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OMO Ultimate Laundry Liquid 4L $25 ($22.50 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Just got a hit on an old camel alert.
Hasn't been this price since Black Friday, and even at that time orders were cancelled, so jump in quick.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Amazon AU price-matching Big W

    • my local woolies was the same price last week

  • This or Aldi one?

    • Which aldi one, iirc aldi Laundrite liquid performed poorly in choice tests while the powdered one was a top performer… It also depends on front or top loader.

      • Almat Laundry Liquid Concentrate 4L $10.69

      • How does it compared to Aldi's Trimat and Almat?

        • +1

          Trimat looks to be a close second on Choice ratings.

  • so if i buy the omo 9kg powder for $25 is it cheaper then this…?

    • If it's the same >Aussie< OMO, all you need to do is check how many loads your powder lasts.

      The 4 litres in this deal is for 80 loads, by the label on the bottle.

  • 2L coles brand for $3

  • Until Tuesday at Woolies, the concentrate (dilute at home to get 2 litres) was $11, so $22 for 4 litres.

    I can't remember if that particular kind, as they were mostly sold out, but just marking it's sometimes even cheaper.

    • I got those during the milkrun promo, haven’t tried but thought it’d be the new norm. 4L vs 2L is a huge logistic nightmare for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

      • The concentrate is 667mL, so from a transport perspective its even better. Not that they'd pass on the savings to the consumer though.

        • +1

          667mL concentrate to make 2 litres was $11, two litre bottle was $14, if I recall correctly.

          It's something…

    • Think that's the regular version. OMO Ultimate D@H is $25, so at 50% -> 12.5.

  • Out of stock.

  • Back in stock.

  • Back in stock. Just bought.

  • I got 15 litres from Woolworths a few months back, do I need more?

  • +1

    Smelly teen athlete sons? - this is the best.

  • it's over

  • does this leave that nice smell like Omo Active

  • and it's back on

  • OOS

  • Upvoted it because it hasn't had this price for quite some time.

  • +1

    It looks like the S&S option has gone as its back order only now.

    Genuine q though, why is the OMO Ultimate better than the Bunnings price for this detergent?


    This was something recommended in an earlier deal and it appears to do the job well.

  • +1

    Aldi Trimat FTW

  • Possible to use it in old front load machine without dispenser tray?

    • Never seen one without a dispenser tray.

      Where you load the powder at the moment?

  • mine was shipped then got cancelled with the following message. received a refund :(
    "Problem occurred " - 'Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping. If you have not received your package by 5 May, please come back here for an update. We are sorry for the inconvenience.'

  • Back in stock at the same price (price-matching Big W again.)
    If it's going to keep going down to this price on a reasonable cadence, it's probably not worth stocking up.

  • Does anyone have advice on dispensing the liquid into a smaller container? I love the cost effectiveness of a larger bottle but the Mrs hates the size.

    • Pour it into a smaller container? Then you're done?

      • +1

        It's actually kind of a pain to decant these due to the nozzle that they come with.
        I would probably try to make a funnel out of the top of a soft drink bottle.

        • Not sure about omo but on dynamo for instance the whole top cap comes off. Not sure if it's a built in feature but found out the hard way lol

          Also if you hold the bottle flat instead of verticle when pouring should be less glugging

  • ALDI ALMAT is only $2.75 per KG. why this OMO over that?

  • Omo equivalent powder is better than this.

    • Someone told me it’s to do with the fact that undissolved powder clogs up washing machine, not so much about the ability to clean, when it comes to picking liquid over powder. I always mix powder in hot water before adding it to the wash, it almost always leaves a fair bit of powder on the bottom of the bottle I use.

      • It's probably the fillers which aren't dissolving. Cheaper the detergent, the more fillers.

        I'll test it out with my detergent.

        How long do shake it for/leave it to dissolve?

        I suppose what you do is a good thing to ensure you don't pour in the undissolved powder/fillers.

        However I don't really have an issue with seeing powder at the end of the wash. I use about 50% less powder than what is printed on the box. General consensus is the laundry detergent companies recommend you use much more detergent than is required. Sounds counterintuitive but too much powder can mean a worse wash and a dirtier washing machine.

        • I’ve been using Cold Power, and usually shake it in 50°c hot water straight from the tap, for about a minute. It’s ironic in every which way. Previous housemate told me off “The selling point is to use it in cold water!” 🤷‍♀️ When I don’t dissolve it, I usually have to collect the leftover white particles from the dryer window lol

          I use about a spoonful, a liberal amount of tea tree oil and sometimes borax and whatnot.

          • @frugalftw: That's interesting what you do.

            I have a tub of borax at home (purchased it to get rid of ants). Maybe I'll try what you do.

            I use to add eucalyptus oil but haven't done so for years. My usual wash is half a small scoop of detergent and equal amount of sodium percarbonate.

            Fortunately I don't have much undissolved fillers in my driver mesh filter. Occassionally I see a few specks of it but nothing that I worry about, not sure if it's the fillers from the detergent or the sodium percarbonate.

            While I normally wash dark colours in cold water, I wash whites in 60degs every couple of weeks to help clean the machine.

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