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Big Breakfast (2 McMuffins, 2 Hash Browns & a Medium Coffee) for $12.95 @ McDonald's (Selected Stores, 4am-12pm Daily)


I've ordered in-app, but from the website it looks like available in-stores menu.

With the price of a McMuffin meal going ~$11, the little extra for more brings it to an appropriate price.


  • Choice of 2 McMuffin® burgers (Sausage & Egg | Bacon & Egg | Sausage)
  • 2x Hash Browns
  • 1x Medium McCafé® Hot Coffee

Available 4am to 12pm for a limited time at participating restaurants. Serving suggestion. Extra charges apply for Mocha, soy, syrups and other variations. Excludes McDelivery®.

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    Good deal but it's been going on for a while now, it's called the big breakfast deal.

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      Dang, I only just found out about it and saw it wasn't on ozbargain. I ought to visit Frugal Feeds more often.

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      IMO, it would be a super deal if it was $9.99 with one extra coffee. It will become a deal that everyone would know and people will go at least once, twice or even more a week for breakfast or lunch! It's possible for Maccas, it equivalents to $2 for a coffee, $2.5 for a McMuffin and $0.485 for a Hash Brown, why not?!

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        Why don’t they just make it free?

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      Is it a good deal?

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    But why only one coffee?

    • Is only one meal I reckon (not shared). Otherwise it would be Average Size Breakfast.

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      Because I want to actually make it to the site portaloo before I release the flood gates.

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        Didn't you learn from Scomo?

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      if you're getting it for 2 people then use your myMacca's reward points for the 2nd coffee, it's the best value way to use them anyway.

      • or use seniors card for free small coffee

      • Totally agree, it's a good deal with points.

      • +1

        Not as good since they removed Large from the 2500 pt base group, but only 2 shots en each, so only an issue if you were using the extra milk to fill you up. Still, made the extra coin for almond better value on Large if selected

  • Got this yesterday, good value. Cost extra to add certain drinks like medium iced latte etc so careful of prices.

    • The drink cost difference is based on the full menu price of each item per franchisee.

      Some stores have the same menu price whether you get hot or iced and these stores don't charge extra to swap in this deal, some aren't and will charge the difference.

      Got two stores I frequent. One doesn't, one does and this was the answer described when I asked.

  • If you want soft drink. Some stores it decreases the price.

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      soft drink for breakfast?

      • @JimmyF i don't drink coffee or tea

      • You can tell the people who have never worked in food service or at a convenience store by comments like this.

        It's not at all unusual for people to have carbonated drinks for breakfast.

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          It's not at all unusual for people to have carbonated drinks for breakfast.

          Oh I've seen it…. Still doesn't make it right.

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            @JimmyF: I'm with you, it's pretty gross imo.

          • @JimmyF: Water, coffee, tea is also weird with junk food though. And Diet soft drinks seem slightly healthier than juice. esp if sugar or weight is an issue.

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              Water, coffee, tea is also weird with junk food though.

              Damn been living my life wrong this whole time

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      if do an espresso shot it discounts it further…

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      core memory unlocked

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      The original deconstructed McMuffin. Way before the hipsters made deconstructed avo toast cool

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      I don’t think it would taste the same without the styrofoam container

      • Well you gotta have your fibre…

        I think these also included Orange Juice as opposed to Orange Drink

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      Oh man I miss those.

    • The Ozbargain way was to get a muffin instead. Most of same content, much cheaper plus a slice of cheese. Hash Browns were cheap and drinks usually free. Jam and vegemite also free if you wanted them.

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      You can still get those in Indonesia. I really wish they would bring them back as a promo item.

    • That brings back some memories….

    • That's easy, it's just a DIY McMuffin® burgers (Sausage, Egg and Bacon on a plate)

    • Me too. I actually thought this deal was the old school big breakfast. Clearly just read "Big Breakfast"

    • Man I remember getting the big breakfast and it had heaps of scrambled eggs which I'd eat most of and leave enough to make a scrambled egg and sausage McMuffin.

      Here I was thinking it was still on the menu but now illustrates just how long it's been since I've had Maccas breakfast…

    • +1

      I just found out they don't have the big breakfast anymore haha

      I quite liked the scrambled eggs.

      The eggs in the McMuffin are rubber.

  • how is this even good value lol, the mcmuffins are tiny, even two is not much food, hash browns are worth nothing and a coffee made by some random mccafe employee

    • -1

      how is this even good value

      It's not, I'd value it at $9 tops ($5 for 2x mcmuffin, $2 for 2x hashbrown, $2 for the coffee).

      • -1

        The coffee is probably closer to $4. The McCafe coffees aren't too bad, especially as proper barista coffee is now around the $6 mark.

        • 'Proper' barista coffee I find hit and miss anyway, at least you know what you're getting at Maccas.

        • -2

          i find the quality between proper cafes and maccas coffee basically the same

        • McCafe doesn't get the credit it deserves. Sometimes the person making the coffee is clueless but most of the time in my experience the coffee has been fine. McDonald's double walled paper cups are really good too.

        • I find McCafe fast paced and from watching I find them skipping steps which makes it taste bad

        • +1

          People are being brainwashed by coffee shops nowadays! $6 a coffee is worse than drugs imo.

          • @YasimKudomi Pape: Truth. People pay the extra to be seen IN said coffee shop and with the branded cup in their hand. Social marketing.

          • @YasimKudomi Pape: Most independent coffee shops are barely afloat even at $6 a coffee.

            Remember they're pricing their rent and labour into your cup. It's not just milk and coffee.

            Macca's charging what they do is rough though. But that's across their whole menu, not just coffee.

            • @BradH13: You forgot to account for those special barista aprons and of course their beard maintenance products. It all goes into making a better coffee, truly!

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        $5 for 2x mcmuffin, $2 for 2x hashbrown, $2 for the coffee

        Where do you get muffins for $2.50 each? theyre normally over $5 each.
        And hash browns for $1? theyre normally $2.50 or something each!

        • That's just what I value the items based on frequent deals I get, and what I feel they're worth. Always get plenty of deals for $1 hash brown (which is literally 2 bites) and $2 medium coffee (used to be $1) (the maccas coffees I've had recently have been trash), 2x mcmuffin for $4 was also a common deal but $5 would be fair enough now given inflation (and $2.50 each seems about right considering how small they are).

    • You could prob save $4 and buy ingredients and cook yourself. but you'd have to eat it everyday to make it work.

      • +1

        and cook yourself.

        Which part?

        • take my up-vote.

  • Is it to 12pm everywhere? I thought it was 10:30am.

    • +2

      Worked for me 10:50 this morning. You’ll just have to check app post 10:30am.

      If you do it between 1030-12, you can double dip with the 2x hash brown for $3.50. Not great compared to what it used to be, but good for cravings

    • Breakfast is till 1030 but muffins and hot cakes are on the 'extended breakfast menu' till midday. Hash browns are available all day and night.

  • Is there any way to know which stores are participating?

  • +3

    Eating this will get you the muffin top look

    • +4

      Top of the muffin to you!

      • +3

        They don't have homes they don't have jobs why do they need the top of the muffin for

  • I bought once at 1150am were given two eggs in each muffin lol.

  • -1

    this stacks really well with life insurance.

    Does the 2 hashbrown count as one or two serves of vegetables?

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    will definitely be getting this next Wed morning at the airport before our flight…..I also have the two muffins for $4 deal so might get that as well and keep one for the plane (this is between 2 people, not just me lol) plus I have enough points for a free coffee as well…. 4 McMuffins, 2 hash browns and two coffees….not bad for $16.95

    • +2

      Thanks for letting us know.

      Have a safe flight!

  • It’s a good deal. Our family buys 2 everyday

  • +1

    McMuffins getting a bit too average for breakfast these days, but HJ breakfast getting better. Maccas need to up their game

  • -2

    No thanks, lately their food has been tasting of genocide.

  • why can't they bring back the original big breakfast https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fi…

  • Is this still running? Local said they are doing 5.95 for one McMuffin and small coffee which is terrible deal compared to this

    • +1

      My local still does it. If you're in the app, it falls under McMuffins in the menu, probably the same on self-service machines.

      • Cheers for confirming, my local is run by Karens and they only employ <16yos so they can keep them under their thumb living in fear. Shocking service but food is ok so hard to not go there when a deal is on. See how I go with self service..

  • Thanks OP, great deal, it worked for me yesterday

  • Still running. Had this morning and everything was nice including the coffee. I wonder how long this deal will last with the ‘egg crisis’.

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