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NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500 Blaster $13.26 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon US via Au

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First deal post, so my apologies if I'm not getting things 100% right.
Limited time deal - normally 32 bucks. Cheapest I've ever seen for any Rival blaster. Extra 6 % off when buying 2 or more. Two other styles available, but they're $50 and $68 and aren't discounted.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Awesome gun, got two already.

    • +3

      Reviews aren’t great 😔

      • +1

        i returned 2 of them. some reason they had weak triggers.

  • thanks OP got 2

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  • +2

    These too powerful for cats? ( Not gonna point blank shoot em but like across lounge). They love the nerf we got but the plastic tips I find too dangerous for their precious lil eyes

    • +1

      I think its 90 feet per second vs 70 for regular darts so more powerful I also think they couldnt sell these in stores in Australia in the past due to the power of them but maybe that rule has now changed as that was years ago.

      • -2

        Lmao that sounds typical of nanny state Oz

    • If you are looking to do it down the hallway id say they would be okay, definitely dont shoot them with it as they are powerfull. If you would be doing in say the lounge room i would say probably not a good idea.

    • This gun is pretty powerful, I wouldn't be shooting it at my pets anytime soon

    • yup! had the white version, they're pretty painful to get hit by!

    • My dog would love this, I dont know if id get the balls back though.

      • +1

        I don't think he's getting HIS balls back.

        • Tough but fair…

    • +1

      The other cat says need more

    • +2

      How do you fit a cat in a Nerf gun?

      • Build a bigger gun

  • +32

    Is this suitable for a 40 year old man? I mean 8 year old.

    • +1

      Ummm …i …. cannot say. No idea. At all. Can't help you. Sorry.

    • Look at getting a Worker Harrier instead, they shoot about 200 - 280 Feet per second (About 30-40 meters accurately). Much more fun then these little blasters ;)

  • +4

    Pew pew!

  • +2

    Don't forget the upgrade spring.

    • I thought US models came with the more powerful spring by default?

      • Yeah lol they already recommend eye/face protection for this one I dunno if you want it even more powerful =P

      • +2

        They probably meant the 3rd party aftermarket springs — you can get some pretty bulky ones which require a hefty prime.

        To be clear, the Nerf Rival series never officially retailed in Australia, so it doesn't have the distinction of "grey trigger" (marginally weaker springs, for countries with strict laws like Australia) vs "orange trigger" overseas models that the older traditional foam dart Nerf blasters did.

        A few years back, I believe the Australian laws changed so they can now simply sell the slightly more powerful orange trigger blaster models in Australia — no more grey triggers.

        And yes, Rival blasters are powerful enough that eye protection (preferably safety glasses) is highly recommended.

      • You can go stronger… I can hardly even rack mine any more lol, shoots great.

  • any recommendations on where to buy decent bullet balls for these?

    • When I just checked out on Amazon, it did the 'frequently bought with this' thing, had like 50 balls for $16 or something like that

    • +2

      Heaps of Aliexpress

    • Also trying to find a good place to buy some extra balls. I bought 3 guns to battle the kids. Would 50 extra balls be enough ?

  • +6

    Thanks OP, pulled the "trigger".

  • +3

    bought these last time i posted it, and mine are extremely powerful. I actually shelved it until i get proper protection gear for me and my 6 yr old.

    • +2

      Rival is sold as +14 age range, all because of the muzzle energy compared to normal nerf.

    • So maybe not the wisest buy for my 6,8&10yo boys? They’ve already proven themselves incapable of using eye protection with nerf guns.

      • They're more powerful then the Nerf blasters you can buy from normal retail shops. 70 feet per second (FPS) versus 90 FPS. 20 FPS difference doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a big jump in the energy required to shoot the projectile.

        I got my wife to shoot me with my 150 FPS Nexus Pro, and then got her to shoot me again with it at 180 FPS, very noticeable difference in the force of the projectile. The 180 FPS dart left a welt on me.

    • thanks I was just about to buy 2 for my 5yo..

      • The priming would be very hard for a child under 10 imo

  • +1

    Looks very good on paper, 90ft/sec is just below the 100ft/sec limit of an event I want to use them at :-)

    Let's hope I get one that works as promised, according to reviews duds seem to be a frequent issue.

  • Thank you OP. Bought 10 2. Let the battle begin (in 2 weeks or so).

  • The one I ordered back in December never got delivered.
    Need to chase up that refund with Amazon.
    Wish I had of got it so I'd know if I really wanted to buy another.

  • Got 2, 1 for Chris Kringle..

  • +1

    I want this but this colours are truly hideous

    • Spray paint it matte black

  • What material ball

  • Nerf vs X-Shot?

    • Rival is one of the better ranges of Nerf, X-shot are pretty good but cheaply made. X-Shot Longshot can be modded to shoot about 300 feet per second but the body of it flexes.

      Really depends on which blaster you're buying, both Nerf and X-Shot have duds.. do a bit of googling. Bradley Phillips is a great source but he's mostly into high-end hobby grade blasters.

  • Buy it now before they make them illegal.

    Think of the children!

  • are any of these nerf toys useful as a brush turkey deterrent?

    • -1

      To shoot them or use the barrel to block orifices?

      Based on what I know of brush turkeys, yes to both…

    • The sound of the pop might scare them away but it won't have the range to realistically deter the birds.

  • +1

    Bought to open carry at the next OzB event

  • +1

    I got 2 of these on a resent deal, and the are rubbish. The balls travel 1 to 2m at most and half the time just drizzle out the end.

    • I bought 4, 1 had this problem, returned it with no issues. The other ones shoot easily 10-12m, so there's definitely something up with the QC

      • Got the same issue. One doesn't shoot at all.

  • Ohh nooo my order has been delayed at customs

    • Same! Lol!

    • +1

      So was mine, but arrived today.

      Foam ball winning!

      • Nice, so there's hope then 😁

        • +1

          You’ll have the cat cowering behind the lounge in no time…

  • Did anyone else get a refund email from Amazon? I never submitted a request, and my item was in transit

  • Mine came defective, the loading mechanism doesn't go all the way so I have to hold the plastic in place in order to load the blaster. Then after all that effort I can't put the loading piece back in to allow shooting mode. It also came in a brown box as if it wasn't store purchased (i.e. open box, can view the item beforehand) as if it was returned due to QC issues. Applied for a refund.

  • Mine arrive today. It's also defective just like others have said. When you pull the trigger, the release sounds mighty powerful, but then no balls come out more than half the time.
    And when they do finally come out, they travel about 20cm then drop to the floor. Totally useless. I'm sure that if you don't get a defective one, then it would be awesome as it sounds so powerful when you pull the trigger.

    Also, it came in a very plain brown box that doesn't mention the word "NERF" anywhere on the box at all. I wonder if this is a made for Amazon special or something like that, because this box could never be stocked on a shelf in a physical store. No one would buy it. Not a single picture of the gun on the box.

    • they are probably fake/counterfeit, wouldn’t surprise me

      That’s a bummer re defective :(

      Still waiting for my order!

    • +1

      Also, it came in a very plain brown box that doesn't mention the word "NERF" anywhere on the box at all. I wonder if this is a made for Amazon special

      This is normal for a lot of NERF items sold by Amazon, they do indeed have a special arrangement with Hasbro. You can see the brown box in the product images, and in the product description it’s usually described as frustration-free packaging.

  • got mine the other day, same issue as others. balls get stuck in barrel. I might sand out the barrel so it doesn't catch on the balls. When it works it seems to shoot decently far, but yeah pretty shitty product.

  • Same problems, refund is being processed

  • yep same here, bought 3, 1 defective, 2 works perfectly.

  • I bought 2 and they both don't work.

    • I contacted Amazon chat and was refunded. They told me to please buy the item again.

  • got mine today (ordered 2). holy crab these are powerful! I am returning these as I don't think I can give anything this powerful to my kids, and I am even afraid to use these myself. crazy stuff!

    • You have the holy grails!

  • My order of 3 arrived yesterday. 2 seem fine, 1 has the inconsistent speed issue - sometimes just barely falls out of the barrel. Hopefully, support is an easy process.

    • Same as mine… thought it was weird people were saying its powerful, yet mine barely leaves the barrel…

      Got duds for sure… other one is bit stronger but still weaker than my nerf blasters.

      Bit annoying, guess refund time.

  • Another person chiming in with a dud - the foam ball seems to big for the barrel so it either gets stuck or just plops out of the gun.

    Worst purchase on Amazon ever.

  • I was wondering if there was some way to fix these? I think the balls are too big for the barrel, as mentioned above. Can you sand the balls down or oil the barrel?

  • I wasn't going to bother but just went ahead with the refund.

    "We are processing your refund. You don't need to return the item back to us!"

    • Did you have to do via live chat or just clicked a button item defective?

      • Didnt bother with chat, just initiated refund on the basis of defective item. My guess is its too expensive to send back to the US.

    • lucky.. i was told i'd only get a refund if i return the item.

  • Same issues as above. Balls get stuck in the barrel with the two I received 😑
    Marked for return and refund.

  • Another pair of duds. First one worked for one shot. Second fires properly maybe 1 out of 3 shots. Dont suppose their is a mod or easy fix?

  • I bought 2. Only 1 arrived so far. The one that arrived seems to shoot decently far/fast however I have a few questions…maybe someone can help

    1. How many yellow balls can we fit/load in the gun at once?
    2. Seems that I need to pull the Slide all the way back, then nudge it back forward half way, then shoot. Seems a bit counter intuitive.
    3. My gun definitely looks used. The rival Branding in white is partly scratched off
  • What's the cheapest bullets people have found for these?

    I've got 100 for $19 with free delivery on aliexpress

  • Looks like I spoke too soon
    After 10th shot, the pressure is now so low. Just rolls out of the barrel.

    Really annoying. Looks like I'll have to return

  • I got this on the last deal - I got a dud… probably shoots close to 3 meters. I followed a few youtube clips and took it apart to try fix the issue, but could never get an improvement.

  • Yup I have one gem and one dud, pulled it apart and tried to sand the barrel a bit, didn’t work but might try with the dremel on the weekend. Some advice I also saw was to oil the three o-rings as they may be old stock. It’s a shame because it seems like a real clean design once you open it up.

  • got two duds.. had to return them both., at least the return was easy

  • +2

    I opened mine up and fixed it. The issue is the o-ring doesnt seal properly. I put some teflon tape under and the original o-ring back on top. It shoots real hard now everytime.

    • Great tip! Is it just the one big o ring near where you insert the ammo?

      • It’s near there but you need to take the whole thing apart to get to the plunger mechanism. I also removed the air restrictor which seems to make it fire a lot harder

        • @aedeau
          Do you have a link to video or instructions to repair? For what seems like such a common problem i couldn't find anything specific. Im fine with wrapping teflon tape etc but I'd like to get a better understanding of what's going on overall.

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