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Free Frozen Coke K-Wave at McDonald's (via App)


Just checked my Maccas app and saw a free frozen Coke K-Wave available

One use free per day by the looks of it
Tastes good like a fruity Coke

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    Lure me in with free frozen coke, leave with $40 of add-on meal 🥹

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      you misspelt diabetes :)

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        Have to pay me to drink this liquid diabetus.

        • it's SUGAR FREE! - and you would need to actually find a maccas that has it as well.

          • @StephenSyd: No it's not according to the website.

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            @StephenSyd: Not sugar free, most of them don't stock the sugar free options, need to find a 7eleven for that possibility

        • lol @ people who think sugar causes diabetes

          • @Mondorock: Lol @ people who think sugar isn't effective at promoting obesity.

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      Dont worry

      WRONG time of year for a Frozen Coke.

      Too cold!

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    Spiked with special K

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      if only

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        That's how they get you hooked.

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    Tastes like cough syrup

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      If that's true then I need to try it. Cough syrup is delicious.

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        It tastes like MuskSticks and cola. I like it, but it's no cherry cola.

      • Cough syrup is delicious.

        The ol' cough syrup ey? 😉

        • It belongs in my rave candy bag.

      • +1

        Disappointed to report this was not the case. Not even close to cough syrup. I'll stick to Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke mixed with cough medicine for that.

    • I think that's generous. I think Coke calls it "Fantasy Fruit Flavoured Coke".

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      Cough syrup was the secret ingredient in flaming moes

    • Shhhh this drink is the secret to a Flaming Moe's

    • Cherry Coke 2.0

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    Sounds revolting to me :/

  • According to T&Cs it's single use only

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      It says underneath Unlimited redemptions allowed per campaign. Max redemption 1 per day.

  • It tastes so crap

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    Does it come with a side of mop strings?

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      The mind boggles as to how they made it to manager level..

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        Imagine the things that are NOT caught on camera 💀

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          Having done a (very short) stint in fast food in the 1990's this is the correct answer.

        • if the managers comfortable with showing that to customers, who knows whats going on there behind the scenes

      • I think that is precisely how they make it to manager level sometimes.
        The training at the Maccas near me is brutal so I think they select staff with the wgaf gene, or it's just not give a damn.

    • Explain this comment pls?

      • Just google "mcdonald's qld mop"

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    774 kilojoules !!! All this and it won't contribute to making you feel "full" at all.

    I will still redeem today and I will confirm if it tastes like K-Pop.

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      I took it home and put it in my freezer for extra 40 minutes and it tastes decent. Fruity. Doesn't taste like Blackpink.

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    Sugar water infused with caffeine?

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      Congratulations. You have just described soft drink.

      • -1

        Apparently not, I got some negs for providing factual information, which are my favourite type of negs.

    • +1

      Don't forget the C02!

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    Imho like a fruity / bubblegum coke zero.

    It's pretty decent, but I prefer the regular coke.

    It's pretty fresh tasting, would have been good in summer.

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    Products under this deal are currently unavailable. Please select another deal.

  • Free is free, but certainly wasn't a fan. Had a fruity note, didn't get the musk that others said, definitely not grabbing again.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Tried. Yuck.

  • +1

    None of the Macca's near me in Melbourne have it available as a freebie (although a couple of them are selling it it seems). ☹️

    • You're not missing out on much. Good to be able to try it for free but I didnt really like it and only had half of the cup.

  • Personally not a fan of the taste. Tried it once , never again even if the drink is FREE!

  • Got one today, tasted like a berry vanilla coke to me. Will have more free for sure. Would have preferred it to be sweeter

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    I went on 8 months junk food free. When I finally went back to eat all the garbage stuff, mcdonalds was the only thing that made me sick after eating. Happened twice. Whatever toxic crap was in there that my body got used to was totally out of my system. I've decided to never eat it again.

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      Yeah maccas always feels like the most artificial of all of them. I can only really eat that angus burger they do the rest are really strange.

  • They removed the 24 for $9.95 nugs lol

    • Yep.

      • And the free KWave is currently unavailable :(

  • Is anyone else having issues with signjng into their Maccas app?

  • How gererous.
    Giving a Free Frozen drink in summer.

    • Only summer for people in QLD

      • Precisely.

        In fact it is reason only summer in Far North QLD at the moment. And that is just for the tourists.

  • My local didn’t have it so they gave me regular Coke 😁

  • Tried for the first time last night and there is a persistent error message:-


    Products under this deal are currently unavailable. Please select another deal.

  • Lol.
    Updated to Expiry Date: 31/05/2024. Max redemptions 2 times per account. So ends tonight guys!

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