2.5% Cashback on JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards @ Cashrewards


Not a bad option, it you have decided to purchase something from JB hi Fi anyways..

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    You can get Ultimate Thanks GC with 4% cashback in cashrewards that can be used in JB (or swapping to JB GC)

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    2.5% is very low (it's the permanent cashback rate on both CR & SB), assuming one shops at Woolies you can get 10% of the value of the giftcard back to you in Reward Points through their TCN offers and these cards are multi-merchant too.


    • @scrimshaw Understand this deal is starting tomorrow, but do you know whether it's likely I'll be able to buy/use giftcards for the entire cost of a TV?

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        I am assuming you are talking about buying a TV at JB Hi-Fi, because I believe the only participating retailer on the TCN gift cards in the linked Woolworths deal that sells TVs is JB Hi-Fi.

        If so, it depends on how you are purchasing from JB Hi-Fi…


        No one seems to whether there is a maximum number of TCN gift cards you can redeem in one transaction. Someone late last year redeemed 99 cards in one transaction, but I am not sure whether 99 is the absolute maximum you can redeem in one transaction.

        Online at jbhifi.com.au

        You cannot directly redeem any of the TCN gift cards in the Woolworths deal on the JB Hi-Fi website, because the gift cards in this deal only operate on the eftpos network and do not support online transactions.

        However, you can go to the webpage on TCN website for the TCN gift card you have and exchange the full or partial balance for a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card that is emailed to you. You can redeem an unlimited number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards in one online transaction. Having said that, if you obtain a price match through the JB Hi-Fi phone sales team or live chat, the text message sent to you with the link to pay will say you can only redeem a maximum of ten JB Hi-Fi gift cards in that transaction.

        Online at other JB Hi-Fi websites (e.g. JB Hi-Fi Education, JB Hi-Fi Business)


        These websites do not accept JB Hi-Fi gift cards as a payment method (and it is against JB Hi-Fi’s gift card policy to use them on these websites).

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          Thank you. Very helpful.

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    Regular cashback percentage.. not really a deal.

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    not a deal, regular rate and pales in comparison to many online sites already. also 10 percent off or 20x points are pretty common nowadays for in store deals and they inconjunction with the regular 2.25% shopback supermarket card.

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