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15% off Qantas Points Redemption Sitewide (Expired), 15-35% off Qantas Points on All Gift Cards Redemption @ Qantas Marketplace


15% off Qantas Points sitewide. Ends 12 May 2024. Expired

Plus, save 15-35% off Qantas Points on all gift cards @ Qantas Marketplace. Ends 16 May 2024.

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  • -1

    15% off doesn't work on giftcards

    • Works for me. Weird. I am not most basic tier.

      • Neither, but still don't see 15% off and 20% to 35% percent.

        What gift cards are showing both discounts?

  • +14

    Even with 15% off this is a terrible way to use points, which are now easier than before to spend on flights at a 1c/p ratio.

      • +22

        Pointing out that it’s an inefficient way to spend points is not gate keeping.

      • +1

        yep, got a pair of sunnies , 15% off plus 10% points club plus .

        Horses for courses. I have never seen the appeal of booking flights, classic rewards or otherwise . You go through lots of hoops , waste hours of your time, and pay taxes on top. I take a couple of domestic and a couple of international flights a year, I might use the points on domestic , but international the value is crap.
        Qantas points fanboys remind me of tesla and apple fanbois.
        ** Flights through Malaysia , singapore, Cathay, chinese airlines, in fact any other airline, is always much more cheaper and negates any value in classic rewards.
        ** But qantas is superior you say !, bwahahaha , an airline that robs its staff, commmits fraud on its customers, whose management think they have a licence to rob and cheat and act surprised when told otherwise and say fly with us we are "the spirit of australia" , a load of undigested and stinking bullshit . Service wise, the staff at every other airline, even chinese ones have been much more pleasant, qantas staff mostly seem like they have a large eggplant stuck up their backside , thats the expression they have on them.

        Use your points as you see fit, churners will mostly be on points club plus anyway , which gives further discounts, i have brought everything from gift cards, webers, google home, vaccum cleaners etc, and think im still ahead.

    • -2

      Even using points Qantas is still a rip off just fyi. Use your points however you like, make sure you churn CCs for free points and don't listen to bozos who think saving 90000000K points for one flight to Brisbane is the beez knees.

      • +7

        Classic rewards flights (economy or business) is the best use of points in terms of value, you don't need 90m points to get a flight.

    • +1

      I'm still over the moon with tripadeal double points redemption in March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes it 2 c/p ratio. I booked a 25 day Europe trip next year with my partner and only paid $500 difference! Yes its going to be so many connecting flights, but we saved over $12,000! woooo

      • I missed this, what did you book? A tour, flights, hotels?

        • The tour includes flights & accommodations, including a cruise however, we are expected to tip daily and pay for some entry & exit port fees to some cities.

    • All my travel is booked by work so my points just keep accumulating. Sales like these are where I spend them. Did the kids Xmas shopping last year using points alone. It was great.

  • Any discounts if for products that quality for Green Tier?

  • Probably not the right thread but does Qantas usually do a disounted point flight sales?

    • +1

      I don't think classic rewards are every discounted; their new system lets you use points to pay for flights at a 1p/c ratio, if the flight is already discounted then it will cost fewer points.

      • How to do this 1p/c trick? Don't have this option when I search for flights.

      • Yeah how do I find this for 1p/c?

    • +1

      Very occasionally and limited in the past. They’ve had 30% off classic rewards points redemptions in the past. The most recent was about a year ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/751365

      • Noted. Thank you!

  • Terrible way to use points :(

    • +1

      Any other good ways to spend those points other than flights and upgrades?

      • There isn't. Points are a rip off all together no matter the points program you're on if you don't fly all the time. Even then, they are questionable but if your not flying and have a heap for gift card for woolys or something you're looking at buying you can put towards it, use them.

        • +3

          I kinda disagree, if you sign up to the points program for free, i cant see how it can be a rip-off.

          AND if you aren't participating in a points program offered by a company, you are pretty much inadvertently paying for other peoples points anyway. So may as well earn points at your own pace and use it for something.

          For example i think i earned around 100,000 flybuys points last year just scanning my card at checkout and signing up for all the specials through the app. I didn't have to pay anything apart from my groceries to earn these points and if i were to exchange 2000 points for $10 gift card, my points got me a $500 in gift card that i wouldn't have had if i didnt scan my flybuys card.

          • @Tazzaaa: I'm not saying that signing up for a free points program is rubbish. I'm saying that the $ to point ratio is rubbish and unless you fly all the time where you would get the most value then in general using them for anything else other than flights/accommodation packages is a rip-off. That said the poster that I was answering asked “Are there any other good ways to spend them other than flights and upgrades” My answer was “There isn’t” but “if” you don't fly a lot then using them while on promo for gift cards is the next best thing.

            The conversation was not about signing up for points programs and obtaining free points. In general other than flights etc. $/points ratio is garbage and points programs are proven rubbish and low value time and time again.

            • @Kmartsecurityguard:

              My answer was “There isn’t” but “if” you don't fly a lot then using them while on promo for gift cards is the next best thing.

              I'm not much of a holiday traveller so I've ended up with boatloads of points. "Inefficient use of points" loses its appeal a bit after considering the amount you then have to pay overall for a holiday.

              So every now and again I've used a portion of points to offset the cost of something I have actually wanted, now, and more realistic to achieve than a holiday with the whole process of working out dates, leave, planning, accommodation, etc. etc.

  • is it worth just paying cash and getting the points?
    looking to get a new MacBook Pro right now and searching for a good deal on apple gift cards

    *nvm apple gift card not included in the sale

    • Get the JB hi-fi gift card, they sell apple.

      • was wanting to a refurbished model from apple directly, don't think JB had the exact refurb model I wanted

    • They’ve got an Apple 15% off points atm which stacks with points club/plus too. Problem is whether or not Apple will update any of their line up for m4 on 10/6.

  • Can I buy Qantas points at 15% off ?

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