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[PC, Epic] Free - Dragon Age Inquisition (Game of the Year Edition) @ Epic Games


Mystery Game Number 1 would be Dragon Age Inquisition. Available from Friday 17/5 at 1:00 a.m.

Source it's a very reliable one.

Note: Dragon Age Inquisition is an old game (from 2014) and it's therefore likely the game being released for free is the Game of the Year edition, since it is the only edition of the game that is still offered on sale online.

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  • +18

    Dragon Age is the series which got me into gaming, and Inquisition rocked. Highly recommend.

    • +6

      I should give it another go.

      Back when it was released, I got about 8 hours in and absolutely hated it although I can’t remember why. I vaguely recall spending almost all of that time in the Hinterlands, which I later learned is something I shouldn’t have done because the side quests there were tedious.

      • +1

        Yeah same. Even tried a 2nd time knowing that i need to escape Hinterlands and couldn't figure out how.

        It became the first game i decided to just watch on youtube. Even then it was too long winded and i stopped watching.

      • same.. I think it was free on gamepass or something - had a go and thought .. hmm.. this feels so generic.

        maybe I'll give it another go at some point :D

    • +1

      How well has it aged? I have never played, but adding it to my library to (hopefully) get around to one day.

      • +1

        Aged pretty well on the XBox when I played it.

        • Console is quite different. I think doesn't age well on PC

    • +2

      Origins is what got me into Dragon Age. Baldur's Gate before this. Not sure if that was ever free


      Looks like it had been long time ago standard edition though

      • +1

        Dragon Age is made by the same people who made Baldur's Gate, and Origins is effectively the third Baldur's Gate game after they decided to make their own IPs rather than use licensed IPs (or fourth if you consider Throne of Bhaal as Baldur's Gate 3, which was their rushed attempt to wrap up the franchise).

  • +11

    Played this for the first time very recently and absolutely loved it.

    One of the few freebies that I'd recommend making an active effort to play.

    • +3

      Nah you haven't play Dragon Age origins it had the best story, characters, and it's totally Bioware with a feel of Baldur's Gate.

      None of the sequels can surpass it.

      This one I gave up half way it got boring.

      Origins was a blast from start to end. Best writing ever. You actually feel immersed in that world

      • I tried to play Origins a couple of times but never got far. I wish there was controller support though, I usually stream to my phone these days with a controller.

  • Does this game require a separate launcher and EA account to play? That's what some reviews are saying

    • +2

      Hope not, I already own it on ea launcher, just want it for heroic launcher+linux…..

    • +3

      Unfortunately it uses EA launcher — at least my Steam version does.

      • it would be pretty funny if steam needed it and epic didnt

  • Had this on ps3 was running like dog never finished it

    • +6

      dogs are great!

      • +5

        and pretty fast runners generally… makes me now question this common saying.

        • i think 'dog' is short for 'dog shit'

          • @wasdw246: dog shit is still faster than a Honda Civic

    • +3

      Dogging Age was a different game entirely.

  • Almost forgot this series existed, why did they stop making sequels

      • +1

        Nice! Can't wait

      • +3

        Yeah, the villain of the upcoming DA game is probably the biggest twist of Dragon Age Inquisition — which is why EA probably wants everyone to play DA:I before DA:DW.

      • +1

        Awesome, didn't know they announced this.

        • A lot of people forgot about it since the updates on Dreadwolf have been very sparse.

  • Mystery Game Number 1? Ooh are they doing another daily freebie giveaway period?

  • -2

    Let the bargains based on guesses begin

  • +3

    Its not for everyone but I loved the hell out of it.

  • Part of me thought it was going to be Watch Dogs: Legion, based an article on gg.deals but I guess not (at least, not yet anyway)

  • Ah brings back memories, very enjoyable game! Wish I had a gaming PC and some free time again

    • +1

      Steam Deck is great if you no longer have a gaming PC, or time to sit down at one.

  • +1

    I highly recommend this awesome book if you're a fan of Dragon Age.
    BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development

  • nice, these games can be played with controller? looking at playing it on my Legion Go

    • There are Xbox and PS3 versions, so… Yes!

  • this is to get people excited about the sequel…well played…

  • +1

    This game really sucked me in, the only reason I stopped playing was all of the Origin crashes.

  • Excellent game!

  • +1

    Works great on steam deck!! Just need to use a custom proton version to get the controls working properly!

  • Do u need a controller or keyboard is fine

    • +1

      Keyboard is totally fine.

      • thx

  • +1

    I've tried numerous times to play this game but it gives me motion sickness/vertigo. I've played on so many monitors and platforms but I always end up quitting because of the motion sickness. Anyone else had a similar problem?

    • +1

      Have you turned off things like motion blur?

    • +1

      Get your vitamin b levels checked. Specifically low b1 levels can sometimes lead to vertigo

    • +1

      Turn off motion blur. Increase frame rates. Use FreeSync or other similar stuff.

  • anyone played this in multiplayer? any good?

    Looking for a game to play after BG3 with a friend

    • The main story side of the game is entirely single player. There was, maybe still is?, a mp mode where you level up classes similar to what Mass Effect had but you cant do the story co op.

  • Played it on PS4 and can only imagine it would be better with an SSD, load times sucked. The story was really great but it felt like a slog at times (I was probably playing it wrong, trying to "do everything" in an area before moving on).
    Underground levels were awesome from memory.

    • I bought it for $11 in a PS4 sale and found it a slog too. Didn't get far into it. Maybe I just needed to play it on PC, so I'll see now…

  • I tried this after playing one and two. But I couldn't really get past the first hour because I have to go and pick up I comes off every dead body and it seemed very tedious?

  • +1

    I remember getting a new pc just to play it, was so bored didnt even get to 50% finished lol

    • Yeah exactly it get boring after a while. I didn’t finish it due to the pace and also PS3 struggle to load this game

  • is this one of those games where you are going to spend so many hours, wandering around and exploring rather than mission-based /path-based?

  • +1

    Tried to install the game from the epic launcher and it auto downloaded ea launcher. I'm getting this error now after signing in to ea "you don't have access, This title may have been downloaded to your device by another user who own's the game. Restart the app or log into another account to continue". Edit - Kept trying and it worked, must've already been fixed.

    • Im having same problem not working

  • I can't remember DA1 and never played DA2. Can I forget them and skip to inquisition?

    • Yes.

    • +1

      "Yes" but there are so many recurring characters from DA:O and DA2 that you wished you have completed both.

      • DA2 is a skip though. Many negative reviews on that game it tried to have some action in it.

        Only decent story was the first chapter I recall with a curse

        • Spoiler alert. Without Ander blown the sh*t up in DA2 you wouldn't have the mage rebellion that you gotta pick a side in Inquisition. The whole thing in Kirkwall in DA2 + the interrogation scenes is the precursor to DA:I. I'll say the story-wise DA2 is actually not bad, but the implementation / game play is a bit lackluster.

  • +1

    Thanks! removes game from xbox wishlist :)

    I'll play* this when I get my gaming pc. :)

  • Doesn't seem to work with Heroic Launcher on steamdeck because of the EA app. Might work with the Lutris launcher, will give it a go later.

    • Yep having the same issue

    • +1

      Not sure about heroic or lutris as I've got it through steam already, but got it working using this proton version if this helps https://github.com/cammoore1/DAI-proton-ge-custom/releases
      Maybe give junk store a go you can get it in decky it'll Install epic games. Might have to launch it in desktop mode to sign into EA though.

  • +2

    Everyone forgot Dragon Age origins is the best one.

    There’s no replacement

  • Anyone else's reminder not go off today?

  • -1

    One of the best in my gaming history.

  • Got it, cheers.

    Bought the Inquisitors Edition at launch, everything still mint condition. Wife finished it. I never got around to it, lol

  • -1

    Feels weird since I don't play video games but…

    Gamers Rise Up!

    Almost threw up saying this

    • Find some more graphics card deals to comment on, mate

      • +1

        Sadly there's been a content drought for GPUs forcing me out of my element

  • +2

    Will continue playing the cracked version because of Denuvo

  • The EA client often tells me I don't own this game (got it free here). Is this a known bug? The game quit to desktop once and again the EA client told me I don't own it.

    I don't normally play EA games, but this one is pretty good so I'll put up with it for a bit.

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