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[eBay Plus] PNY VERTO DUAL FAN RTX 4070 SUPER OC 12GB GDDR6X Graphics Card $857.22 Delivered @ Smarthomestoreau eBay


Original Coupon Deal

First poster here! Found this one when I was about to pull the trigger on another EbayPlus deal on the gigabyte version of the card. Runs till tomorrow. More than 10 available at time of posting. I purchased one myself last night. unsure if this price is historically cheapest.

This is part of eBay Plus Weekend for 2024

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  • +3

    wow its getting cheaper already

  • +3

    very happy with 4070super. getting 120hz-144hz in most games under 4k

    • that gives me confidence in my purchase considering I'm just playing general FPS shooters and MMORPG's !

    • what FPS do you get in Rust? :D

      • Not a game I play =D

  • +1

    Wonderful, just spend $1100 on the recent 4070 Ti Super deal……

    • Cheapest now is $1199 for the gigabyte windforce oc

    • RIP: Rest In Petaflops

    • Thats still a great price if you play 4k games. the 4070 ti super was still a good deal, even now.

  • +4

    Good price. Don’t overthink on the brand as the underlying gpu is the same. 💪

    • Not flashy either. Suits many people.

      • +2

        Yes and most importantly its 2 slot design. Fits almost all the cases.

    • +4

      Kinda have to consider brand and model especially these days GPUs can easily have coil whine and bad VRM temp due to poor design

      • Yeh I feel like a 2 fan GPU will be on full high fan RPM all the time to keep it cool. Had a 2 fan GPU once on a work computer and it was loud. But not sure about this particular model.

        • This one is the cheapest model so don’t expect too much. Dual fan models can vary too - Inno3D is a very good one with noise and temp control.

  • hmm, i got a 2080ti… not sure if i should upgrade or not

    • +5

      nah mate, not to this card.

    • +3

      Maybe wait for the 5070 next year? This card will be approx 30% faster than your current 2080ti and use around 20% less power I'm not sure if it's a big enough jump for you but might not be significant enough depending what issues you are facing with your current card… The 2080ti might also be better for some 4K games it seems…

      • Turns out video memory is important. Wish the green team would stop being like Apple and just put in more memory.

        • If it's the memory size causing the issue would I be correct in assuming if you have games that can use DLSS then this card in 4K would be better in such cases right as you can render in say 1080p and upscale to 4k with much better FPS? I'm also considering the 4070 Super for myself but for me it's easy as I'm coming from an older 1070 so will be a significant upgrade…

          • @Jonc: This is THE perfect upgrade from a 1070. Don't hodl

    • only upgrade if you feel things are struggling fps wise or video work wise.

    • Upgrade . While you can still get 350 for your 2080

      • More likely $200

        • Nah 300-350 for 2080ti this week. I got 600$ for my 3070ti on eBay this week :D

          • @Micsmit: Ooooh that's good. Wonder how much my 3070 would fetch

            • +1

              @maverickjohn: 450-500 if you offer free postage, clean the card and make a decent ad.

              • @Micsmit: Lol it's actually hardly used. I probably played a total of 100 hours and have had it for 15 months. Its still fairly good but if I get that that's insane.

          • +1

            @Micsmit: Oh, you wrote 2080 haha. 2080ti should be around that yeah

            • @Dienk: True. Yeah I was responding to the post above

  • best EPU enclosure for this?

    • Best is no EGPU enclosure because it's designed to be used in a desktop PC and you won't get full performance using it as an eGPU. But I run a 3070 myself in a Core X Chroma, and google suggests someone happily running 4070 Super in a Core X, which I still think is the best eGPU enclosure unless you need the ports provided by the Chroma (which is a more expensive Core X with docking station features like USB ports and ethernet, as well as pretty lights).

      • what is the main differences between the Core x and the Core X Chroma?

        • I just described the differences! The only thing I didn't mention is the Chroma has a slightly stronger PSU (700w vs 650w). But that's not going to matter when it's just powering a midrange GPU, not a full PC. And the Chroma costs more.

  • Good deal to run local generative AI?

    • +2

      Yes, most models run ok on 8gb RAM (many are designed to fit into 6gb), but at this price might as well go for 12gb

  • The 3-fan Gigabyte WINDFORCE OC 4070 Super is $880.62 with coupon.


  • What do we think, worth upgrading from a 6700xt or wait? gaming on 144hz

  • Far out. I just bought this for 950$

    • Happy with the card. Big upgrade from my 3070ti. Feels like 40% more raster but it's the vram bottlenecks I was hitting on the 8gb that were killing me on newer games

      • +1

        Just got notification on my shipping so keen to try it out on the weekend !

        • Mate it's sweet. 12gb is fine for 1440p. And 4k with dlss on anything but a few 2024 AAA's.

          Ray tracing is great too. I went from 4fps high settings on RTX portal to locked 60fps with full path trace and 2 bounces. Looks phenomenal

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