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amaysim 1-Year Mobile Plan: 200GB $175 (Was $240), 240GB $225 (Was $300) + $50 Cashrewards/Shopback Cashback (Expired) @ amaysim


Deal is back. Amaysim uses Optus. You can say you are paying $125 for 200gb (if you subtract the cashback), or $175 for the 240gb plan.

Ends on 17/6/2024
Activate within 20 days to qualify for cashback
$175 plan

Please note that many of us are managing to get the renewal of current Amaysim 1 year plan at half price. If your plan is about to expire go to the chat and explain there are cheaper alternatives out there. I managed to get 180gb plan renewed at $100 plus data bank. Don’t renew until it’s up for renewal or you restart the plan when you apply. I just lost 19 days, but happy I paid $100.
Best you leave auto renewal on as @avitherock suggests.


200GB data.
Optus 4G Plus network (100mbps download speed cap)
Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited data banking
Roll over unused data on your next renewal so you don't lose what you don't use, for as long as you stay on your same plan.
12 Month Renewal
Automatically renews for $240 every year

$225 plan
240GB data.
Optus 4G Plus network (100mbps download speed cap)
Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited data banking
Roll over unused data on your next renewal so you don't lose what you don't use, for as long as you stay on your same plan.
Unlimited international
Stay in touch with family and friends around the world in 28 countries.

12 Month Renewal
Automatically renews for $300 every year -

$50 regular cashback from Cashrewards.
$50 cashback from ShopBack, reduced from $54.

Referral Links

Referral: random (424)

$10 credit to both the referrers on Unlimited Plans and referees. Referee needs to provide referrer with their email address.

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  • +8

    I'm waiting my 12 months to be completed so I get out of Amaysim asap as no good reception in my area, however, not a bad customer service.

    • I’m with amaysim and I had a period of no great reception. At the moment is working well, albeit no 5g. One thing I find frustrating is lack of visual voicemail (I have iPhone). Unless I’m doing something wrong…

    • Crap Amaysim, had troubles initially setting up voice mail, poor reception and poor voice quality over 4g network when making/taking calls.

    • +1

      Same, one more month thank god, already got a boost sim

      • +1

        Same pinch 🤏🏻

    • +4

      On the contrary, I switched from Boost and haven't looked back. The speed and signal were terrible in my experience. The Telstra network is only good if you travel out of town.

    • Experienced ShopBack/CashRewards users,

      AMAYSIM monthly-plans…apology for slightly off-topic
      Seems like Amaysim have IN-consistent money-back rejection via ShopBack/CashRewards…any-thoughts ?

      If you had proof-of-purchases & meet ALL ShopBack/CashRewards criteria (eg activation-deadline), have your Amaysim's money-back claim ever been rejected ?


  • +1

    Offer ends 17 June 2024.

    • Any idea if the cashback offer also ends on the 17th June?

      • Activate within 20 days to qualify for cashback

  • Can anyone confirm amaysim giving call waiting option?

    • They do in their app

  • +3

    got this 200GB plan last for half price $100, expiring in 4 weeks, waiting for a similar deal.

    • +1

      I think that ship has sailed

    • You shouldve got an email from amaysim offering 200gb for $150.

      Mines expiring in 2 weeks and i got the deal

      • That’s interesting I didn’t receive it (mind you I wouldn’t take it as I would spend less that).

        The deal we got last year was insane, I don’t think it will happen again :(

    • ditto, paid $100 for 180gb, expires in about 30 days. no stupid cashback nonsense

  • Looks like it’s for new mobiles only.

  • Does Amaysim still have the $99 60gb 365 day sim?

    • +1

      Don't think so; it's not on their website anymore. I'm still on that plan but it's $120 per year now.

      Catch Connect 365-Day Prepaid Plans: 60GB $89

      • Great alternative, thanks

      • I'm also on that plan from last year's wool promo, now they're offering $60 renewal

    • They offered me 110GB for $90 in an attempt to get me to recharge

      • Do you just chat with them through the app?

        • No, they just email you an offer about 1 month before expiry

      • lucky. they offered me $10 credit, lol

  • Mmm… this or CircleLife .. so difficult to decide

    SIM Only Plans: 50GB/Month for $15/Month, 100GB/Month for $20/Month, 250GB/Month for $30/Month for 12 Months @ Circles.life

    • +1

      Which one provides better customer service?

    • If you don’t need so much data the 200gb works out $10 a month after cashback….

  • Can you please correct the title to include cashback? Title and body is confusing unless someone reads the last line

    • +2

      You have to tell the price before cash back in the title though I think you can put + $50 cashback

  • -1

    No to optus.

  • For existing Amaysim customers, what is the cheapest way to port out

    • +1

      Maybe if there is a cashback deal with Boost?

    • Any $1 sim or the $6 Lebara sim that regularly goes on sale at colesworth

      • But $1 sim require recharges at the time of activation, isn't it?

        • Boost and telstra $2 sim dont need active recharge. You can port out without recharging with any plan. Then portout again as normal to activate amaysim sim.

  • +1

    My $200 plan from last years deal ends in 3 weeks.
    Last week i got a half price offer to renew.

    $100 for the next 12 months is a bargain. I'm going to phone them today to see if they can do the same on three other new numbers and I will Port them in

    • Holy. I get lured to another renew with $150 with only extra 50GB of data.

      (Handing out my OZB badge now.)

      • Ahaha lol

    • Wow that's a great deal. How did you manage to get it? Was it just from a random promo email or did you chat with someone?

      I chatted with them and all I could manage was to get it for $150. Was initially offered $10 off, then 15% off and finally 25% off.

      • Same with me. They offered me $10 initially, then 25% off. If they gave me 50% off like previous year I would have stayed. Jumping over to Boost on a similar plan even though it'll cost $30 more for the year for me but will have 5G speeds.

        • Which Boost plan have you gone with? And how much?

          • @Rodo: Have to buy it through Cashrewards for the $50 cashback. $230 12-month Prepaid SIM.
            I have another week before needing to buy and churn. Want to see if Amaysim will come back with another offer but I doubt it.

            • @Penro: Thanks. At this stage I'll probably go with the deal here which would be $125 after cashback. Amaysim did say that a specialist would contact me though to see if they can give me a better offer.

              • @Rodo: You would have to churn out of Amaysim and back in again to get this deal?

                • +1

                  @Penro: Yes, easy to do. Can transfer to Lebara. $24.90 sim's are on special at Coles for $6 this week. So can transfer to there for a month and after that transfer back to Amaysim.

      • +1

        Got a random email offering it. I was surprised as well

        • Did you get 50% off? I would stay at $100 a month but no more than that tbh (very light user here I use about 80-100 a year)

    • +1

      Thanks I also managed to get it at half price!

      • How'd you manage to do that?

        • Chatted to them. I told them ezysim it’s only 87.50. Initially she said 25% off but I said it would be too expensive. She then applied 50% off as a one time courtesy.

          • @fozzie: Wow. I guess I will have to try chatting with them again. So did you get the 200GB plan for $100? I can only find a 100GB ezysim plan for $87.50. I guess you didn't tell them that it was a 100GB plan for that price?

            • +1

              @Rodo: Well, thing is I’m a light user (I only used 70gb), so I could have moved. Plan is 180gb and includes international calls. Others have mentioned Kogan and apparently they didn’t check that was only 120gb.

              • @fozzie: Wow. Thanks for all your help with this. Persistence has paid off. I just had a call from Amaysim and the nice lady who I spoke to has given me a $100 credit that I can apply to my account to get 50% off the 180GB plan.

                • @Rodo: I tried chat to get a discount on my $200 plan and got offered nothing! Agent said the discounts are system generated and they can't offer it manually. What a joke. Guess I'll be porting away.

                  • @eciuj: Might be worth trying again and mention the exact provider, cost and plan that you will go to. I said I would go to Ezysim who have an $87.50 plan. And also mention that you know of others that have go it for 50% off.

    • +1

      My renewal due next week for 60gig/$120 which she reduced to $90/110gig just by asking for a better price

      I then asked if she could offer a higher gig plan for best price - she offered 180gig/$100 - she said I can offer a once off 50% discount -

      no haggling / no competitor offer bs

      Thanks for sharing @Clambabula -

    • Was just wondering, did you manage to port in the other numbers with that same plan ($200 180GB plan for 50% off). I'm on the same plan and am thinking of getting another phone number on the plan as well, though my current plan is not for renewal yet.

  • I am with Boost and my plan expired today. I totally forgot and now trying to scout deals through morning to find a good score. What is the quickest way to port out and use this deal? I am already out of network :(

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    • What do you mean? You should be able to just sign up to this. If I am not wrong you could buy a $2 amaysim. Ask online at amaysim.

      • I believe buying sim in store will not be eligible for cashback offer.

  • Interesting. Amaysim is having a big push atm to gain customers, maybe as part shuttering Vaya. There are large offers in both Coles and Woollies catalogues this week and now these ones.
    A bit ordinaire that neither of these offers have International calls though. Mrs B switched to them earlier this month on the WW $165 starter kit which, after all the discounts and ER points, came out at $104 for the year. Still, these ones have more data, so swings and roundabouts

    • +1

      How would woolies come to $104? The cost is $170, if you already have 10% off it's $154. Using gift cards is another 4-5%, hence just under $150. A I missing something?

      • +1

        The $165 SIM pack was on special at $145. Bought it on the 10% off Rewards shop, so I am at $130.50. Another 5% off by paying with a Seniors GC, takes it to $123.98. The 4000 ER points were worth another $20, takes it to $104.
        Actually, it would be less than that, as ER Extra doubles the Rewards points, plus the 145 points on the actual purchase, and there was a 10x points offer current then as well. So the actual cost was probably around $90.

  • +2

    Chatted with Amaysim yesterday abt my 3 numbers expiring by end of May. They offered me $10 initially, then 25% off. Told them it was still more expensive than Catch or Kogan, and then they finally gave 50% off for all 3 numbers. $100 for 180gb with data bank and international calls, very happy. They didn't realise Catch and Kogan are only 120gb!!

    • Wow that is fabulous! I’m chatting to them now and they agreed $100 on 180gb plan as a one off. I was gonna go with Vodafone or Ezysim but I’ll stick around now.

      • Silly me I just applied the renewal! Damn I didn’t realise it would restart plan. Please wait your renewal date or it’ll start when you apply it

        • They told me to keep auto renew on and the offer will apply on expiry date

          • @avitherock: Yes, I was silly. The representative didn’t tell but it also my fault for not asking.

    • Thanks for this comment @avitherock. Saved me $160 across 2 numbers. Cheers!

  • I called them and message them, both time, was rejected and said only 25% discount are available :(

    • +1

      I would try again. Tell them that you know of others who have got it for 50% off. And tell them that if they are unable to give you the discount then you will move to another provider such as Ezysim who have a $87.50 plan.

      • Tried with the same explanation that I will go to alternate Telco: Online chat once, then called again. Same "No" reply by two different agents. Sigh.

        • Mmm, maybe you have a different plan? I got the offer for the 180gb which was discounted half price last year. That also had $30 Cashrewards cashback, so even better.
          Anyway if I were I would either just go to Vodafone with one of Woolies offers or just port out and back in with this deal.

          • @fozzie: yeah, that is what I was thinking as well….

  • Can anyone please confirm that Cashrewards tracked successfully after this purchase? I wouldn't buy without the cashback but the code is not listed on Cashrewards 🤔

    • +1

      Confirm I just made the purchase via Cash Rewards and $50 CB tracked within 5 minutes. Hope this helps.
      Per CB T&C • Codes not listed on Cashrewards (codes that auto-apply on amaysim's website at checkout are eligible).

  • I contacted the chat and was told discounts were system generated and he could not provide any discount. 😞

    • That’s a shame. Either port out and back in (remember you must activate within 20 days to get cashback.) or get Vodafone from Woolies. I got 2 packs of Vodafone from Woolies for 2 of us in the family. If you can wait a bit I think Kogan might come out soon with EOFY half price deals (I’m waiting to get one for one of my heavy users kids).

      • Fozzie, whats a good provider to churn out to and back that doesn't have minimum top ups? So for eg, I just buy a $2 sim, transfer number, wait, then transfer back into amaysim (@minimum cost)?

        • Hi, I never used a $2 sim. Only problem could be that you need to send a text when you are moving out, so if you have no credit I am not sure how you can do that.

          • @fozzie: Who do you use to churn out?

            • @lordra: I usually move between big blocks (6months/1 year) You can use also one of the cheap 1 month Boost/lebara, but remember to move back in Amaysim within 20 days to get the cashback.

  • Amaysim is getting more expensive and worse reception…

  • Can anyone advise me:
    Is it possible to port a number between providers, at a later date, after a service is provisioned?

    I'm in contract for another 2-3mths (with handset fees so payout is still a costly option), and this is the best deal I've seen (in time to catch it) of late. I'd activate as late as possible, gain some data banking during the time before my other contract expires, which would in effect save me $50 by not requiring the higher data plan but still providing me with adequate data, but this is entirely dependent upon the ability to transfer my number over when it becomes available…

    Though, I am for the first time in 25yrs, considering that a new number might not be the worst idea as its at the point where the amount of daily illegitimate phone calls I get, determined my phone purchases (Google Pixel, for its robo call feature), and I simply don't answer my phone if I don't know the number, and don't call back unless they leave a voicemail, which can become a hassle at times. Even with spam filtering enabled, I still receive at least 5 text messages a week (I'd say 5 per day are caught by the filter). So, maybe it's just time, and I use the remainder as a cutover period.

    In either case, I'd like to know if that option is available, if anyone can answer (preferably with anecdotal report of success or failure. Educated opinions are welcome, but ultimately "proof is in the pudding")

    • Your best option would be to call amaysim and ask. To be honest there are always deals going around so I were you I would just wait current plan expires. Or if you really want this deal call and ask.

    • A new number isn't going to guarantee you will start a fresh not getting any spam calls/messages. The number's most likely having been used by someone else before.

  • Chatted to amaysim, best they could offer me is $50 off. I'll call tomorrow but if they can't do 50% off I'll be porting out

  • Manage to get $89 plus 50gig on the ($120/60gig renewal plan), 25% discount is the best offer to get as a once off which makes it $89/110gig 365 days, this was all via chat so give it a go.

  • I was on the 60gb plan for both my wife and I. Paid $60 last year to get on it.
    Through over an hour with chat I only managed a 25% discount with no extra data.

  • +1

    I begged almost 4 times in a row before the expiration date, all they offered was 25% off, 12 days after my plan expires, amaysim send me the 50% email, and I am speechless now!

    • Wth, that’s stupid.

  • Cashback no longer applicable, should be removed from title

  • For those asking for a discount - Amaysim support would only offer 25% off in chat.

    • It depends. Some of us (and that is me too) asked for 50% and got it once they mentioned they would move, some others haven’t been able to get 50%.

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