$100 off First Year Comprehensive Car Insurance + 13.3% ShopBack Cashback @ Australia Post (Online Only)


NOTE - cashback website says you need to go through their website to get to the auspost car insurance site.

NOTE #2 - auspost insurance is not the best choice for everyone. some people, due to location, age, car, driving history, claim history, shoe size, etc will obtain expensive / non-competitive quotes. I understand that. just as when I have done quotes with other insurers and received stupidly expensive quotes compared to other options.

one of my car's insurance (auspost) is due for renewal soon. got the renewal notice ($384 for 3rd party on a 2008 VW) which was $1 less than what I paid last year !!! What is up with that??!!?!?!

it's the car that my eldest child occasionally drives (on P-plates).

anyway, I am always going to check the deals .

a new quote for 3rd party with Auspost, again with having them listed as secondary drive, gives the price of $395 . (with out them listed as a drive then it's $186!!)

but the age excess for under 25 driver goes from $600 for a listed driver to $1600 for an unlisted under 25 driver. so being a gambling man - I'm going to list my child as a driver as they are going to fuck up in the next 5 years whilst driving .

that $395 is slightly higher due to my child having to make a no-fault claim on the other (at fault) drivers insurance - application asks if "driver has made a claim on an insurance policy" - doesn't specify whose policy.

but still , will stay with auspost as with the cashback bonus I get ~$52.54 off a new policy quote which drops the price to ~$343.

not too shabby.

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  • More expensive than RACV for me

  • $2,368.67

    / year

    • Same here. I only pay $990 now. More than double

      • Who are you with?

  • +1

    8k less for the agreed value and 30% increase with my current insurer.

  • +1

    Good deal if you can get a great price!

    Watch out for tracking issues, any little error or hang during the quote and checkout process, redo the transaction through SB - tracking is a bit hit and miss sometimes, I had one policy go through and tracked successfully, but the other policy didn't and generic SB response back on tracking.

  • +3

    Wow, what data does QBE have to calculate their premiums. Current insurance $889 full comp, market value. Auspost quote $2374 full comp and similar market value… completely insane!

  • +3

    Be wary of tracking issues with shopback. All the verification in the world will not help you !

    • Happened to me last time with AusPost, provided all evidence to Shopback - CB still rejected :(

  • +1

    woah cheers op! just insured my tesla model 3 for $1,150 with $2k excess and windscreen (I always max excess) + 13.3% cashback… insane value! next cheapest was RACQ at 1.4k, and suncorp at 1.7k.

    • +1

      EV insurance is doubling at multiple places, good find! AAMI didn’t double for me so I was going to renew there, I might look around further now

      • +1

        Not great for me unfortunately, 50% more than my AAMI quote for my Atto.

  • +3

    I signed up with Aus post car insurance last year and I'm about to leave. I just got my renewal and it's increased by 60%, that's $1000 more than I paid last year. I feel like the got me in the door with a decently priced policy and jumped on the increase for year two. AAMI is the same price as I paid last yeah, unfortunately they don't let you choose your own repairer so I'll keep looking.

    • Ditto, 24% increase by AP (QBE). Did 5 quiotes, surprisingly Coles is 38% less than AP although the agreed value is 15% lower. Since the chances of it being written off are fairly small I've gone back to Coles.

      Also did quotes for a relo. Using code CAR24K WW Everyday was cheapest/best for him.

  • $3600 for 12 months for my 17 year old to drive a 10 year old i30, No thanks.

  • very expensive than Youi for me

  • $1380 - $283 (for discount and Shopback) = $1197 for a 2012 Subaru XV. I pay $726 with Rollin' with a $50 cheaper excess

  • 50% more than Youi for me

  • -1

    No bargain here. Fake discount. TPF&T quote is more than comprehensive with Woolworths for me.

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