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15% off Eligible Items from Japan (Max Discount $1000, Max 5 Redemptions Per Account) @ eBay AU


Was browsing on the eBay app, and came across this - looks interesting! Doesn't appear to be a discount cap as well (normally it's like $300 max discount).

EDIT: $1000 discount cap

Hope this helps someone!

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  • Max discount $1000

    • Thanks for that! Will adjust ;)

  • How does one specify where a product is from?

  • Mine just says no exact matches, even when I don’t search for anything! Weird.

  • +2

    So 5% after GST?

  • +3

    10% gst and don't forget import tax for over $1000

    • click and click can help sort that

      • click and click?

        • click and collect 🤦🏼‍♂️

        • double-clicking the mouse is an euphemism

      • hold on a second, does click and collect void the import tax?

    • sad isnt it what service is the government providing to warrant gst

  • Japanese Steam Deck? (Any official re-sellers?)

    • Fly to Japan during Golden Week and you'll find all their handhelds are cheap. I.e. ROGs for $700 :P

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    Nice, time to buy another PS Vita.

    • What’s the average price you look for today?

  • +7

    Finally can get that lifesize doll i always wanted…

  • Please note you may need to pay GST on-top of the price you see, so that 15% dwindles down to almost nothing…

    (Used the code a few days ago but forgot to post the deal assuming whoever told me got it from here!)

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    Everything is so impressively expensive.

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    Thanks OP, been eyeing a few Japan exclusive watches.

    • Yeah same, considering the Seiko SBER007. For around $850 it would be an atl I think.

    • Can you recommend some?

      • +1

        If you don't know what you're after it's probably best to keep it that way, it's a very deep (& expensive) rabbit hole to fall down lol.

        Two of the watches I'm currently eyeing are the Citizen lacquered dial NB1060-12L and a manga styled G-Shock GA-2100MNG.

      • +1

        If you're unsure look for Grand Seiko… anything is over a grand.

    • I wish you hadn’t said that…I promised Mrs C that I’d lay off watch purchases for a while…

  • I remember there was another Japan voucher that was 10% off sometime last year, but it had a lot more items included…this one by comparison has a lot less listed. Also, many of these have quite exorbitant postage costs to the point that they're no longer worth it.

  • Ahh sheed, I was looking at some retro tech. Now I have the urge to hit the buy button.

  • -6

    Japanese nuclear water?

  • +1

    That white vita 🤌

    • +1

      Lol at least one listing I found had shipping costs set to over $200. I'd love a second Vita that's not black, but the price is just not worth it eh.

  • +1

    Got excited, was hoping to import a GTR

    • There's still hope, 1:18 scale!

  • how to check if something is 'eligible' ?


    There's a search function for the 'eligible' items here:
    -> https://www.ebay.com.au/e/coupon-offers/15-off-japan-top-pic…

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/225987408605?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mk…

    Thoughts on this? I haven't seen new official Nintendo GameCube controllers for such a long time locally.

    $66.49 after code for Switch/WiiU GameCube controller.

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    Up vote for the Vita!

  • PS VITA!!!!! So cheap!!

  • They have Baldurs Gate 3 physical on PS5 which has English on it but not advertised. I know because I have it.

  • Omega Speedmaster Professional
    Is looking mighty tempting with weak Yen and discount

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