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TP-Link Tapo Mini Smart Plug (2 Pack) $29 ($19 with $10 Perks Voucher) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Have few of these and they work good. Picked up a pair with perks voucher

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    Just so people know this is the non matter version.

    If you need matter you need to look at models that end in M.

    I think this is a good deal for most non Apple users though.

    • Thanks for the info.

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      So you're saying it doesn't matter.

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      matter ???? what's it ?
      energy meter ?????

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        Matter is an Application Layer (OSI 7) IoT / smart home communication standard


        These plugs (P100) do not support Matter. They also do not do energy monitoring.

        If you want Matter compatible plugs, need the P100M.
        If you want Energy Monitoring, need the P110
        If you want Energy Monitoring and Matter, need the P110M

        • Just an extra note for Apple users, unlike the P300 which have “native” HomeKit support, you must have a home hub (aka Homepod or Apple TV) setup to add supported Matter accessories to the Home app.

    • Does it matter!

      • I say ‘if you don’t know, then it doesn’t matter’

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    This one has no energy monitoring function.

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      Agreed. Worth paying the few bucks extra for the monitoring.

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    these are great but they stick out a little bit far

  • Officeworks have the same price, if that's more convenient for anyone

    • I couldn't find them there for the same price.
      Link please?

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    Amazon has a 4 pack of the meross Smart Plug for $49.99 that has energy monitoring: https://www.amazon.com.au/Monitor-Control-Function-Compatibl…

    Not sure which is the more reliable one though

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      Two years in with myMeross and all x10 still working. They do take up two sockets though if one doesn’t use a double adaptor to extend.

      • Great. I had mine with a blown cap after exactly serving 1 year on my pool pump.
        Apparently, over time, the cap deteriorates and isnt able to handle the inrush current.

        • The Meross ones?

          I've had 3 out of 6 of the TP-Link ones (Kasa branded, but identical to these) fail over 2 years. I switched them to Meross so it'll be a shame if the Meross ones aren't durable either.

          A lot of other people have had a bad experience in the comments as well, it seems. I think they revised the design, maybe the newer revision isn't as prone to failure, but I'm wary of buying any more of them.

  • I've had 2 out of 4 of these fail over (I think) a 2 year period (typically I've found the relays go). But I actually like them. They are narrow enough to fit next to each other on a power-board (or anything else) and are easy to Tasmota-ify.

    • I've had 4-5 fail usually within the first 6 months. It's the one I don't use much like just plug into my fan/heater which I barely use so it's weird. But 5 or so have lasted about 2 years. I probably would look at other brands if I were to get more.

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        I've got 34, all going strong. Both Kasa and Tapo

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    Just a warning the previous version of TP link kasa switches have been the most unreliable product I’ve ever owned. 4 of them failed from like 7, in waiting for the others to go. I can’t even be f’ed to return and replace them anymore

    When they fail too they cycle on and off every second- good chance some devices will be cooked if you do that to them.

    Purchase with caution.

    • "Click of death"

    • When did you buy yours? I've got 3, all purchased very soon after they started making them circa 2017 or 2018.
      All are still working perfectly.

      • I purchased mine from Amazon and JB between mid-2021 to late 2022 and 3 of 6 have failed. Some were only used for energy monitoring and some for turning off wireless speakers/sub when nobody's home.

    • Just replied to another comment. I've got 34, all still going strong.

  • Silly question
    I got voucher when I joined perks did not use it.
    Do you have to rejoin with another email to get another one?

    • Yes , another email another phone number. Completely new account.

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