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Seiko Auto Presage Cocktail Time JDM (Exhibition Caseback) $299 Delivered @ Starbuy


Weekend Sale

Seiko Auto Presage SRPJ21J 'The Blue Curacao'… $299 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Hardlex
  • Diameter - 39.5mm
  • Band width -
  • Case Thickness - 11.8mm
  • Auto Movement - 4R35, Hacking & Handwinding
  • Exhibition Caseback
  • Leather Strap, 3 Fold Clasp
  • Push Down Crown
  • Water resistant - 50 Metres
  • 3 Year warranty from Seiko (Australia)

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  • +9

    Under $400 for a cocktail time is usually a good price. Under $300 is a banger.

    • $300 would be best for TRS 🀣

    • +2

      Yeah, it's a no-brainer if you're aiming to have a Cocktail Time Presage in your collection. The one I have is the most attractive dress watch I own, and it's very comfy to wear. A lot of people dislike the deployment strap and will promptly switch it around to the other direction, or change it over to something else, but I personally don't mind it and it sits really well on my wrist.

  • +1

    Why no sapphire

    • +3


      • how much of a big deal is this seiko cocktail being a hardlex vs a sapphire?

        • +2

          TBH, I haven't really bought into the 'sapphire is better' argument yet. I have a few watches with mineral glass and thus far managed to keep them relatively intact. When I used to wear an Apple Watch I managed to chip the Gorilla Glass on two of them so I'm not exactly super-careful (damn handrails are just waiting to jump out and smack your wrist!). Perhaps in time I may change my opinion, but for now I'd be happy with Hardlex.

        • +1

          this is just my personal experience, but i'd say it's at least a medium-sized deal. the scratches on the face of my srpb41j are really noticeable compared to my (cheaper) orient sapphire-faced watches. if you're only wearing it for special occasions and are willing to put effort into looking after it then it's probably fine, but i think as a daily you'll notice it.

          deal still gets a +1 from me as this is a banger price and still great value.

    • yep thats stopping me

    • Same, I would have already owned one if they had them with sapphire

  • +1

    Got one from the last post. Love it! Such a beautiful dial.

  • Anyone have high res close up pics of the dial? Feel like the promo images aren't doing it justice.

  • +1

    I really should not be buying this watch…
    But it is really tempting

    • +6

      Watches help you make more money though because you won't be late to work.

    • Out of the 3 watches that I bought from OZB posts, this is by far my favorite.

      • +1

        "I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favourite watch on the Citadel."

      • only 3?

        • Just started :p

  • +2

    I purchased it for this price point. Never owned a Watch worth more that $100~ so I think it's a nice starting point.

  • Wish the SRPB41J was this price

    • ooh - that is nice!

  • +1

    Got this from the last deal. Looks great for my small wrist and I received compliments from many people. Very happy with it :)

  • I wish they made 42mm Presage Cocktails

  • +6

    God dammit OP. I'm trying to save money here and this is the exact type of dress watch I'm wanting

    +1, ordered

  • +1

    Damn you WatchNerd, don't need another watch, but can't walk past this one :-).

  • Wonder if they’ll invoice me $300 for TRS πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • +6

    I promised I wouldn't buy anything non-essential this month, couldn't last 3 days :(

  • +1

    Perfect dial size and lug width, $299 is a no brainer.

  • +4

    Gotta hand it to Deepak @Starbuy for exemplary customer service.

    Dispatched within an hour of me ordering on Friday and delivered by Express Post today. Packed well, with just the right amount of bubble wrap, so doesn't bang around in the box. Have ordered from them several times and always been stellar in their customer service, even with a return due to just not liking the watch in person, several years back.

    Initial impressions for this watch: leather band a bit stiff, but light and not awful, with no problem setting up the clasp, that a lot of people are not too keen on. Will be interested what it's durability will be like, given the lightness. Subtle little lever on inside of band near the bars, that let's you remove/put on band without need for a bar tool.
    Very likely I'll give this band a run on my SRPB43J Cocktail time to dress that watch down a bit compared to its supplied overly shiny patent black band, that is more suited to a black tie event.

    Overall feels lighter and smaller (in a good way) than the SRPB43J, even though is supposedly only 1mm less in diameter (39.5 v 40.5mm) and same height (11.8mm). Easily sits under a shirt cuff.

    Crown smaller than SRPB43J, which also suits the aesthetic well.

    Dial pattern, although radial, more circular than the linear radial pattern on SRPB43J, with a bit of sunlight definitely showing more of how it pops and dances.

    For the price, very happy for it to become my business trip beater until I get bored with it.

    Will report back on accuracy after a few days wrist time.

    • After just under a week of wear during day time, off wrist at bed time, averaging about 12s fast a day.

      Not the best I've had out of the box, but not terrible for an automatic either.

      Not worth going through the hassle to regulate, as better fast than slow for me.

      Still v. impressed for the price and liking the fit more as the band moulds more to my wrist.

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