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Peugeot E-2008 GT SUV MY23 (Orange Fusion) from $39,990 Driveaway @ Peugeot


This was a $64,990 DA car a month ago, a huge $25k price drop. To be fair this was more like a $50k car with a 65k RRP but now selling for 40k.

To put into perspective there’s only 2 EVs sub 40k DA on market, base level MG4 and GWM Ora.

This is easily the more premium of the 2.

I’ve given this a test drive, although it’s not as punchy as the MG4 it’s a nicer drive and has a much more premium feel and more features such as sunroof.

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  • +98

    There is nothing like putting 2008 into the name to make it sound futuristic..

    • +7

      All I think of is the GFC and it’s depressing, but I’m gonna get one anyway!

        • What else happened in 2008? And why was this downvoted?

          • -2


            And why was this downvoted?

            Emotional fragility. It's a common trait on that side of the aisle.

            • @1st-Amendment: Can you tell me what happened in 2008 - you can private message me if you can't post it here.

      • +3

        When you said GFC I immediately thought of Geelong Football Club losing the 2008 grand final that we shoulda win.

    • +7

      Lol. I was thinking, why is this a good price for a 2008 car?

    • +3

      GFC Edition

    • +7

      Peugeot naming the car:
      First number is the size of the car, last number is the gen of the car. One zero in the centre is old model, two zero is more modern.

      • +8

        Thought 2 zero is for suv.

      • +2

        00 for SUV.
        0 for everything else.

      • Last number as gen of car doesn't apply to the 308 for example, which has now been used for 3 generations.

    • +8

      2008 was an awesome year. The future sucks

      • +11

        Russian saying:
        Today is worst than yesterday,
        but better than tomorrow.

        • -2

          Ukrainian would think the same, I suppose. Especially when Trump wins.

    • Soooo… after 450+ likes, is it sold out yet ?

      • Yes, sold out nationwide

  • Why is it so cheap?

    • +3

      2024 model is gonna be released next FY.

      Clearing currrnt stock

      • +10

        They also make RAM and Maserati they have to make and sell cheap EVs to average out the emissions across the fleet to make the EU emissions targets.

        • +3

          No such thing in Australia lol

          • +1

            @Bimbobob: They don’t design French cars for Australia.
            We are a very small market.
            stellantis have to make cheap EVs to average out the fleet emissions in the eu as the expensive ones are not selling because of the cheaper Chinese EVs.
            It costs millions to develop a car, selling a few more in Australia helps to repay the development costs.



            • +2

              @Stewardo: Why should we not buy cheap Chinese EVs?

              • +2

                @DrScavenger: How many reasons do you want to not buy anything Chinese when you have an option such as cars are built with slave labour, you are supporting a country that is building its military against us, they have tried to attack our economy, they continually attack us and manipulate our free world in the cyberspace, they have just sentenced an Australian to death, there human rights issues are horrible right now, they attack our military and ignore international rules, you are supporting Russia, etc,etc.

                • @Rally Dave: We attacked their economy to please our American masters. USA can do whatever TF they want. They are safe far away with a huge landmass economy and population. We have none of those. We need to look for as good relations as possible with China.

                  If slave labour is bad rest assured a lot of American companies use that Labor in China such as Apple. Are they strengthening their enemy too now? If you don't like Chinese manufacturing you will support Indian or Bengali one which are worse.

                  "International rules" only when it benefits us the western world.

                • +1

                  @Rally Dave: You talking about China or the US?

        • -1

          Na stop simping for the new taxes, this is nothing to do with that.

      • +1

        Eh? 2009 model surely?

    • +31

      because it's a 320km range EV from a highly reliable brand.

      • +100

        Haha yea.

        Cons of this car:
        French made not China made.

        Pros of this car:
        French made not China made.

        • Do you realise nost planes you fly on are FRENCH made……

          • +40

            @Johnrap: Do you realize French cars have a terrible reputation for reliability…

            This isn't a Airbus deal.

            • +6

              @Aureus: And parts cost da bomb.
              Never again.

            • +14

              @Aureus: Going against the grain here, but I owned a Peugeot 308SW 2.0L for maybe 12 years, and the only thing that went wrong with it was a hole in the radiator (not really a fault with the car, more like a stone piercing it) that was a $200 part that I swapped in the garage and it two top engine mounts (about $40 a go from the eBay UK).

              Super reliable, has excellent visibility, is comfortable, nice car to drive.

            • +3

              @Aureus: I drive a 16 year old Peugeot 207 - no problems and does not want to die. This would be my upgrade but the old one is still fine.

          • +11

            @Johnrap: To say an Airbus is French made shows you know nothing about Airbus.

          • +2

            @Johnrap: Using tools made in china

          • +8

            @Johnrap: Do you realise people who make the planes not the same people who make the car , 😊

          • +24

            @Johnrap: We have a 2018 Peugeot 3008, NEVER AGAIN.

            I don’t own many planes so not really in a position to comment.

            • @Andoes:

              We have a 2018 Peugeot 3008, NEVER AGAIN.

              What were th eissues ?

              I'm looking for a 2nd hand 3008 (Diesel and around 2020 model),
              so, I'm really curious to know your issues.

              • +9

                @whyisave: Ours is the petrol variant, the plastics in the engine bay are garbage and/or not tolerant of our heat (Brisbane) so the windscreen reservoir cap has cracked (i am the only on who fills it lol so i know it wasnt human incurred).

                Right as i type this i am passenger and the wife just applied the brakes a little with my window cracked and a big stream of water drenched the inner door panel.

                The petrol is pretty gutless, the car just cut out pulling up to a set of lights a couple weeks back (unable to get solid diagnoses so we replaced battery and just hoping that was it even though the batt tested fine).
                It has had both upper control arms replaced, all rotors and some front end bushes at 60 thousand k’s. That was $2.8k. They wouldnt cover under warranty.

                We has a rocker cover oil leak around the spark plugs, the water pump bearings are a known issue and just overall I hate this car.

                So yeah. Never again

                • +2

                  @Andoes: Thank you, for your insight.

                  I've driven Euro cars over the past 20-years,
                  and I can agree with your sentiments,
                  because I've endured the faults, the breakages
                  and then all the time spent figuring out how to $ave the cost of repair.

                  Maybe the Euro cars don't handle the the Australian climate
                  and also, the Euro cars / parts are classed as "luxury car" status,
                  so it attracts a premium 'unnecessarily'.

                  Still, I have attractions to Euro cars, like a moth to a flame,
                  as I feel the driving experience is better in a Euro car
                  and there is some "pleasure" of being on the road, when in one.

        • +1

          It's made in Spain.

        • +5

          Bring back the 504!!!!

      • -2

        328km WLTP tested range
        exactly why i wouldn't even bother with it no matter how much its discounted….

    • +7

      2008 model runout.

    • +1

      It's cheap 'cause it's a Peugeot

    • More Chinese Brands are coming. such as Xiaomi SU7 and AITO M7. They need to take on market share now.

  • +3

    Nice, but white costs $1000 more than the burnt orange? Strange…

    • +6

      My guess is that they chose an uglier colour as the starting colour so more people would opt for the better colours such as white or gray. Also why does the website look so bad. You'd think for how much they earn yearly, they can afford a better looking website

    • +3

      Burnt orange looks nice - just a bit different to stand out but not so wild to be weird

    • +4

      Someones bringing back white privilege

  • +5

    Is it just me thinking the new Peugeot logo looks like Proton?

    • -6

      What is Proton?

      • +18

        A proton is a subatomic particle with a positive electrical charge, not to be confused with photons which are particles that make up light.

      • +12

        It’s a bit like a futon, but professional version

        • If futon, it's Japanese;)

      • +1

        Malaysian manufacturer of cars.

        • Proton was nice when they rebranded Mitsubishi Lancer or used engines from other manufacturers.

      • Proton used to own British manufacturer Lotus, and now half owned by Chinese manufacturer Geely.

    • Made in Malaysia? 😆

      • +2

        “Lotus engineering” (bold)
        “Made in Malaysia” (lower case)

        • +2

          "Supported by Geely, China" (big bold)

  • +2

    Now Tesla needs another price drop! Wish petrol prices, laptops, phones etc all drop like this too!

    • +2

      Laptops, phones, televisions drop price like this….

    • If everythings drops, it would be deflation and we'd be in recession.

  • +1

    Bloody good deal. Peugeot are much nicer than any Tesla or the other Chinese garbage.

    • +12

      "Chinese garbage" .. hahaha!!

      • +1

        Yeah, they are pretty funny.

    • +18

      So that makes me a garbage man

      • That makes everybody a garbage man, more or less

        • I know you are but what am I?

          • +2

            @Lizard Spock: A garbage man!

            (Love the obscure Simpsons reference BTW! - such an awesome episode).

            • +1

              @BertieBrown: Takes one to know one!

              (The lemon on Troy episode is one of my favourite)

    • +20

      Be careful what you saying, way too many Tesla fanboys here lol

    • -2

      What Chinese garbage? What experience do you have to quantify your rather unhelpful comment.

    • So good you couldn’t (at the time I commented), vote it up as a deal.

    • -3

      So dillusional.. Probably sleeping from 5 years .. Chinese Tech and auto is really getting better than everyone else.. Look at BYD seal, GWM tank ,examples are endless.

      • Technically the delusion is beneficial. If Chinese cars are less popular it means they need to price it more competitively, which ultimately helps those that understands its value

      • -2

        So wouldn't buy Chinese crap and also have enough ethical values to not support China and the use of slave labour to build cars, support Russia and attack and manipulate Australia

    • Bloody dumb saying

    • This car is made in Spain, with Chinese battery tech


    • +52

      Once you're done riding the bike, let me know how the Peugeot goes.

      • +5

        A family member had a Peugeot and it was always in the shop until they sold it

        • +8

          My brother once had a bike that kept getting flats and the chain wouldn't stay on. I'd rather drive a peugeot than ride a bike.

          • +3

            @Rochie: Funnily enough I'm in the process of selling my car because I can get everywhere I need and do my groceries with my bike and backpack.

          • @Rochie: Was it a Peugeot bike?

        • +14

          If my grandmother had wheels she would be a bicycle

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