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Get up to 30,000 Qantas Points for Every Qantas Car Insurance Policy Purchased @ Qantas Insurance


Up to 30,000 Qantas Points for every car insurance policy you take out

Earn up to 30,000 Qantas Pts when you switch.
Eligibility criteria applies.

Information on earning rates

Annual Premium Sign-on Qantas Points
$0-$500 3,000
$500-$850 7,500
$850-$1,250 15,000
$1,250-$1,550 22,500
$1,550 & More 30,000

Earn 1 Pt for $1 spent on your premium .

Earn 2,600 PTS in a year with the Qantas Wellbeing App by regularly completing car safety checks and reaching your sleep goals.

30,000 is the maximum number of sign on Qantas Points that can be earned on every Qantas Car Insurance policy with an annual premium of over $1,550 purchased between 23/04/2024 and 28/05/2024. Each Qantas Car Insurance policy has a maximum number of points that can be earned upon purchase, which can be found here. Points will only be awarded to the primary policyholder after the policy has been held for 60 continuous days. The number of points awarded will be based on the premium of the policy at the expiry of the 60-day period. Sign on Qantas Points are not available for any insurance policy purchased for a vehicle that has been insured by the primary policyholder through Qantas Car Insurance at any time in the 6 months prior to policy purchase date. Qantas may withdraw or extend this offer at any time.

Qantas Car Insurance is issued by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited ACN 111 586 353, and is arranged by Qantas Airways Limited (Qantas), Authorised Representative (AR No 261363) of Auto & General Services Pty Ltd AFSL 241411, from whom Qantas receives a commission.

I just ran a quote on Comprehensive on $1000excess—

Yearly Payment
Incl GST & Gov. Charges
28 MAY 2024
You could earn in your first year

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5000 points for referrer and referee on select products. Details

Qantas Wellbeing App: random (499)

150 Points for the referrer (up to 20 times) and referee for signing up to the app.

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  • +1

    If I need to cancel my policy early do I get a refund or an unusuable travel credit

    • great question, i'm not sure unfortunately. hopefully someone can answer

    • Refund minus a cancellation fee of $40.

      In all other circumstances (unless you have made a total loss claim), we will refund you the unused portion of the paid premium that would have covered you after the cancellation date. We may charge an early cancellation fee of $40.00 (GST inclusive).

  • I've moved both cars from woolies to Qantas as they came up for renewal. Way cheaper than the 3 others I checked against at the time. Points are nice but both premiums were under 700 each so didn't get a lot.

    • i was a bit surprised qantas ins. were quite middle range in price to other offerings. some other insurance co's were quoting me $2500+

    • Think you can do the Qantas health insurance trick with car insurance.

  • Qantas trying to charge me $2k for about 34k points. Not great.

  • I have moved to qantas car insurance few months ago and the price just better than many others. I guess it’s not for everyone but surely good deal for some.

  • The insurer owns budget direct also, so if the price comparison is the same then the points are all gravy?

  • Worth checking around every renewal, AAMI was best my far for my last renewal, but a couple years ago they were well off.
    Dont overpay heaps for some points that are not worth the difference.

  • nop deal for me
    800 more a year for my car

  • +1

    points will be rewarded in 60 days. and you have the option to pay monthly

    • +1

      so we are churning Car insurance too? lol

  • +1

    Same insurance quote elsewhere is $,1200-$1,600.

    Yearly Payment
    Incl GST & Gov. Charges
    28 MAY 2024
    You could earn in your first year
    35,434 PTS

  • 1750 lol.

    Elsewhere ~ 950. Yea nah.

  • My Japanese SUV was actually the cheapest with these guys compared with AAMI (by $150), Budget Direct (by $50), Woolworths and Coles (both by $400) so it worked for me and I get points as a bonus. Winning! Thanks OP.

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