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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40 Black $114 ($94 New Customers) Shipped (RRP $190) @ THE ICONIC

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Not great reviews compared Pegasus 39, still good price for Pegasus. Personally, I am waiting for Nimbus 26 to go on sale

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  • +1

    Not bad, I paid $98.80 last time on this deal. $80-100 is a pretty good price.

    They are basically the same. Only the upper materials are a bit different. I've got both.

    Ps. New signup for $20 off @ the Iconic

  • +2

    Been wearing Pegasus since the 37s and I thought the 40 were the best so far.

  • +6

    Remember to use HEYICONIC20 for extra $20 off. Supposed to work with new accounts only but just worked with my existing account when I tried.

    • Thank you my pair of pegs 39 from two years ago back on here (also iconic) needed replacing & cash rewards 11% + $5 bonus has just sealed the deal !

  • -5

    Great shoes, but I have an unboxed pair that I got for about $75 a few months ago.

    • +2

      Sounds like you needed them

      • I will when the current ones (which I think were maybe $100 or a bit less) wear out, so am always on the look out for a good deal, and that was a great one. Have two other sets of shoes on rotation at the moment. The Pegasus shoes last very well, have done a lot of miles.

        • Nice. Yeah i still got a new pair of 40s sitting there too. $80 was too good not to grab them. They last a long time.

  • hi, just wanted to ask how do these shoes compare to ASICS GEL QUANTUM 180 AND ASICS GEL QUANTUM 360 thanks.

    • 370g for that model! OMG. I wouldn't last long running in those. So I would say not comparable. Pegasus is the defacto standard daily running shoe. Enough said.

    • +1

      Run repeat is a good site where they perform a comprehensive test and review on all sorts of shoes.

    • Brooks GTS is worth considering too.. currently on special


    • I've run with both this year and found the 360 vII a more durable sole. Pegasus wears through the sole so quickly it's ridiculous. I'd only buy the peg at under $100 due to the wear rate.

      • Just ticked over 620km on my Pegasus 40s and my black treads have worn down to the white midsole. My Pegasus trail 3 with 700km and Peg trail Goretex 2 with 660km in comparison have quite a bit of tread still.
        I’m tempted to get the Peg 40 still as they have been my go to shoes but have recently added the Vomero 17s to my rotation and really like the cushioning. Next might be Infinity run 4s for the rocker feeling.

        • Yeah i got a pair of Infinity 3, they don't look as nice on the feet on, but bit wider toe box and nice and bouncy strike, plus have more urgency about them (rocker feeling). Also good if you can get around $120

        • 500km on my 39s and they look fine, certainly have a few hundred more in them if the mid holds up.

  • -8

    Wolf Grey, Volt, Black & White of these 1$ cheaper @ 113 with your code., but looks like I snagged the last one in stock, fortunately in my size.

  • +2

    Paid $90 for the white pair. They are comfortable enough but I find them a bit narrow and lacking support. I prefer to wear them for casual wear. For running, Brooks are much better. Also keen to try Gel Nimbus 26 or Kayano 30, haven't seen any good deals on them lately.

    • +2

      For you/OP - Nimbus 26 is on sale at Rebel sport with a Spend and Save type deal (~20% off) - brings it down to just over $200

      • I would prefer <$150. Never paid more than that for any of my running shoes, average would probably be around $80. Got a Mizuno Wave Creation 20 off Amazon end of last year for like $40, an excellent running shoe.

        • +1

          I've not really found much luck getting these guys much under $200 in the past year I've been searching! Maybe until the new year's line comes through?

          • @morecoffee: Yeah it's a new model, they probably talking about one or two models old. Didn't see much around either way.

  • +1

    Best shoes I've ever owned. Tempted to buy another pair as spare

  • Just bought a pair with the HEYICONIC20 code working. Tried again around 2200 14/5/24 and no seems you no longer get the $20 off.

    • Needs a different email address

  • +1

    Narrow at heel

    • Yeah they are, but they have additional stability from the back of the shoe which somehow makes them feel fairly supported.

    • Depends on your ankle and how big it is, everyone is different but they are good for me (and no heel lift if that's what you mean).

  • For how long do they last? Flyknit after 7km start feeling hard on feet, and after 10km I feel protector shape getting deeper in my feet. But if don't run 6km in one go it's great.

  • -7

    They’re crap. I got the 39 model and they are slow af. Whenever I put them on I always run so slow

      • Compared to proper running shoes. I wear Adidas Adios 8 at the moment and the difference in speed is night and day. My usual pace is 4:30 pace, wearing these it is struggle to get that speed, guarantee to get around 5:00 pace

          • @G-rig: Shows how much you know about shoes then. They currently have world record breaking shoes (Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 super shoe)

            • @first in line: Yeah don't claim to and not up to date with runners. Was talking about the brand in general, similar to Nike.
              Of course AlphaFly Next% are no slouch either and were banned briefly.

              Anyway pal you're comparing a $750 shoe to a $100 one, 😂😂😂.

    • +1

      You gotta change the gears to high speed.

    • I have those plus New Balance 1080 and much prefer the Pegasus.

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