Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Ceramic & Ionic 2250W Hair Dryer $166.21 Delivered @ Amazon DE via AU

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For the lady ozbargainers or fellas who know how to keep a happy household

Cheapest its been since November 2021. Currently 3 colours on sale

Yellow (this deal)
Pink ($167.42)
Gold ($171.06)…

RRP on the rest of the internet $280-$360

This is a EU Import. Sold my Amazon Germany. Will come with an EU plug, make sure to get an adaptor. Definitely worth the inconvenience for such a big discount

I personally got this cheap, low profile one.…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2024.

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  • I have a 3800 ionic , had it for years.
    They are known to be quieter than others, i would grab this if i was on the market for something decent

  • There are so many deals for those German hair driers, but I don't understand what is the point? They will come with a European power plug.
    To use a travel adapter is awkward, it will get hot and may even melt. (I currently have a European hair drier which I brought from Europe years ago).

    • You only use for max 30 minutes how does it melt plug

      • It does not melt the plug, it melts the adapter (it is actually written on it that no high power devices are supposed to be used with it and I have not seen adapters which are rated for 2.25Kw as this hair drier). I have several people in my family who have long hair who may take a bath at around the same time). Sure, if you want to time it and make sure that it does not tick over 30 minutes - go for it. Is the adapter rated to melt after 30 minutes specifically by the way? Or could it happen in 25 mins? All I am saying is that I do not understand the appeal of using travel adapters on high power devices. I am not a safety freak, far from it, but it is just such a weird set up!

        PS that travel adapter that is attached to the original post seems to be high power rated… So who knows maybe that option is safe? Have not tried that adapter model.

    • It's true that the adaptors are a risk with a high draw device like this.
      AU plugs cost $3 from Bunnings, even though the law is an ass and doesn't allow you to take this safer option.

      • exactly this… just cut the cord and replace it with a standard plug. Easy and safe.

  • Thanks OP, nice find, looks to be one model above the Advance that was going for ~$150 last week

  • How this compares to Dyson ?

    • Basic reviews say Dyson is quieter. But this one has better heat control

  • LoL, says Anti Bacterial. I doubt any bacteria would survive at that heat in a normal hair dryer.

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