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[eBay Plus] Seagate IronWolf 8TB 7200 RPM 3.5" SATA NAS Hard Drive $224.25 Delivered @ Smarthomestore eBay


About this item
IronWolf internal hard drives are the ideal solution for up to 8-bay, multi-user NAS environments craving powerhouse performance
Store more and work faster with a NAS-optimized hard drive providing 8TB and cache of up to 256MB
Purpose built for NAS enclosures, IronWolf delivers less wear and tear, little to no noise/vibration, no lags or down time, increased file-sharing performance, and much more
Easily monitor the health of drives using the integrated IronWolf Health Management system and enjoy long-term reliability with 1M hours MTBF

Limit 1 per buyer

Excludes: Northern Territory, WA Remote

This is part of eBay Plus Weekend for 2024

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  • Any offers for 12TB drives ?

  • +1

    Dang so tempted but have to fork out $700 for 16tb raid 5 set-up. Dang it’s expensive to try to set up a nas…

    • Calculate how much you'd save in a year, by cancelling all of your streaming services. Is it >$700? If so, it's more expensive NOT to set up a NAS.

  • +1

    Y'all need so much storage lol I'm looking in the opposite direction and not sure that $147 for a Red Plus 4TB is low enough.

    • +1

      Need? Maybe not.. Want? Abso-freaking-lutely!

      Those 4K HDR Linux ISOs aren't going to store themselves.

  • Wow, I only bought one a few weeks ago for $270 from this deal

    Do you think 28degrees shoppers protection will refund me th difference, even though this is ebay plus and the other deal was Amazon?

    • They don't for Ebay Plus as it's not a price available without a subscription.

      • Okay, cheers.

  • Curious to know if this drive can be used as security camera backup.

    • Same! I was wondering if this would be good for second bay drive in my NVR

    • It could be. It's not recommended though at these drives are not designed for the constant recording that occurs with security cameras. That would be the seagate skyhawk / wd purple range.

  • This is interesting actually cheaper to buy two in two separate transactions it looks like

    • Does it allow you to do that? Want to make sure before I pull the trigger on the first one…

      • yep bought two separately, looks like getting shipped separately also seems ridiculous haha

        • You have 2 separate accounts? I just tried and it didn't work.

        • +1

          I got around this buy basically changing quantity from 1 to 2 at the very last checkout screen lololol. Gave me the discount for both…

  • +1

    Sorry newbie in nas. Will we get the warranty covered by seagate or the seller. I have searched but couldn't figure out. Really appreciate if someone can direct in correct way

    • Actually good question! I’d like to know too!

      Also, how do we know they are brand new? A lot Amazon listings that LOOK brand new are all used by the reviews…

      • +1

        Segate are pretty good from memory just need serial number and ship off to replace when i did it many years ago

  • WD Red Plus 8GB $207.22 to $213.22 delivered between 6pm and 11:59pm tonight with Shopback/eBay.

    • Lower cache and lower rpm though as I said there. They are CMR though.

  • Can someone recommend a hard drive for video file storage only? Thinking 4-8tb.

    • +1

      WD80EAZZ, but basically the same price as this one atm.

      • +1

        Why would you go the WD blue over this Ironwolf one?

  • +1

    awesome deal thanks op bought one :)

    edit: it wont let me add a 2nd drive to the cart when i go to the cart it says nope i think i might have got the last one
    stay free stay healthy :)

    • +1

      It’s 1 per customer as per the post.

  • Why 1 per customer? Isn’t the idea with NAS that you have two or more drives one you put the data on then the others that automatically synchronise the same data for a backup? I’m thinking of getting something like this for photo storage, atm I have a 4tb hdd just plugged into my pc but with this would there be a good way to safely backup my photos? I feel a bit uneasy having all my photos on either my MacBook ssd, seperate 2tb ssd or 4tb hdd with no backups of either if one fails

    • +1


      Or at this is the industry standart advice. Depends on how you want to follow it and how much you are willing to spend for it.

      • Ah ok thanks for that. Just picked up one, will have to wait till I can afford the second to go with it 😂 does it matter if both hdds are plugged into the same computer? Don’t really wanna open the pc up every time I wanna backup stuff and no idea how I’d store it outside of the pc

        • +1

          Just look up 3-2-1 back up mate. It’s more than that.

          3 copies, 2 different storage mediums, 1 copy stored off-site.

          So like cloud, a nas and a local copy like working files or a cold storage on an external hard drive.

          NAS usually is preferred as one of these because you can do raid array with the hard drives and have further redundancy built-into one of your back-ups to be even more secure.

          It’s a lot to learn, but might be useful because everyone is different.

  • Noob question… I am interested in setting up a NAS with truenas as a bit of a homelab. Is it worth buying 2 or even 1 of these for a NAS? I'm not concerned about data loss to drive failure as I'd also have an offsite backup. These are not cheap for what would be a bit of a testbed. Alternative is I look for some 2nd hand drives, but I hear that's a bad idea…

    • +1

      You would need at least two otherwise using TrueNAS would be a bit pointless. Used drives aren't a bad idea off the bat - there's a LOT of people who use them specially for homelabs - it's just up to you to weigh up all the factors, e.g. warranties, doing your own tests on the drives, returns, etc.

    • How much data do you have ?

      If you have 20TB, these aren't big enough.
      If you've got 400GB then you don't need drives this large.

      Yes you need to buy a couple of <some hard drive> in order to setup your NAS, and you'll need a couple more drives to back it up to.

      Choose drives based on the capacity you need, at the cheapest price per GB you can find. Make sure your backup plan is good 👌

  • +1

    Back in stock

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