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XL Ultra Thin Premium Condoms 12-Pack $4.50 (Was $9, Min. Order 5 Packs) + $6.99 Shipping ($0 with $30 Order) @ Moments Condoms


Great deal on these premium condoms - bf says the width is better than the SKYN ones he's using atm

Product Features:

Vegan Society Certified and Ultra Thin
Extra lubricated & Straight fit
Gynaecologically & Dermatologically Tested
Premium quality natural rubber latex condoms, lubricated and non-spermicidal
Manufactured in accordance with ISO 4074
Length – Min. 160mm, Width – 60mm

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    Raw is War

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    Are small ones cheaper?

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      Asking for a friend?

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      I just cut the fingers off a glove.

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    Any XS?

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    What does "Vegan Society Certified" mean? Does it mean it is safe for vegan to put it in their mouth?

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      Most condoms use some cows' milk based component, I think as some manufacturing aid.

      It means no one went about intentionally killing a cow to help making their condom easier. Something being vegan is not about food or eating or ingredients, it's about not intentionally killing or exploiting animals.

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        But if they aren't killing cows for condoms how will I get my steaks and brisket at the shops?

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          The Vegans do realise that the thing it’s covering is meat?

          I’m soo over this Veganisation crap

          • @Twisty: The fact that some condoms don't have a completely inconsequential ingredient is such a silly thing to have an issue with.

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      Vegan for when you feel like getting all animal. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • 12pk (Min. Order 5)

    Thanks. I'll be able to pass them through the generations. Maybe my great great grandkids'll be able to use them.

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      Maybe my great great grandkids'll be able to use them.

      Not sure you'll have great great grandkids if you're using these consistently.

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    Well blow me, that's a bargain.

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    "Came" here for the comments

  • They are regularly on this discount at Coles and possibly Amazon. Such a good value. I wish they were a bit bigger though. They advertise as XL but are not much bigger than normal ones.

    • Ultimate psy-ops

      • https://momentscondoms.com.au/blogs/announcement/which-momen…

        "They come in 3 different sizes – Regular (width is 53mm), Large (width is 56mm) and Extra Large (width is 60mm)."

        Seriously? XXS is only around 10% smaller than XL? I do not think that accurately represents the size variety.

        • That’s not how maths works.

          • @31mop: Really? How much then in % 60 bigger than 53? I suggest it is around 13% more. Does your math work differently? Let's hear it

            • @Musiclover: Pi x r x r = area
              3.14 x 53 x 53 = 8824.7

              3.14 x 60 x 60 = 11309.7

              11309.7 / 8824.7 = 1.28

              60mm are therefore about 28% bigger than 53mm

              Presumably you just did 60/53 = 1.13 or 13%, which again, is not how this math works.

              • @31mop: 60mm diameter compared to 53mm diameter is a 13% bigger diameter, and this is exactly how maths works.

                • @Musiclover: It’s a 13% bigger diameter, correct. But it is 28% bigger in area.

                  55” tv isn’t 5” bigger than a 50” tv. By one linear measure yes, but area, no.

        • The Moments "Tight Fit" is 49mm

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    Shipping is $6.99, total $11.49. Coles have them for $9.00 or pick 2 packs for $12.

    No bargain here, just more adz.

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      Cheaper elsewhere as per above

    • -1

      Coles don't stock the XL variety

  • Vegan Society Certified

    Good to hear newtown residents approve this product

    bf says the width is better than the SKYN ones he's using atm

    Can confirm this

    • Confirmed. Did bf tell you the same thing as he told me?

      • Now you believe i speak the truth?

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    XL Ultra Thin Max Vision Pro Series S

  • Well that's mother's day sorted!


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    Perfectly timed before Anaconda post!

  • XL for me is like wearing those loose shirts in the 90s.

    • For me it's like wearing a body shirt from the 70's….too tight and bits bulging out

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