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Attend "Scalable Cloud-Based Solutions" Webinar, Get a Free Apple Airtag for IT Workers (Work Detail Required) @ Verkada


Received an email for an offer to sign up to an online webinar to receive 1 x Apple Airtag

Hope to see some true Ozbargainers in this webinar next week

2 sessions to choose from

  • May 21, 2024 1:00 PM AEST
  • Jun 4, 2024 1:00PM AEST

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    Terms & Conditions:

    Full-time professionals in physical security, facilities, operations, IT and related fields may be eligible to receive one free promotional item* if they attend a Verkada-hosted event (such as a webinar or demo) that features this promotion. In some cases, each attendee will receive a promotional item; in others attendees will be selected at random to receive a promotional item (a “Drawing”), as indicated in the invitation to the event.

    To be eligible to receive the item, participants must:

    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Register with a valid work email address, organization name, phone number and organization website
    • Be employed in physical security, facilities, operations, IT or a related field and be involved in the decision making process for purchasing physical security products at their organization, as determined by a Verkada representative in their sole discretion
    • Not belong to an organization that is a current Verkada customer or have received a promotional item from Verkada for attending a past event
    • Attend the event in its entirety
    • Register with a shipping address in the US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ, FR, NL

    This offer is personal to you and may not be assigned, transferred, or otherwise shared without Verkada’s consent. Individuals determined by Verkada in its sole discretion not to have been invited by Verkada to participate in this promotion, will not be eligible to receive a promotional item, even if they attend the Verkada-hosted event. In addition, you may be asked to confirm that you meet the above requirements by speaking with a Verkada team member. Limit one (1) item per individual.

    Verkada does not make this offer to any person prohibited from receiving the applicable promotional item under applicable law, regulation, or organizational policy. By registering for the Verkada-hosted event and/or accepting any items of value related to this promotion, you represent and warrant that you are allowed to do so under applicable laws and regulations and your organization's code of conduct or policy. If you aren't sure whether the professional rules or guidelines for your organization would allow you to accept the selected item, please check with the appropriate authority governing you and your organization with respect to such rules or guidelines in advance. In its sole discretion, Verkada may require that you certify and sign a statement affirming that you are allowed to receive the applicable item under applicable laws and regulations and your organization's code of conduct or policy, before shipping the item to you. Attendance at the event is not necessary to enter a Drawing (submissions may be emailed to [email protected], stating your name, the name of the event, and confirming each of the eligibility requirements above; NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN). Sponsor of the promotion is Verkada Inc., 406 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401. Max 1 entry per attendee or Drawing unless otherwise stated. Prizes not claimed within a specified or reasonable time may be awarded to alternate winners. Use of prizes consisting of Products (as that term is defined in the Verkada End User Agreement at https://www.verkada.com/ support/end-user-agreement/ or other negotiated agreement between Verkada and recipient (such agreement, the “EUA”)) is subject to the EUA.

    We may discontinue or revise this offer, including the items available for selection, at any time. Verkada reserves the right to withhold promotional items from individuals who register with yahoo, gmail, hotmail, proton.me, and other personal email domains not registered to your organization. If you have questions, chat with us or email [email protected].
    * Some promotional items may not be available in all locales/regions due to inventory, supply chain, and customs/shipping constraints, so choices available may differ from the above based on your shipping address. Verkada reserves the right to substitute the item based on these constraints.
    In accordance with the laws and regulations of New Jersey, state employees are ineligible to receive promotional items.

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      In other words, targeted and I doubt 99.99% of ozbargainers are eligible for this

      • as determined by a Verkada representative in their sole discretion

        Anyone into cloud based solutions can make a fake business and website and emails to trick them into thinking you're an IT professional. But at a certain point the grift becomes an actual public IT business, too much effort for an AirTag.

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    Last time you could only get the AirTag if you were in US.

    AU got a Yeti coffee cup instead.

    • Oh well, got something for free!

      • +1

        the yetis are crying back at tibet….

    • Personally, I'd rather the cup!

  • +2

    Already have 3 yeti from them.

    Will register a new email via new domain for airtag

    • +1

      the mug is a better deal unless you live in the Apple ecosystem

    • Does it have to be work email only?

      • Any domain that's not a common email should do

        • Does the domain need a website working? I know they say it in the T&Cs but do they actually check it?

    • I assume you can use fake details if you only want the AirTag and don't work in the industry?

  • Registration didn’t ask for mailing address . Will this be asked once attended webinar ?

    Never mind got the link

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      Yes, they send you a link to enter address and choose a gift. But like mentioned above, the gift last time was a yeti cup, and only other countries could choose for a selection of gifts

    • Hey OP, did you get the link to fill in your shipping address now?
      I got an email saying “Following the webinar, you’ll get a custom link to confirm your shipping address”. Anything i did wrong?

      • To clarify I haven’t received the custom link for shipping address .
        I meant the link to join webinar. Sorry couldn’t quite help.

        But I am in the webinar now and they posted that I will receive an email afterwards.

  • This is actually relevant to my work. Score!
    Thanks OP

  • I don't have an apple device 😂

    • +1

      Still worth at least $20, up to $30 to sell on Marketplace etc.

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    Where does it say you receive an AirTag? The webinar and "promotion details" pages don't say anything about AirTags.

  • +1

    did anyone get the confirmation email after sign up?

    Edit: got two mails.

    To qualify for your promotional gift, you must (1) provide a valid work email address, (2) attend our upcoming webinar, and (3) not have previously received a promotional item. Following the webinar, you'll get a custom link to confirm your shipping address.

  • how long is the webinar?

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      45 minutes

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    These guys never actually send the product. However, they'll keep spamming your work email for months.

    • Custom domain and block the email if they try to spam?

      • +1

        Yeah, did that a while back. Thanks for the tip though.

      • Any place where I can get a custom domain email for free?

        • If you've already got the domain Zoho offers free email hosting for 5 users

    • I got my product last time.

    • "These guys never actually send the product. However, they'll keep spamming your work email for months."

      No and not quite for me.

      I have received all Verkada promotions in the past on these things so never is simply not true. What IS true is the spamming but the unsubscribe option has worked for me fine. I stopped receiving spam after clicking on unsubscribe.

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    Unofficial ozbargain virtual meet up?

  • +3

    Anyone else's webinar invite get canned? I work in IT and it would have been an interesting/relevant webinar.

    • +1

      Yes same here

    • Yep - but don't really care. Here comes the fine print from the email.

      "To qualify for your promotional gift, you must (1) provide a valid work email address, (2) attend our upcoming webinar, and (3) not have previously received a promotional item. Following the webinar, you'll get a custom link to confirm your shipping address."

      (3) is a problem for me - I've already received a Yeti mug :(

    • Probably someone in your company used the same email domain to attend the seminar previously

    • Yep, mine was cancelled.

  • My invite got denied the next day wtf lmao

  • The small print says: "Sign up with your work email & attend the live webinar to qualify for a free Verkada branded gift (Offer applies to AU/NZ mailing addresses only)."

    But…. I am aiming AirTag.

  • Reminder emails received yesterday and this morning…cancellation email 3 minutes ago :(

    • What cancellation email?

      • +1

        Came from Zoom. Ah well!

        Hi Matthew,
        Your registration for the webinar below has been canceled. You will not receive any further emails about this webinar.
        Topic: 2024-05-21: Scalable Cloud-Based Solutions: Empowering IT and Operations to Secure Any Environment
        Time: May 21, 2024 01:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
        If you have any questions, please contact the host at [email protected].

  • Standing by for Today's Session, no cancellation yet.

  • +3

    hello everyone that is currently in the zoom meeting :D

    • Did you leave question in Q&A to ensure they see you?

      • No
        was it necessary?

        • +1

          I doubted, haha. Who knows how they decide or if they would really send one.

  • So, when will we receive the gift? :-?
    Will they ask for address after the zoom meeting?

    • +1

      I got the email with link at 3:30 pm to provide the shipping address! Yaay!

  • +1

    So I was in the meeting - didn't see any links being provided. Anyone else get something different?

    • +1

      I am still waiting the link.

    • i didn't get the link either but they call me asking one to one demonstration.

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        I got the email with link at 3:30 pm to provide the shipping address

        • +1

          Yes, the link arrived 3:30 PM for me, too.

          Like everyone said, upon selecting country for delivery address, gift selection narrow down, you will see AirTag option.

          Look forward to seeing the parcel. Thanks!

  • +1

    Just received the link to confirm address.
    When selecting country, gift selection narrow down to Apple AirTag or 10oz YETI Tumbler.

  • +2

    Got the link. You can pick either the AirTag or the Yeti mug.

  • +1

    Watched the meeting. I was very impressed. We are looking for new security systems. Will be keen to get a demo unit for testing

    Got the link too, chose the Yeti mug.

  • +4

    I attended the webinar on Tuesday and got the AirTag in the mail on Friday. Very impressed on both counts.

  • Attended the webinar, and just received my Yeti Mug.

  • Received my mug today too. Very impressed. Decent looking security system too.

  • Just received my AirTag!

  • I attended the webinar and received the AirTag today (Tuesday).
    However, it is not brand new. The Apple seal was not unopened, It has a tape though.
    Is yours brand new?

    • Received mine today as well. Looks brand new to me. The tag itself has the Verkada logo on it though.

      • Yes, mine has a Verkada log on it, too. Hence, previously opened. But had a sealing tape over the box.

        • Yeah same here. New but resealed. At least it turned up!

  • Got cancellation email for my registration.

    • Mine wasn't cancelled. I got a reminder e-mail yesterday and today with zoom link.

      Edit: in it now. Keep cup/mug and keychain are the freebies.

  • Which one of you asked this on the Q&A lol?

    Anonymous Attendee 01:14 PM
    What did we need to do to get the airtag? I attended last time but Did not get a follow up email on the product?
    Siddharth Shankar 01:16 PM
    Hi there, you should receive a link to complete your shipping address after the webinar. In case this email hasn’t been received and you have attended the webinar, please email [email protected] with your name, shipping address and the webinar you attended, and we will get back to you promptly

    • Did you get the email yet after today's session to claim it? Haven't gotten anything yet.

      • Nope

        • Weird. I heard it usually comes same day. But I haven’t received it either

  • I got my air tag today

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