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30% off Points on Qantas Domestic Economy Classic Flight Rewards (Fly 1/3/2023 - 30/6/2023) @ Qantas


Economy Classic Flight Reward with a Qantas (QF) flight number require 30% less points for domestic flights for travel between 1 March 2023 - 30 June 2023.

Seems to exclude Jetstar flights, meaning that Qantas flights require less points than Jetstar flights if they both operate the same route.

Book before 22nd January.

Credit to williamsf1 on Australian Frequent Flyer Forums

The 30% discount on points will be automatically applied to the Qantas Points required for all available and eligible domestic Economy Classic Flight Rewards booked between 11.00am (AEDT) Monday 16 January 2023 and 11.59pm (AEDT) Sunday 22 January 2023, for travel on Qantas between 1 March 2023 and 30 June 2023.To receive the 30% discount on points, all flights in your Trip must be eligible Classic Flight Rewards booked in the same cabin. Eligible Classic Flight Rewards are all available Qantas operated Economy Classic Flight Rewards with a ‘QF’ flight number across Australia/the Domestic network (including Norfolk Island). If your Trip includes multiple flight segments the discount will be applied to the whole Trip e.g. Melbourne to Cairns via Sydney will be eligible for the discount if all flight segments are eligible Economy Classic Flight Rewards. If you make any changes to the date and time of your Classic Flight Reward booking, in order to be eligible to retain the 30% discount, any flight in your updated booking must be within the specified travel dates of this promotion. If your Trip includes multiple cabins, for example, Adelaide to Melbourne in Business and Melbourne to Cairns in Economy, the discount will not apply to your booking. If a Trip includes a Transfer (domestic - same day) or a Transfer (international - a flight within 24 hours) on other partner airlines, that trip is not eligible for this offer.

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  • +8

    Dammit, literally booked 2 days ago, always the way 😢

    • +13

      This is the way

      • +3

        it's going to be

        • +5

          Little darling

    • +1

      Ditto - used up my points on Saturday booking flights!

      • Cancellation fee is 6000 points. Is that more than 30% for you?

      • stay in the middle, like you a little

    • -1

      The way of water

    • dammit, the same :-( happened to me last time as well, thankfully as it was during covid they were waving the points fee for cancellation so I just rebooked, this time that doesn't work.

    • Legend! Thank you from thes rest of us 😉

    • +1

      I changed my flight this morning and change fee was 5,000 points but got refunded 25,700 + $5.98! MEL:CAIRNS Return.

      • On website or called them?

      • you have to pay $5.98? forget that, deal breaker.

    • is it worth cancelling at 5k points and rebooking?

  • Economy only :(

    • +3

      Tried looking for a business award lately?

      • Definitely seems to be economy only. Business class reward between Perth and Canberra at least when I looked is the regular amount of points. Economy on the same route is discounted.

      • yep, book them all the time, booked 2 last week and 2 more a couple of weeks ago for travel in Feb and April. helps if you can be flexible on the dates a little.

    • +5

      Domestic Business for me isn't worth the extra, points or dollar wise . Lounge access you could get passes with credit card sign-ups, and for a short flight the seating is only slightly better.

      • i dont think we'll see international business reward seats for years

        • Agreed. What about RTW? I haven't actually looked but I am thinking that you could still redeem a RTW Business ticket with points, as the actual flight bookings are done over 12mths with parter airlines and so you are not limited to the reward seats?

          • @ShoeyAU: RTW are reward seats only.

            • @Autonomic: Oh bummer :(

              • @ShoeyAU: There's still reasonable availability on some routes, so you can still book RTW if you have flexibility and are going solo.

                • @Autonomic: Have you checked availability recently. Literally nothing. I've given up on Qantas and have since moved over to Velocity where redemption is better.

                  • +1

                    @nightelves: Yes. I booked an RTW a few months ago. Availability isn't the best but you have decent redemptions on CX and JAL.

                  • +1

                    @nightelves: The difficulty ia getting out of Australia. We have so many people with bucketkoads of points .

                    Once youre at an Asian hub, your options increase dramatically. Finair, Jal, MAS, CX all have reasonable offerings.

                    At the end of the day, how I see these trips are that the availability dictates youe timing and destination not the other way around.

                    • @wackedupwacko: Yep. I recently booked a J class fare via JAL from Europe to Sydney with my QF points for August 2023. Once the departure point is outside of AU it becomes a lot easier (but not what I would describe as "straightforward"

        • +1

          I just booked 4 last night….

          Although I did need to call the QF call centre to release seats from Business Sale into Classic Reward.

          • @AircraftFreight: You gave to be Platinum member to be able to do that right?

            • @nightelves: Yes I am WP. However a mate of mine who’s Bronze got EK First redemptions from MEL-DXB-JFK return. Really solid availability on EK (when you know where and when to look) and OW carriers like CX, JL and BA.

          • @AircraftFreight: Shame they don't allow Qatar business anymore.

            • @nightelves: You can still get Qatar Business although it’s nearly impossible. Remaining seats are released 4 months max in advance. Better go with VA.

        • managed to book Business Rewards to Haneda Japan for June 2023. Booked 2 months ago though so I'm sure its all gone - but my point is that it exists, just takes a looooong time to find them.

      • +3

        Perth flights are almost always worth it though. I did the Brisbane to Melbourne flight in biz once, didn't feel worth it.

        • Looked for Mel<->Perth rewards seats on Qantas last week - checked every day for the next 2 months and not a single business seat on offer.

          • @oleglap: Yea, i've flown for work and tried to upgrade a few times - never happened. Just got lucky one time with return flights.

          • @oleglap: interesting, maybe just luck but very first date I checked had business availability (via adelaide) on the 17th feb, several other dates also have that route. Then other dates via Sydney which is a bit crap but with short stop over. Also available direct on 3rd of march. Generally the closer to the date we are the less are available.

            • @gromit: @gromit Sorry I should have clarified - I was only looking at direct flights. Yes, there one or two business seats for stopovers.

      • Do you get lounge access with business reward flights

        • Yes you do.

      • It depends. If your flight is on an A330 or a 777 or a 787, then you get the proper international style business suites. But most flights domestic are jam packed 737 sardine trucks, and the business class is equivalent to sub-par intl premium economy.

  • +20

    Good deal for those wanting to fly from Melbourne to Adelaide via Brisbane!

    • And you have to pay the full points too. In the old days you could get a crappy routing but at least were only charged the points to the destination.

    • +1

      Good if you have points club and want to earn status credits

      • I have qualified for points club for the first time. Can I please ask why this route is a good deal? Hoping to get to silver/gold before a big euro trip comes around

        • +1

          Wait until Feb/Mar - a Double Status Credit promotion will be available. You can and will earn big SCs on certain routes such as.
          MEL-BNE-CHC-SYD-MEL which will net you 120 + 140 = 260 x 2 = 520 SCs in 1 go in Business. Which you can find for about $1.26k return.

      • Any good ways to find the best routes to take advantage of Points Club + this offer?

    • +1

      Or Cairns to Brisbane via Melbourne

    • How much SC does this earn you?

  • Great one, need to think where I need to go next haha

    • +2

      Lord Howe

      • excluded :(

        • It's included but barely any reward seats available - looks like early June has some availability for 2 people though (at least for the outbound leg)

          • @Tom088: Oh I see , didnt go that far thanks for letting me know :)

          • +1

            @Tom088: Thanks again for the insight, it seems a great deal if the rewards ticket available

        • It’s included but from what I’ve seen in the past, reward seats only come out a few weeks in advance

      • You have to book months in advance, then expect Qantas to change your flights about a week out to return the day you arrive or a week later than booked. Either way accommodation cannot be changed unless you want to pay the maximum rack rate for extra nights, assuming there is any availability. This has happened to me twice, thanks Qantas!

  • +1

    Op i'm curious how you found out about this - can't see anything on the Qantas website/newsroom?

    • +4
      • +3

        Thanks mate appreciate the reply - thought that might be the case….probably some inside knowledge going on!

        Appreciate the share.

        • Received e-mail from Qantas about half hour ago.

    • +1

      Looks like Qantas has just started sending out the campaign email. Just received an email with this deal.

    • Just received email notifications of the promotions a minute ago

    • I received an email from Qantas at 10:02am (AEST) today.

  • +2

    Is Perth worth doing over say a 3-4 day extended weekend in winter? Just around the city and rottnest island.

    • +2

      Definitely, it is a very nice and quite city.

    • +2

      We did just that last year, stayed in Fremantle rather than Perth city after some recommendations from others that as my Wife is arts oriented she would enjoy it more and then a night over on rottnest. Think we did 4 nights all up, 3 in Fremantle 1 on Rottnest. Will try Perth city next time though was plenty to do and see in Fremantle and wife loved it.

      • +3

        I think the ferries from Fremantle to Rottnest are cheaper too, so it's a great place to stay for a short trip.

  • +14

    Be EXTREMELY wary of Qantas classic rewards flights.

    We booked a return one way ticket from Tokyo to Sydney for my parents this past Friday, and upon turning up to the check in counter, we’re told our booking was never ticketed and the next flight available is 31st of January.

    They’ve been stuck at Haneda airport since Friday evening (and still there!) trying to call Qantas and being hanged up on/ disconnected constantly. Ground staff are absolutely useless and tell them to call.

    Qantas has got to be one of the absolute worst airlines I’ve dealt with and my 55 year old parents have been stuck in Tokyo for days now trying to get help from Qantas but being offered no solutions. They’re being asked to pay $5000 to be out on way one Economy seats at the fault of themselves not ticking us.

    We’ve now looked at just paying to get them to Singapore and then back to Sydney with any available flights as all flights out of Japan are either booked out, 24 hour journeys or $2,500 - $3000.

    These are domestic tickets so I’m sure it’s a different thing all together, but just sharing the experience we’re currently suffering through.

    • If you login to qantas website, under My bookings, is the return flight (Tokyo to Sydney) being listed there?

      • It disappeared from the qantas app about 3 hours prior to check in opening on Friday evening.

        • hm… thats weird and awful experience
          Isn't it you still have paid with points and taxes etc for classic rewards ticket?

          Can't imagine how they can cancel without notice

          • +9

            @littlesoldier: Apparently there’s a difference between making a booking and the booking actually being “ticketed”.

            Upon spending a further 2.5 hours speaking to them yesterday evening (in addition to probably 20-30 hours wasted this past weekend) , we finally found a flight via Brisbane to get my dad on, but then for some bizarre reason out of the blue when the rep went to make the booking, the booking status on their ticket changed to “no show” so now they won’t even honour the initial ticket.

            They were at the airport 3.5 hours before departure on Friday evening and were told they’re ticket was not ticked and there was no room on the flight, how can there be a “no show” if if was never ticked and they were at the counter trying to get on!

            We’re seriously considering taking this to the news and ACCC, but since everything is done over the phone, we have no trace of what’s going on and all the discussions that are being had.

            • +1

              @GReeeeN: Yep, this is a disaster, you will receive an email saying you have a booking. BUT that doesn't mean you have an actual ticket. As far as Qantas is concerned it is all your fault to know the difference between booking and ticketed, clearly you are not "match fit". Qantas staff are trained that its upto the customer to accept the bad outcome; should a customer get upset, then is just the customers personal choice to be upset, the customer should make better emotional choices. It's like Qantas executives watched all of Monty Python sketch comedy and decided to have a redhot go at implementing for real.

          • @littlesoldier: Typical Qantas, take a number. I had first class rewards flights booked to Europe last year only for Qantas to re-ticket them into economy (due to a flight time change), they then claimed they had always been booked in economy. I still have the ticketed first class tickets, not that Qantas cared as they allegedly can't receive emails with attachments and they don't return calls or respond to customers anyway. Easiest option was to cancel and try again rather than deal with their incompetent Mindpearl call centres.

        • Do you still have the email that Qantas sent to you to show that your flight was ticketed? I would use that as proof. As for flight back the easiest would be to fly to Bali and catch flights back from there. It's a lot easier and there's better chance of getting availability.

          • @nightelves: The flight to this day was never ticked because the initial booking was cancelled and the rep on the phone had changed them to the Friday evening flight.

            In one of the calls we had on Saturday, we were told the person who changed the flight never submitted it to be ticketed.

            • @GReeeeN: Qantas phone support is so frustrating to deal with. I get different information depending who I talk to. I recently had to change a rewards flight booking, the initial person I talked to was telling me they had to deduct the total amounts of points again from my account. Then, on another call, I was only asked to pay for the tax difference and only the points based on their change rule(5k points per passenger) were deducted.

            • +1

              @GReeeeN: I just wondering whether the issue is because the original flight got cancelled (ticketed) and the replacement flight that booked via the phone is the one not being ticketed?

              From memory if the flight got cancelled I need to go to the Qantas app manually to select the replacement flights, haven't tried rewards flight internationally but got cancelled domestic flight, which usually have a replacement options on the same day (within few hours of original departure)

    • Sorry to hear about that, I always check the ticketed number to make sure it is actually ticketed, sometimes it didn't work and cause stress especially for international reward tickets as involving much more complicated then domestic ones, otherwise I could image how painful it was with your experience.

      Last year March I have booked myself Fiji reward ticket , from fiji to syd ticket is not ticketing until 7days afterwards which I bought cash ticket immediately once realized it didn't come. I had to request the refund of the duplicated rewarded ticket though. a bit trouble but could be worse.

      • How do you know it's ticketed? Is it under the status as I've got one saying confirmed

        If we've received the Qantas email with the e-ticket itinerary and receipt that's good?

        • +1

          the one starting with 081******

          of course, even though with that , there are still some chances with the glitch which is rare but does happen.

          Basically qf ticketing IT and customer services are not that reliable sometimes, the passenger need to do more work to avoid all the dramatic potential damages.

          • @Lengyi3211: Thanks I found it, makes sense.
            Never flown Qantas or Jetstar internationally before and going on reward seats so appreciate it

            • +1

              @Highest ground: Unfortunately having an e-ticket number is not always enough. You need a new e-ticket if any flights change (even by a few minutes). A good way to be on top of things is to get the CheckMyTrip app and add your QF reference into it. You can then check every flight to see if they have an e-ticket number listed. You can refresh this to update and it'll re-check if the flight is "ticketed" or not.

          • @Lengyi3211: I hate QF ticketing when it needs to be processed for EK and other OW redemptions.

            Generally it’s best for anything that’s not QF metal to immediately call the res team up and ask them to ticket your flights. They’ll put you on hold while they get in contact with the QF ticketing department. If you are WP1 - you can ask the Hobart team to ticket it immediately from their systems.

    • Agreed. I've had 70,000 QFF points vanish into thin air with a cancellation + IT glitch. In a nutshell, booked economy, then upgraded to business, had to cancel - and only the original economy booking points got refunded. It was to Japan as well.

      Spent around 10+ hrs on the phone with them. They said it was an IT issue, i.e. on their ledger they can see the full refund, but it was never reflected in my my member webpage. Every email/call goes to a new person who does not understand and replies with a first-response type email.

      I've basically given up after the amount of time spent.

    • I had a first class ticket to Osaka via Singapore booked, it was then down gaguaged to a A350 with no First class so I was booked into business class. The ticket was confirmed but 2 weeks before departure it became "Booked" rather than "Confirmed". I had to call SQ and they didn't know what happen. They still haven't refund the difference bwtween First and Biz.

      Anyway, sorry to hear what happen to your parents, but do check if the ticket is actually CONFIRMED.

      • Didn’t think SQ flew first to KIX, nor A350 (pretty sure only their regional 787s fly it?)

        • A350 to SIN. I had both legs on A380 at first.

    • Most of the full service airlines, particularly Cathay as I’ve seen it happen several times on my work trips, have a perk with their top tier frequent flyers that guarantees them a business class seat on request on any flight at any time.
      The first people to get the boot if the cabin is full if that happens is you, the points bookings. Sometimes they will boot you off the plane more often down a class if a seat is available .
      It’s sucks, but they will always protect their largest revenue streams first

      • +1

        My dad who has been stuck in Tokyo since Friday is a platinum qantas member, just adds to the incompetence of this company.

        • Yeah that’s such a joke mate I hope he gets home safe soon

        • Has he tried calling the Plat hotline/Hobart team?

          • @djkelly69: is there a specific number for this?

            • +1

              @GReeeeN: I thought maybe on the back of the QFF card? (edit: maybe 13 12 11?) If not, can basically just call any QF number and upon entering the FF number of the Platinum member it should be routed to the priority line. If he doesn't get Hobart (ie. an Australian accent), hang up and call again.

              Would probably work for you as well if you were to enter his FF number when calling.

    • Sorry to hear your situation. Have your tried to raise your situation at the Australian Frequent Flyer forum? They may be able to help.

    • That's disgusting. Sorry to hear your folks went through that. I have a J class from Europe to Sydney via Tokyo for August 2023, hopefully I don't have such a disaster unfold.

    • Geez mate, they're in their 50's not their 80's! Way to make us fell old lol.

  • +2

    F**k Alan Joyce and Qantas. I'd rather walk across the country than fly with this tax payer bailed out grifter organisation.

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