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20x EDR Points on TCN Kids, Teens, Active, Pub & Bar, Good Food, The Cinema, Dymocks and Xbox Gamepass Gift Cards @ Woolworths


Full Credit to FreePoints

In this week's edition of “Woolworths-staff-accidentally-putting-up-the-in-store-banners-too-early”, we have a cracking deal for all the points collectors on TCN Kids, Teens, Active, Pub & Bar, Good Food, and The Cinema Gift Cards.

Basically 10% of the gift card’s value returned to you in the form of Everyday Rewards points.1

Gift Card Where is this gift card accepted?
TCN Active adidas, BCF, Big Swing Golf, Billabong, Bonds, Camping World, Champion, City Beach, Compleat Angler, Cotton On Body, Decathlon, Drummond Golf, Foot Locker, Giant, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JD Sports, Macpac, Merrell, New Balance, Nike, NRLShop.com, Platypus, Puma, Quiksilver, rebel, Reebok, Skechers, Sportsco, SportsPower, Stylerunner, Surf Dive 'n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Athlete's Foot, Zone Bowling.
TCN Kids Adairs Kids, adidas, AG LEGO® Certified Stores, ASOS, Bonds, Booktopia, BOUNCE, City Beach, Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, Culture Kings, Decjuba Kids, Dymocks, Foot Locker, Ghanda, H&M, Holey Moley, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Kidstuff, Kingpin, New Balance, Nike, NRLShop.com, Platypus, PlayStation Store, Puma, Quiksilver, rebel, Reebok, Roblox, Skechers, Smiggle, Strike, Surf Dive 'n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Athlete's Foot, The Oodie, The Trybe, Timezone, TK Maxx, Toyworld, Typo, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Xbox, Zone Bowling.
TCN Teen adidas, ASOS, Beginning Boutique, Billabong, Bonds, Calvin Klein, Champion, City Beach, Cotton On, Culture Kings, Dr. Martens, Dymocks, Factorie, Foot Locker, Ghanda, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, Jay Jays, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Kingpin, Nike, NRLShop.com, Perfect Stranger, Peter Alexander, Platypus, PlayStation Store, Princess Polly, Quiksilver, rebel, Reebok, Roblox, SHEIN, Showpo., Sportsgirl, Strike, Supré, Surf Dive 'n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Athlete's Foot, The Oodie, Timezone, TK Maxx, Tommy Hilfiger, Typo, UGG Express, Universal Store, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, White Fox Boutique, Xbox, Zone Bowling.
TCN Cinema Merchants around Australia categorised as Motion Picture Theatres (MCC 7832). Gift card subject to individual merchant acceptance.
TCN Good Food (Physical) Restaurants listed on the TCN Good Food website. (Please refer to this table for more information.)
TCN Pub & Bar Merchants around Australia categorised as Eating Places and Restaurants (MCC 5812), Drinking Places (MCC 5813) or Country Clubs (MCC 7997). Gift card subject to individual merchant acceptance. (Please refer to this table for more information.)

Earn 20x Everyday Rewards on TCN Teens, Kids, Pub & Bar, Active. Cinema, Good Food, Dymocks and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months Gift Cards.

Offer available from 22/5/24 to 28/5/24 on all denominations of gift cards listed. Scan your Everyday Rewards Card to get 20x Everyday Rewards points. Available in store only at Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths Metro. Excludes Woolworths Online and MILKRUN. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions For cards with a fixed value, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transactions). For Variable Gift Cards where you choose the amount to load, a limit of 2 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction. Rewards Points $30 = 600, 550 = 1000, $100 = 2000, Variable Gift Card $1 spend = 20x Rewards Points. While stocks last. Card images shown may vary.

Any questions, check out the FAQs - Credits to WookieMonster


  1. The 10% calculation assumes you opt to redeem your Everyday Rewards points for Everyday Rewards Dollars (either through Money Off Shopping or Bank For Christmas). - Credits to WookieMonster 

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  • +3

    Also Dymocks and Xbox Gamepass Ultimate 3months gift cards if catalogue ad is correct.

    • Cheers, added.

  • Waiting Sony PSN

  • +3

    Getting error when trying to use TCN Pub & Bar and TCN Good Food (Physical) some time after initially using them at the SAME venues as before. Not worth the hassle.

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • -1

    What can I do with the 10% that's now EDR points?

    • shop in woolies

      • -1

        Doesn't seem worth it when they're price gauging

        • then buy specific discounted items… not much you can do when every other shop is price gauging too.

  • Could we use close Mastercard to buy these cards?

  • Hi what's the tip on using the remainder of these cards? Eg have some of the ultimate for everyone cards from last time, and I don't use all of those shops and when it's not enough to pay for the full amount they can't split the payment by the exact value left.

    • +2

      As for myself, I’ve had no issues in-store at JB Hi Fi and House using the remainder of an Ultimate Everyone gift card to pay for part of a purchase.

    • use them in store, split across different cards. It works most of the time. If the sales are being a jerk about it, ask him/her to show you where exactly in their store payment policy outline this is not allowed, or just stop with him and go to a different store/sales.

  • Is there a limit when buying these cards? Looking to buy a TV and JB Hi Fi have the best price.

    • +2

      Yes, there's a limit:

      For cards with a fixed value, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transactions). For Variable Gift Cards where you choose the amount to load, a limit of 2 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction.

      I believe Woolworths has recently started stocking the TCN Kids and Teen cards in a $20-500 variable load denomination so in just one day you could potentially buy two of those (in one transaction) plus another ten of the $50 cards (multiple transactions allowed). That is, of course, assuming you can find that many.

      • Be careful,and check always that the rewards deals work with multi denomination cards.

        • Thanks @Be careful, appreciate your help.

  • Thanks for the heads up! I’m normally wrong with things, but doesn’t the image say offer ‘available from the 15/5/24 to 21/5/24?’ on the upper right?

    • +1

      That's poster is for a different promotion. This one runs from 22 May to 28 May.

      • Thanks mate :)

  • Can you use these with Foot Locker online? Was thinking of using them for the occasional deal that pops up on shoes.

    • +2

      The TCN website has the answer on the individual gift card pages.

      I had a look at the TCN Active webpage for you (and the link for it can be found in the deal description). I scrolled down to the section listing participating retailers and clicked on the Foot Locker, where it says Foot Locker only accepts TCN gift cards in-store.

  • Can I use my woolies gift card to purchase these gift card?

    • No.

      • That is against the terms and conditions of gift cards issued by Woolworths Group.

      • If you try to redeem a gift card issued by Woolworths Group when purchasing a gift card, the checkout will return an Items Not Allowed error.

      Your question is also answered in a FAQ in the FAQ page the OP linked to in the deal description.

      • -2

        Thanks. To be fair no one reads the faqs

        • That is an interesting perspective, because in the last available transparency report, the FAQ page recorded 2671 page views and was the fifth most viewed wiki page in that month. Surely out of all of those page views, at least one person read it…

  • Trying to exchange the $50 Teen Cards for JB-Hifi is continually stating:

    “Your card can not swap for this voucher. Please contact us for assistance.”

    Any one else having this issue? The site still confirms JB is a listed online store…

    • Have you already registered your TCN gift card?

      • I checked the balance and can confirm its showing the $50 available. I haven't registered it with my personal details however. Thanks for the quick response Wookie

        Edit: PSN not working either, despite cards showing full value loaded. Am I required to register the cards in order to swap them, as haven't read this anywhere?

        • +1

          Other people who have run into that issue have been able to get around it by registering their TCN gift card first.

          I have not come across anything either that suggests you must register your TCN gift card first before requesting an exchange. I am not sure which if the following scenarios apply:

          • TCN requires a gift card to be registered before you can request an exchange, but forgot to publicise this.

          • TCN introduced a bug into the exchange process, and the way to get around this bug is by registering the gift card first.

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: Thanks for your help WookieMonster, your responses to other users always helped me in the past as well, and it's very appreciated!

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: It seems to be a requirement for swaps. I've always had to register TCN gift cards before swapping for JB Hi-Fi gift cards. It was very confusing first time I tried because it wasn't stated anywhere.

  • I bought the pub and bar gift card. The restaurants that I bought food from often had small surcharge added for eftpos transaction. Anyone has idea on how to use up the small leftover balance?

  • @WookieMonster Do you have tips on how to use the TCN pub and Bar gift card ? I 'm planning to use it to buy lunches and coffee which is less than $20 per transaction. The shops often had automatic surcharges added to the transaction. So I would end up with small odd balance for example $1.56. Do you have any tips on how to use those small balance?

    If I ask the shop to charge $1.56 on those card, surely it would add another surcharge on top off that transaction and the transaction will be declined.

    • +2

      You would need to find a merchant that is able and willing to do split payments (e.g. cash + one card, card + card). One of the easier types of merchants to do split payments at is Fast Food Restaurants (e.g. Maccas), but the issue is that the TCN Pub & Bar gift card blocks the relevant MCC for Fast Food Restaurants (5814). The easiest thing to do for a TCN Pub & Bar gift card is to ask the merchant whether they can do split payments. You never know unless you ask!

      Also, keep in mind that whether you will be surcharged depends on how the merchant treats eftpos payments vs Mastercard payments. I can think of a few restaurants in my area that surcharge Mastercard payments (and they usually do not advertise this until after you tap), but do not surcharge eftpos payments. In an ideal world, the merchant would tell you a xx% surcharge would be applied to your card payment, so you could calculate the correct amount to charge to your card to use up every last cent, but that is definitely not always the case…

      If you had $1.56 on a TCN Pub & Bar gift card, and the merchant was the type that surcharged your card payment, you would not be able to tell the merchant to charge $1.56 to your card; you would need to tell the correct amount so that when the surcharge was added on top, the total is $1.56.

      Can you see why I have never purchased a restuarant-related gift card myself?

      • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I really appreciate it.

        I guess I have to find that unicorn shop that don't add surcharge and willing to do split payment.

        I'm thinking to try to use this card at starbucks.

        • Starbuck's MCC is 5812, but I don't think they do split payments (the last time I asked the cashier didn't know how).

          To fully exhaust your remaining balance you'll have to account for the payment surcharge per WM's comment above- so make sure you ask before paying.

  • Sure. I guess I have to plan ahead!

    Do you know how to find out MCC code for the store? Is there a list somewhere? Or do we just have to try and see if it will get accepted or not

    • There is no easy way to do this unless you try and see.

      If you use a TCN digital gift card saved onto your TCN app, it will show you the MCC for a transaction on one of your TCN digital gift cards (… well, this is only true for the Android version).

      The community has been building a wiki page listing the MCC at a wide array of merchants, but the MCC at a merchant is subject to change at any time without notice, so treat any information on there with a small grain of salt!

  • +1

    We can use the card to top up starbucks app. Minimum top up amount is $10. I just put $20.63 in my account to fully use up my gift card.

    Starbucks and guzman gomez accept split payments with cash and gift card but you have to tell them the amount of cash first.

    • Ah thanks for the heads up!

  • I just want to confirm, if I purchase 2 x $100 cards I would get 4000 points?

    • +1

      If that equals to $20 then yes.

      • thank you

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