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Pepsi Max, Pepsi, Lemonade, Solo, Sunkist Cans 30x 375ml $23 ($20.70 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Amazon are price matching Coles and Woolworths.

Schweppes Lemonade

Sunkist may be added later.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • All temporarily out of stock for me

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      Do you live outside of a metro area?

      I’ve found the same thing happens to me. I’ve got a family member’s address saved that’s in a metro area so it allows me to then add it to my cart.

      Once in your cart update to your actual address and it will go through fine. It’s a weird thing with Amazon that they can’t give me an answer why it happens.

      • Haha. I just discovered this workaround recently too. Thought I was no longer going to be able to get cheap stuff off Amazon.

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        The hero we needed

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      Same here

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      @Nousernamehere @Jase1

      These are 2 workarouds that have worked for me (same thing happens to me in a non metro area)

      1) Sign out, add to cart then sign in and checkout
      2) Google search item, click shopping, then click through using that link

      Example this shoppingads url works



      The link with just the dp and item number doesn't

      Note : if you setup a s&s it may get cancelled after your first order arrives and before the s&s for the next order (happened to me with quilton tissues) with a message cant deliver to your area.

      Items ive had this out of stock issue with include a samsung tablet, quilton tissues and toilet paper and Bundaberg peach.

      It's odd thats for sure.

      • I think the way I said is a hell of a lot less stuffing around 😂

        I get some stuff delivered to said family member anyway and is simple to change the delivery address during checkout. Even gives you the drop down box at the top of the page to change your delivery address on the product page as well.

        Note : if you setup a s&s it may get cancelled after your first order arrives and before the s&s for the next order (happened to me with quilton tissues) with a message cant deliver to your area.

        First I’ve heard that anyone does S&S without cancelling it after it has shipped! So haven’t run into this issue. Obviously just shows a weird bug they have that they can’t be bothered fixing.

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          I recently had a S&S cancelled as they no longer deliver to that area.

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            @Bargin Boy: You would want it cancelled anyway, so this automates it, awesome!

          • @Bargin Boy: same here with multiple S&S subscriptions, it's annoying! They "can no longer deliver to my area" for a lot of these type of items now, despite their brand new fulfilment centre being not too far away from me..

      • I just signed out and they were available again, put them in my cart like you said and signed back in and was able to buy them. So weird.

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      Omg. I thought I was going crazy. I’ve never been able to jump on any of the Kirks deals for this same reason.

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    Used to be $14 back in 2020 and the post only had 10 upvotes. Inflation, errrrr

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      Stop complaining boomer, 44% increase in 4 years is totally fine and our quality of life not going in toilet, the companies need more tax cuts on their massive profit gouging.


      • These used to be regularly 43.75c per can with 24 packs for $10.50 on regular specials at Coles and Woolies pre-covid. Since then it’s gone up and the cheapest I’ve seen them these days is at Costco for $22.99 for a 30 pack. Now 76.66c per can minus 10c rebate if you choose to return them (if you don’t, why are you on OzB!)

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      Yep, "under 50c a can" used to be my go-to benchmark for ages for if it's a good price. :(

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        I still remember my first post, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/15933, $7 per 24 cans,.

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          Another great deal ages ago was $10 for 30 cans from Big W.

      • And now close to $1 is the norm but with the 10c refund and Sub & Save from Amazon its 57c each.
        Close to the 50c.

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      Get a sodastream

  • $1.84 / litre with subscribe and save, still more expensive than just buying big bottles, also less waste (though plastic bottle waste is worse)

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      Big bottles aren't ideal for small households as it'll go off before you even finish it.

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      Benefit is a bunch of cans, so you essentially get back 3$ if you deposit them somewhere, and it’s easy to give to people rather than pour them a drink in a cup.

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        Real ozbargainers only offer guests tap water…

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          Toilet-water for the inlaws.

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            @BargainKen: Real ozbargainers dont have clean toilet water to give. Cant flush unless its a #2

  • I last ordered maybe 2 weeks ago, they were still sending me old stock / in old Pepsi Branding with Expiration 2 months away

    • very odd, I ordered from Amazon on May2 (delivered May 3) and it came in the new box with the new branding. They must be doing LIFO

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    solo is sooooo underrated

    ice cold solo straight outta the esky on a hot day of gardening is ACE

    • absolutely, infact Ididn't even wanted to try it since arriving in Australia in 2014, one weekend it was brought by some friends & I opted for it as there was no other option & it was good as I like the strong lemon flavor, now I add more lemon to it :)

  • Just wondering how can I get a price match at Coles, googled it and been informed coles do not have official price matching policies.

  • Good timing, just about ran out of my last batch.

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    The No Sugar variants aren't same price unfortunately.

    The Sunkist No Sugar is $23.40 ($2.08L) with S&S.

    Still pretty good pricing, but not the same.

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      Where's the Solo No Sugar?? Alls I can find is a ten-pack :(

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    Agree with all the posters highlighting the huge price increase. What I don't understand is why there aren't generic brands to undercut the major suppliers. Even Aldi cola is 70c per can.

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      Homebrand cola taste like crap. Pepsi and coca cola know they don't to compete with them

      • +1

        I don't mind home brand, but the point is that they're not much cheaper anyway.

        • They dont need to be much cheaper. Any cheaper is just lost profits. They only need to be a little cheaper to capture the market who wants cheap cola.

      • That used to be the case but they taste just as good now

  • Pepsi Max OOS

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    Pepsi Max in Stock for me in Sydney

    • ok …. not for country NSW

  • So if I already have a S&S for Pepsi Max, will this price be applied to me next time? I get 2 cartons every 2 weeks.

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      Only if its that price at the due time. Start a new S&S to get the benefit and cancel your old one, you dont have to give a reason.

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        Thanks mate!

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