Xiaomi Monitor Light Bar 1S $76.50 Delivered @ Cozy Dev


Found this new version Xiaomi monitor light bar 1S at Cozy Dev $76.50.
$76.50 with free shipping Delivered.

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Cozy Dev
Cozy Dev


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    Why would you want a light on top of your monitor?

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      I had this question too and I think the idea is..

      • No table space taken up by a table lamp (more minimalist desk setup which is all the rage)
      • No glare on your monitor from a desk/room lamp depending on position
      • Focused light directly on your desk rather than also lighting surroundings (might be useful in shared environments)

      Also it is colour temperature adjustable which is nice / good for the eyes at night

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      Got it from an eBay sale some time ago. Absolutely love it. So convenient. Best type of desk lamp

    • Hello cave man

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      honestly, I dont think you really understand how much better it is until you get one.

      I hate not having one in the office… the bright indirect no reflective lighting is amazing.

      • how dark is your office??

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  • FYI: bought 2 with about a year apart from each purchase & 2 years or so later, only 1 is working. not really sure why it stopped working, but i don't think i'll be getting this again.

    • This is a new product so I think you bought the old one.

      • yes, both the lights i have are the old ones — but what exactly is new about this version? will it keep working beyond 18-24 months?

    • Is your battery flat in the controller?

      • nope. combined both lights to be controlled with the one controller. tried swapping the broken light bar into the holder of the working light bar — didn't work. tried to twist to see if the metal contacts were broken — nothing.

    • Similarly bought two at the same time, and had one just stop working properly just out of warranty.

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      Whilst you joined 6 years ago and have posted…nothing? lol

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        True - but I also haven't been socket puppeting……

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    I got one of these, definitely not worth it at this price, get a cheaper $15 or $20 one, the only thing the cheaper one doesn't have is the wireless controller for adjusting and turning on/off the light. I hate the round controller on the Xiaomi because if you press it at an angle, sometimes it doesn't work.

    • Could you recommend one please?

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      Agree! Always find im pressing the round button multiple times to get it to turn off.

    • I haven't used a cheaper one before, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but quite often with light products (this thing, torches, general bulbs), cheaper products have a crappy colour, and/or a lower brightness, and/or a bad UI. And I was over that years ago.

      Having said that, I've only got the first gen of this light, so uh, it was cheaper. And I agree with your thought on the remote control somewhat. You do have to be rather precise with how you press it sometimes.

      And while I have no experience with the Arlec light bar you linked, their LED strips that I've used have had a good colour output. Ie a proper white light, not some purple or green tinged attempt at a white light.

  • What's "new" about this version?

  • Does this help you see the bargains better?

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      JV has an alt!

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    Got one of these, good price, first light bar but rate it so far. This model (MJGJD02YL) integrates with Home Assistant fairly easily.

    Shows up like a regular colour/brightness adjustable light.

    alternatively, you could directly connect using the ID/Token method, I believe this forces LAN connection mode vs cloud but not sure. You would need to:
    - fix the IP address in your router
    - get the IP address/token using this tool (https://github.com/PiotrMachowski/Xiaomi-cloud-tokens-extrac…)

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