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8% off Apple Gift Cards ($100 to $500 Denominations Only, Limit 1 Order Per Customer) @ Card.Gift


8% off Apple gift cards at Card.Gift!

T&Cs: Limited time only or while stocks last. The promotion is available from Wednesday 22.05.24 until Friday 24.05.24 at 5:00 PM AEST (unless sold out prior). Promotion valid for AU customers only. Promotion code APPLEATE offers an 8% discount on selected values of The Apple Gift Card, ranging from $100 to $500 denominations, available only on www.card.gift. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your Apple digital gift card. The promotion code can only be used once per customer and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount code. Promotion code APPLEATE is valid for a maximum value of $2,000 per customer. Gift cards have a 3-year expiry from the date of sale. For all inquiries regarding email communication from Card.Gift, please contact [email protected]. Our Customer Service hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm AEST, and Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm AEST.


Mod: Note that multiple users are getting orders cancelled even though the promotion is still active

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  • +14

    nice find OP!
    Hoping this deal will return some day.

    • +1

      I miss this deal so much.

    • +4

      I'm still hanging for that deal. Haven't bought Apple gift cards since. My balance is dwindling down slowly.

  • Good Deal

  • If you plan on buying something from Apple within the next few months - it is definitely a good deal. We might get a better deal in the future but who knows when one is coming.

    • +6

      Or even if you have a subscription or need to buy apps etc.

    • Great for Apple Music.

    • I just bought a Pencil Pro and pay, what is it now $50 a month or Premiere One Family. 8% off is better than 0% off. I got the Pencil engraved so I guess I can't just return it and buy another one :(

  • +22

    Awesome, I can finally send the apple gift cards my girlfriend i've never met keeps asking me for!

    • +3

      I guess this is slightly funnier than the typical ATO comment.

      • Agreed. We’re an easily pleased bunch.

    • +2

      Does your girlfriend work for the ATO?

    • +1

      She might be getting it from her other boyfriends too.

    • +1

      Not long now until those girlfriends are AI, trained to get victims psychologically dependent on them, find out their financial situation, and milk as much money as possible. And automatically cut off anyone who will pay out less than the compute cost.

    • Don’t bother. She’s two-timing you with my cards.

  • +1

    says maximum discount fo 4 cards however works for 5 cards

    • The cart lets me put in 10 cards too, from $5000 to $4600. I'm haven't checked out so maybe it wont work

  • Just bought apple care+ for $119, not sure if $9 off is worth refunding and rebuying with a gift card

    • +5

      Can't use account credit for apple care.

      • +1

        Excellent, that settles that haha

      • +4

        You can use gift card at Apple Store to buy Apple care+

        • Nice, that's good to know. I tried it on my account and it wouldn't let me, by then its too late and it was already redeemed.

          • @omguleh: I am confused can you buy Apple care with gift cards or not ?

            • @WwDesi: Yes, just don’t load it to your account, walk in the store and tell the staff that you want to purchase AppleCare+ and let them scan the code.

  • Just purchased!

  • Gift cards have a 3-year expiry from the date of sale.

    I thought Apple gift card don’t expire

    • +3

      Once you get a card, it is better to redeem it and apply its amount to your Apple account balance.

      This way it will not expire and you will not have to worry about accidentally deleting the email with it.

      • +1

        You won’t be able to buy at the store if you do that. Only online

        • You can buy online and collect instore with your apple account balance.

      • -1

        But you can't wire it if your wife texts you saying her boyfriend needs more itunes credits?

  • I haven't bought these cards before so we can use these at a physical Apple Store to buy iPads or iPhones or any hardware as well?

    • Yes. Just beware of limits. I think it’s 8 at a physical Apple Store. Or redeem to your Apple Account Balance first then pay using that (online) to get around that.

      • +4

        Staff at the Apple Store previously told me I could redeem a maximum of 20 Apple gift cards in one in-store transaction. This is in line with the redemption limits listed on the Apple website:

        You can use up to eight Apple Gift Cards at apple.com or when placing an order over the phone on 133‑622. You can use up to 20 Apple Gift Cards for one transaction when you purchase at an Apple Store.

      • FYI. You can go to an Apple Store and buy a giftcard with multiple giftcards. Maximum value on a single variable load giftcard is $3000. I did this when JB Hi-Fi only had $100 and $200 denominations available, combined them all into 2x $3000 cards. Then went home and waited for iPhone 15 Pro to be released and purchased everything I needed online in one transaction.

    • Yes you can

  • +2

    Does the ATO accept these? Apparently I've a bill I need to pay…

    • Only if you buy them from Harvey Norman

    • +2

      If you DM me the card numbers first, I can validate if they are acceptable to the ATO.

    • -1


    • +7

      Reputable site that’s been around for ages.

        • +4

          Call the police now. Quick

        • +5

          Gift cards are regularly offloaded discounted because their monetary value is not equivalent. People frequently don't spend them all, lose them, etc.

        • +4

          Card.Gift is operated by The Card Network, which is itself owned by InComm, one of the biggest companies in the global gift card industry. I would have thought that The Card Network would source Apple gift cards directly from whichever company manages Apple’s gift card system (which I think is actually InComm, but I am not 100% sure) and The Card Network would have organised some sort of deal with Apple to run this promotion.

          Also, an 8% discount for Apple gift cards is actually not “such a high discount” in terms of the history of Australian Apple gift card deals. Last year, giftcards.com.au (the gift card website operated by Coles Group) sold Apple gift cards at a 15% discount. However, an 8% discount is better than the rates you can get everyday through various gift card portals.

  • -2

    Hmm how long does it take to the codes? Been an hour or so with nothing.

    • Literally says it in the description.

      • +3


        Ok thanks got it. For anyone who doesn't read

        Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your Apple digital gift card.

  • Do you think iPad Air will go on sale in a month for EOFY? If some retailers do, could you get Apple to match the price??

    • -7

      Apple never price match

      • Thanks for the confirmation

      • +6

        They price match up to 10%

        • As well as from official retailers, who have stock. Places like JB, Good Guys and Officeworks

  • Can i use these cars on the edu store and get a discount on a discount? Eying off an ipad pro.

    • +1

      I’m doing that all the time. Try AOC store for even more discounts if eligible and is not in back on campus season. You can still use gift cards.

  • -1

    Don’t risk it with these guys.. didn’t have a good experience last round

    • +1

      Could you kindly care to explain your experience?

  • $100 minimum, don't need that much unfortunately.

  • -1

    Looks like i can pay the ATO now at 8% off to avoid my arrest!

  • Still have credit on my Apple account from the last 15% off run.

    The darn new iPad Air doesn't have a nice folio keyboard like previous models.

  • Where do I enter the code? Is it after payment?

  • Haven’t got it a few hours in will wait the 24 hours usually these are quicker though

    • +1

      they cancelled the card based on inability to verify, not sure why they wouldn’t just ask?

      • +1

        They cancelled my order for the same reason

    • +2

      Just had mine cancelled as well.

  • Can we use Ultimate gift cards?

    • Where?

      • To purchase this gift card?

        • +1

          I would be surprised if that worked.

          Ultimate gift cards are only supposed to work at the participating retailers listed on the Ultimate gift card website, and having just done a quick check of the Ultimate gift card website, I do not see Card.Gift listed anywhere.

          The way Blackhawk Network (the gift card issuer) can tell whether or not you are shopping at a participating retailer is by comparing the EFTPOS terminal information or payment gateway information with the EFTPOS terminal information or payment gateway information known to be used by participating retailers. If Blackhawk Network does not recognise the incoming information, it will decline the transaction.

          The other issue is that Card.Gift has a tendency to cancel orders paid for with a payment card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard) with no 3-D Secure support, because of "security" concerns. Ultimate gift cards are not able to support 3-D Secure, so even if an Ultimate gift card somehow managed to work on the Card.Gift website, there is a good chance the order would be cancelled.

  • Do you all think there's going to be a better future deal?

  • Why do they want our address? Was gonna purchase but put me off :/

    • +1

      That’s normal they need a billing address

  • Go for it or hold for better % deal and/or EOFY discount?

    • +1


  • +2

    Bought 4 cards at lunchtime yesterday. None have yet been delivered. At this point I have my doubts that they will be - most gift card sellers say (as this one does) that they will take up to a few days to deliver, but in my experience they are then delivered within minutes.

  • +5

    Your order has been canceled.

    Order xxxxxxxx, Thank you for choosing card.gift for your recent order. We appreciate your business! We regret to inform you that we were unable to process your order at this time.

    • I received the same email saying they couldn't verify the purchase.

  • +1

    Has anyone here yet actually received the cards they've purchased?

  • I made two purchases right after the deal was posted. Received cards ~15 minites later. Third purchase got cancelled after hours of waiting.

  • +2

    Cancelled. Paid with Apple Pay, my credit card is valid and all of my details correct. Scam.

    • +1

      Scam will be if they keep the money, lol.

      Why these gift card companies have so many issues with payments? Are the credit card afraid of these purchases and they cancel? Or something else?

      • paid with paypal. same thing.

      • They have a lot of my details in file now, and it cost them nothing.


    • Exactly the same as me. Yeah Apple Pay is pretty secure (biometric verification) and my details passed from Apple. What a joke!

  • Order was inexplicably cancelled after almost 24 hours.

  • +6

    Rinse and repeat.

    Their last so called 'sale' in December 2023 was also characterised by large numbers of unexplained order cancellations. And, no, their standard form reply re cancellation does not count.

    Quite frankly, this mob are just too unreliable and future posts for this mob should be banned.

  • +1

    Order cancelled. paid with PayPal, it is just a scam to collect my details.

  • +1

    Cancelled, paid with PayPal.

  • Thanks so much - I was about to buy a Macbook air for almost $2000.
    Bought 4 vouchers, put them into Apple education store checked and completed my order easily. Saved $156

    Warning for anyone complaining of order cancellations - my bank contacted me immediately after buying the gift cards to check if it was really me, because there are so many scam purchases. I clicked that yes it was me (on the bank app) and it worked.

    I assume banks are being ultra cautious on large gift card orders. so very likely your banks are cancelling your own payment on your behalf sometimes.

    • Did you get a “thank you for your order” email before getting the gift card? I ordered yday at 2pm and still haven’t received, only got a thank you email this morning with no gift card in it

    • I don't think so. When placing my order I was also contacted by my bank to authorise the transaction, which I did immediately. Despite that my order was still cancelled.

      There appear two levels of checks going on here - one by the credit card issuer (i.e. bank) and the other by the merchant (i.e card.gift). It is the latter that seems to be causing grief for a lot of people, including me. After four failed attempts using four different cards I give up. The angst is not worth it.

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