milk, the fruity notes cut through, resulting in a truly delightful cup.

Enjoy ozbargain!

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  • +12

    In their last "deal" I received beans nearly 4 months old. They never responded when I raised this issue, so are on my blacklist.

    • +5

      Rep was last seen 44 minutes ago and still chose to not respond. Terrible.

    • +1

      So, it was a Grand Scru coffee experience for you, then.

  • +3

    One of the worst coffee beans I have had. Tasted like the supermarket ones.

    Roasted 3 months out and it didn’t have any taste.

  • +1

    Based on the comments it seems OzBargain is just an outlet for you guys to offload old stock. What a shame, would've bought otherwise.

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