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Firepro Fire Blanket $6.79 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


FirePro's 1m x 1m high performance fire distinguishing blanket is made of glass fibre. The fire blanket is made with fibre drill fabric, made of a kind of specially treated glass fibre, which is smooth, soft, with high density and without any irritation to skin. It is the best protective material for humans or any object, which require protection from high heat.

  • Suitable for Cooking and Clothing Fires
  • Certified to AS/NZS 3504
  • Made from Glass Fibre

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  • -1

    Feel this should be 1x2m min to cover a person

    • +2

      I want one in King Size

    • You can get larger which are more suitable for cars or workplaces

    • +14

      It's for covering fires, not covering people.
      Main use would be to cover the stove for a kitchen fire. 1m x 1m is fine for this.

      • -3

        But if you have like a stock pot, that would tent the 1 x 1 and then it wouldn't cover the base, or it would barely do it, which wouldnt be sufficient.

        • +14

          A 15l stock pot is less than 30cm in diameter, what on earth are you cooking in your domestic kitchen?

          A fire blanket is only meant to cover the top of the pot (like a lid) to starve what’s on fire inside the pot of oxygen.

          If flammable liquids have spilled out of the pot onto the stove top, you’ll never really put it out with any size of fire blanket as you’d struggle to get an air tight seal. That’s what fire extinguishers are for.

          • +1

            @brosk1s: Why are you doing this to yourself? You’re using on logic and you know it has no place there.

          • @brosk1s: Sadly the kind of people who need to put out a fire on their stove are also the kind of people who put a commercial 150L stockpot on their domestic stove, and turn all four burners on.

            Those people should probably buy a bigger blanket.

      • There is literally someone using it on a person on the graphic printed on it for a clothing fire.

    • -2

      I think these 1x1 ones generally come with a large warning that they're practically useless. Might put out a candle.

      • +1

        1m X 1m fire blankets come with a warning that they’re not suited for human torch fires - as per Australian Standards.
        The 1m X 1m size is excellent for kitchen fires and definitely not useless

  • How big is this bag?

    • 150x250mm roughly by memory

  • +3

    Is this everyday bunnings pricing ?

    • +2

      was $10 last week as I bought one. Going to return and buy again

      • +7

        Is your time and fuel worth 3 bucks?

        • +3

          I live across the road from Bunnings, it's a 2 min walk for me so yes. Maybe it wasn't you but someone downvoted me, not sure why…

        • The time and the possibility of a potential interaction itself makes it not worth it for me.

  • +17

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was a man in a Fire Blanket costume.

    • +1

      I legit feel that would make a fun costume

      • Or at least thought provoking.

    • Too bad it's not. I need a new costume for strip poker night.

    • +1

      I thought it was a man till I read your comment and scrolled back up to confirm the authenticity of your comment 😂

  • +1

    They are price beating Coles who have a fire blanket for $6.99 starting this Friday.

  • +1

    Fire distinguishing blanket, hahah.

  • Reading a review comment, the price was $7 odd 2 years ago. So not a big discount

    • -1


  • -1

    When I see this, it reminds me off Heymix. Then I have a vision of a fire blanket hanging over a Heymix Powerbank or charger.

  • +1

    Cheap welding blanket?

    • Yep, i use one for sparks and slag. Sometimes needs to be doubled over if you are expecting a lot of slag.

  • +2

    False advertising. Blanket contains 0% fire.

  • -1

    Has anyone actually used one of these ? I own one for home kitchen but genuinely wouldn’t think of using it in panic of fire on the stove. Would probably rush for a bag of flour would be my first thought.
    Not disputing the value of them by the way.

    • +9

      Please don't try using flour to put out a fire. Flour dust is extremely flammable, the dust has very high surface area so the flame spreads very quickly. Search 'flour fire' on youtube, tons of examples like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2Ry8KKms64

      Fire blankets are very effective but it's important to place it over the fire instead of trying to throw it, and protecting your hands with the blanket while doing so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLvnAe6-DLg shows the technique.


    • +1

      fire to the premises?

  • I love me a distinguishing fire blanket inserts monocle

  • Thanks. Bought 3

  • Got to love Bunnings:

  • is it single use?

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