$4.95 Rippa Roll Varieties (Usually $9.25) In-Store / C&C Only + Can of Drink for $2 Extra @ Red Rooster


Decent discount on Red’s Rippa Rolls for the next few weeks. You can grab one for $4.95 instead of the usual price of $9.25. Choose from the regular, chilli aioli or Honey BBQ varities. You can also add 375ml can of drink (Pepsi varieties) or water for an extra $2 or a 600ml Pepsi variety soft drink for an extra $3. If ordering online, ensure you go into the “Value Offers” section of the menu to obtain the discounted price. It’s still regular price in the Burgers, Rolls and Wraps section.

Roll in to Red Rooster for a $4.95 Rippa Roll: two tenders fried to perfection, served in a crunchy roll with fresh lettuce and signature herbed mayo.

Available instore and via Click & Collect
Not available for delivery
Not available at stadium or airport stores
Discounts not allowed
Offer ends 4th June 2024

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster


  • Coming up as $9.25 when I go to order.

    When does the deal start?

    • In-Store Only

      • +1

        Available instore and via Click & Collect

        • Oops! Just saw that😄
          Full price online for pickup.

    • My guess is they haven’t updated the price online yet. I believe the offer starts today, drove past a reds with the promo sign out the front.

    • You have to order from the value offer section, not the rippa section.

      • The trick was to wait until 10am AEST for the website to update.

        • The trick is close your browser, restart your computer, do a handstand, solve one of the unsolved problems of maths and then you should get the discount.

          • +2

            @JustJay: With US$1 million you can buy many rippas.

            Explain how?

            Money can be exchanged for goods or products.

  • +3

    meh red roaster isn't as good as it used to be.

    I do miss the Hawaiian pack though with the banana and pineapple

    • +1

      Nah, they are better. Reds Hot and Hot honey is easily the best decision they have made in the past couple of years.

      • +5

        Their reds fried chicken saved them from bankruptcy imo. But just like KFC, these subs use tiny tenders now.

      • +1

        You can't both be right.

    • +5

      I prefer RR fried chicken to KFC's

    • What you want is Super Roster… I sometimes consider going on a road trip simply for their Hawaiian Pack https://superrooster.com.au/menu/

    • 100% agree.

      The banana fritter was the bomb

  • +1

    The price they should be after seeing someone post the state of one on the Melb reddit page https://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/1cnls57/shrinkfl…

    • I hope OzBargain never gets that whiney

  • Are they still doing the $2.50 large chips?

    • +3

      Ended yesterday. This deal replaces it.

  • +2

    I miss the $9.95 big deal. Rooster roll, gravy, chips, 2 chicken strips and a large drink.

    And the fillet burger, when it had tomato in it. Now it's a tomato less 'reds' burger.

  • +8

    wish they bought back the original chicken tenders they used for flayva! they were so good and tasty instead of this tasteless tempura looking chicken crap

  • Quality of the food at RR is still better than most others

    • Some even offer you a side of coke…. acola

      • +1

        Nowadays it's Peptidessi

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    OP - Can you update to advise people this deal is found under the value offer section in the app and not with the normal rippa rolls etc.

    They are also doing a $6.95 Rippa + drink deal too.

    • Thanks for finding that. I also added the 3 different Rippa varities are available, plus you can grab a 600ml drink for an extra $3 ($2 for can/water).

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    Dumb question but is Rippa Roll and Rippa Sub the same thing?

  • +3

    Does anyone remember the $2 'cheeseburgers' they had for a few years around 2010-2013ish? A variety of 4 different flavours, classic, bbq, spicy, and herb and mayo. They were the best tasting simple chicken burgers and so cheap, 5 burgers for $10 was a feast my friends and and I would devour many a drunken night/ hungover morn.

    Those were the days, wish they'd bring them back.

  • +1

    Anyone got tips for when there roll is hard as s brick?

    • +3

      Yeah, use it as self defence when the youth break into your house

      • +1

        What if the youth is vegeterian?

        • +1

          That will just make them run faster won't it? Coming at a vego with a Chicken Rippa

    • Microwave it for a bit, perhaps covered in a damp paper towel

  • +2

    These used to be good now the rippa roll sucks …. It’s trash

  • +2

    These guys have been sending me $5 every few weeks. No idea why because I only buy something from them once a year or when they send me free bucks. Already happened five times this year. No idea if it's a glitch, but I'm not complaining.

    "To help find your way back to us we have topped up your loyalty account to 5 Red Royalty dollars. But better hurry, don't let your Red Royalty Dollars expire.",,,,

  • +2

    I made the decision 5 years ago to never buy one of these things again after longing for the glory days of Red Rooster, but decided to use this deal and I actually enjoyed it. I wouldnt want to pay $10 for one, but for under $5 and combined with my free large chips for signing up to the red rooster loyalty program it was an enjoyable lunch.

  • +1

    Tried to use a voucher on my phone on Monday from Red Rooster, only for them to tell me they needed a printed voucher instead.
    Printed Voucher? What is this 2004?
    Walked right out of there.

    • Yes it's 2004… What year do you think it is?

  • These are glorious.

  • If you buy the Chicken Pie, you get a 5$ Red Rooster credit

    • What are they like? I'm a bit scared off because they collaborated with four and twenty (their pies haven't been good for a couple of decades)

      • +1

        They are not worth $7.45, that's for sure.

        I would rate them worse than a the cheapest of the cheap pies you could buy, equivalently, at the supermarkets.

        In fact, the home brand chicken and vegetable pies in a 4-pack from woolies/coles are much better IMO.

        You're better off grabbing this Rippa Roll instead.

    • +1

      Where are you seeing this?

      • I don't recall but it's up the top somewhere in the app….

      • I got an email today about it.

    • Can't see this in the app but I got a voucher to try one for $5 for guessing the correct new product in a previous email.

  • Strip sub

  • +1

    At the point where RR really pees me off. Too many hours wasted trying to order these app only offers from an app that doesn't work. Last RR disaster drive 5kms to find my payment methods cleared from app and won't accept new ones. Hour round trip including time wasted on app and no food in the end.

    • +4

      I rarely bother with online ordering, mainly because the stores near me will only let me collect from the front counter and not from drive thru for some unknown reason.

  • bought a pie and the honey BBQ one. since when did they start putting pickles in the rippas?

  • Anyone found a way to login to an old account that you have lost the phone# for and can no longer 2FA it?

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