LEGO 42181 Technic VTOL Heavy Cargo Spaceship LT81 $111.75 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Probably the lowest price yet for one of the most swooshable builds of recent times.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Bigw had it @ 109 and you could use other discounts to get it lower. Also this is a target price match.

    • Close enough 🤣 thanks for the heads up

  • swooshable?

    • +4

      As it sounds. You can wave it around through the air making swooshing sounds. It's actually a very important lego concept with flying things.

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      Adj. - something with non-zero swooshability.
      Eg. This Lego spaceship is very swooshable while the couch is not.

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      AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) speak for a set that is specifically designed to be played with by children (or overgrown children) that you can easily pick up with your hands and wave around in the air like a typical child does with a toy plane, car, action figure, etc.

      The opposite of swooshable would be a typical Lego Star Wars UCS set which are intended to be display-only and definitely cannot be picked up one-handed and played around with unless you want the entire thing to fall apart.

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    Swooshable is a totally legit descripton 👍

  • this is a big build ive seen it at the lego store - also its more stable if kids are going to play with it!

  • BRB need to dictionary swooshable

  • Swooshable sold me….

  • This thing looks very similar to the Dune carryall

    • Looks nothing like the ones shown in the recent movies.

    • Fan of the original Dune RTS games too are we? :)
      Or were they portrayed in the books like this also?

  • Dang, long expired I assume. Got my hopes when i saw the deal was still open lol. Is there a way for users to report a deal has expired or is it only the OP who can do that?

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