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$15 Reward for Members @ David Jones Rewards



I have just received an email from David Jones with $15 Reward.

Here is something special for you to spend online or in store.

Check your email.

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David Jones

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  • Thanks OP, I got too

  • Me 3. Valid until Saturday 8 June 2024.

  • Me 4. Omg I got something to buy actually!

    • +1

      problem is most the stuff on David Jones are overpriced
      and can get cheaper with the ebay plus discount (e.g. 22% off)

  • +2

    Mine says it's for Beauty (I'm sure DJs's tech isn't available that smart enough to block gift cards to certain departments; their current registers were only implemented a mere 11 years ago …)

    • True - it's working on anything and everything

    • yeah it should work on anything

  • Me 5.

    This never happens to me

  • Nothing

  • Me 6

  • Me 7 Yay!

  • Thanks I got one… ๐Ÿ‘

    "Had your eye on something? Explore the latest arrivals across David Jones and make it yours with a $15 Reward to spend instore or online."

  • Yes I got one!

  • -2

    Got 4 so far and they all have $10 birthday rewards so $25 X 4 in total. Time to go for a shopping spree today

    • Birthday rewards? I didn't know this was a thing with DJ rewards. Hmm need to have a look.

    • How can you apply 2 promo codes for same order pls?

  • -1

    Me 8…something for mothers day

  • thanks OP bought some underderps.

  • I had email communication switched off ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

    • me too. do you know how to switch back on? Thanks

  • Got one too - thanks OP

  • +3

    make sure you also get the $15 on CBA yello if you spend over $100 like I just did

    • My offer is $20 cashback on $150.

    • Does that mean you would need to spend a minimum of $115?

  • -1

    Nothing here on any of my accounts

  • Thanks OP

  • Got it thanks.

  • -1

    Any good stuff to buy?

  • Got a 3-pack menโ€™s dress socks; only regret is that I had to forfeit 4c from the gift card - total purchase was $14.96 :(

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