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Add an Additional Credit Card (First Approved Card Only), Get 10,000 Bonus AmEx/Qantas/Velocity Points @ American Express


Similar deal to the previous one in March / April and this current one - but this time it is 10,000 points and only pure Amex rewards cards. Must apply by 29th May 2024.

Offer should look like this when logging into your Amex account or in your Amex account offers like this or on your mobile app. But may not be targeted as it is featured on the dedicated page to add additional card holders


  • Appears to be only for Amex rewards points cards, i.e. not for Qantas or Velocity Amex cards. All cards eligible

  • I also applied for an additional card and received the 15,000 points in April. Points we're credited to account in about 5 minutes

  • I have applied for an additional card this time around as well - however points haven't credited yet - been about 24 hours. I did raise with CS - and have been told it could take up to the 8-10 weeks outlined in the T&Cs and / or end of current statement period. Regardless - case was logged.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (3)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points

Centurion Personal Charge Card: random (6)

Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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  • Hmm cant see on android app for my essential amex

    • does it show up when you go through the normal steps of adding an additional card holder?

      • Whwn i click add it goes to browser and no, doesnt say the bonus

  • +2

    Logged into amex from the link given. Scroll down where it says add additional card holder for 10000 points. Additional card holder approved in minute and 10000 points was immediately added to my account.

  • -1

    whats 10000points worth?
    found it - 5000 velocity

  • -1

    Does extra card include lounge access?

    • Only for the first additional card holder you applied will get priority pass lounge access, all other card holders can only go Amex lounges

  • +2

    The below Qantas and Velocity Amex cards are also eligible as per the deal page here

    10,000 Bonus Qantas Points

    • The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card
    • The Qantas American Express Discovery Card
    • The Qantas American Express Premium Card
    • The Qantas American Express Classic Card

    10,000 Bonus Velocity Points

    • The American Express Velocity Escape Card
    • The American Express Velocity Gold Card
    • The American Express Velocity Platinum Card
    • Ah yeah you are right. Didn't even see the tabs! Thanks I'll remove my note and update title! Thanks

  • Would cancelling a yet to be activated card and re-applying works?

    • no harm trying if its just an additional card there is no credit history impact

  • I also applied for an additional card and received the 15,000 points back in April. Points we're credited to account in about 5 minutes too and on some accounts i had more than 4 additional card holders already.

    has anyone with more then 1 additional card holder already apply for this promo and get the points too?

    • Just got instant approval for this one, points credited. Have 6 other additional including the one from April.

      • can you remove additional holder and add them again?

        • +1

          Need to call to have additional cards closed.

          Card to self works if you run out of family members.

          • @randomusername2017: As in apply for a card in your own name (account holder)?

            • +2

              @Heybargain: Yep..just vary the middle name field.

              • @randomusername2017: Thanks for the tip.
                I removed the existing cards I had registered for from last deal and applied with my own name (varying middle name). Approved and bonus points rewarded.

                • @Heybargain: so i understand what you meant here, you called them up and removed the additional card holders under your family member's names, and then re-registered under your own name with a random middle name, and that was accepted?

                  do they not require formal ID verifying your middle name?

                  • +1

                    @coldazure: Variation on your middle name compared to original account.. leave blank, use just initial.

                    • @randomusername2017: oh right, so i'm shit outta luck if i have no middle name. darn.

                      • @coldazure: I was able to apply for 3 additional cards all under my name, instantly approved and bonus points issued :)

                        • @Heybargain: May I ask how did you go about this way? I presume all with different middle name initials?

                          • +1

                            @Rifty6210: Nope. First name surname no middle names. Same address, drivers license details.

                            • @Heybargain: Thanks! I’ll give it a go on my second card.

                            • @Heybargain: that's bloody hilarious…. i don't understand why that works but i ain't gonna complain!

              • @randomusername2017: Middle name trick worked for me too. Cheers!

  • +1

    Followed nepaus's instructions and also got the 10K points. FWIW I have a standard Elevate card earning Velocity points with one additional cardholder already (now two).

    Free Economy ticket SYD-MEL wooooo

  • Last time I got 4x15000 Velocity points. Will try this round too, but need to cancel those 4 first, have run out of immediate family members!

    • Oh wow, that's pretty wicked. Easy points!

      • -1

        Ok, confirmed. Just got the first 10,000 for a new card holder after 15 minutes

        • +1

          How do you cancel those cards? Did you have to call or it could be done online? I've tried searching the option online but couldn't find the cancel card option.

          • @Lange: You need to call Amex to cancel supp cards, can't do it online

        • did you delete and add the same person again?

          • @[Deactivated]: Yes, I cancelled three additional card holders on Friday and added them again

    • 4 adds on one card of yours all got points?

  • +1

    Your request will take approximately 10 business days to process. If approved, the card will be shipped to your mailing address on file, even if a different address for YOUR DOG is provided.

    • I received this as well on one of my cards. The other one was approved almost instantly

  • Looks like this deal doesn't apply to business Amex cards? I can't find any way to apply it to my Qantas Business Rewards card, which is a bummer.

  • Can confirm - applied and the points are credited within ~10 minutes or so.

    Has anyone tried adding more then one new additional card holder to see if you get more points credited? haha

  • It's been two hours, and have not received the points

  • +2

    last time said 1st additional card only but still worked for the 2nd and 3rd.

  • Just did on all 3 of my cards. Got 3x10k almost instant on all. Didn’t do last month one in the end as tried to add overseas family and it ended up being in the too hard basket as Amex wanted copies of visa etc

    • do you do this every time the deal is available? if so, don't you run out of people to sign up as additional card holders?

      • +3

        Just cancel the additionals and then re-add when a future deal appears. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times. Used to be a lot easier as they didn’t check details so I had cards in the name of my cats 😎

        • Hopefully they wouldn't ban people for doing this too many times.

  • Couldnt see the offer for velcocity platinum. Does this affect the additional card holders eligibility for there own amex sign on?

  • Got it approved almost immediately, however after around an hour received another email saying we're reviewing your application

    • Mine was the same but when i checked my amex pts the 10k was already there

      • Could see that as well, hopefully everything is good.

        • Did you hear back from them after the email?

    • +1

      Same. But already got the points so don’t care if the card doesnt show up

      • The point shows up but if you go to tracking it doesn't show there

  • Got a text saying we need you to call with more information. Assume not approved then.

    • Same

    • did you provide the license for the additonal cardholder?

      • Can also provide the Amex card member number if they already have a supp Amex for another account

        • I know. I was trying to find out why they weren't approved right away

  • Only 5000 points is offered to me when I have the platinum card. Anyone else the same?

  • I believe you can add a family member or add a friend as an additional cardholder. Does the person have to be an Australian citizen/resident?

    • Nope; I added a family who isn't one. Just had to call up though after applying when they asked to verify the identity.

      • How did you verify the id?

    • I was asked for Aus passport or overseas passport and Aus visa. As such I couldn’t get cards for mum and dad

  • +1

    so what's the ozb way for these types of offers? sign up for an additional card holder and then immediately cancel that additional card holder so that we can wait for the next offer to sign up again?

  • Signed up online and it required me to call Amex back to provide additional information.

    • What did they ask?

      • Turned out they were interested to know the relationship between the subsidiary cardholder and me.

        It was for my dad.

        • Nice. Did you get the point allocated right away after the call?

          • +1

            @[Deactivated]: Nah took a couple of days to show up in my Membership section of the app but it did get credited before I got the physical card in the mail. Note that I'm with Qantas Ultimate so basically the points pool up and transfer once a month so it hasn't transferred yet to Qantas.

  • +1

    Removed additional cardholders from last 15k bonus run. Added them back this run and received pts within 5 minutes. Works for all 4 additionals for 40k pts!

    • 4 additional cards on separate cards?

      • All on one card

        • So you just added 4 different additional cards on the one account and got 40k points? Seems like a glitch if so?

          • @Lukeypop: I don’t think so… as @Frozensage and @RMM mentioned, I was able to get 15k x 4 additionals on one card in the last deal. Seems like it’s working again this time. I would think that if too many people try this, the TnCs would change to patch it.

            • @Rifty6210: I believe the tncs have first approver card only? Will test it out I guess.

              • @Lukeypop: Tried by adding another to one card (added one yesterday under my name which was instantly approved). Amex called me about an hour later to say they had approved the request, the second lot of 10k landed in my account shortly after.

                Edit: just tried to add another card under my name again, approved straight away and bonus points landed.

    • stupid question, how do I remove additional cardholders? I couldnt find the option from the amex site.

      • +1

        chat / call them.

    • Doesn't t&c say only one person only?

  • just added spouse again got approved and points right away. just wish i still had 4 amex personal accounts so i could do it on all 4 accounts but amex made me close one to get business card account opened. might try and reopen another basic account to see if they will let me after all these years.

  • Anyone else can confirm the bonus only applies to the first additional card or more than one. Thx

    • +1

      T&C say one, but works for more than one

      • Thx. It woks!

    • Where does it say one?

      • T&C 1st

  • Can anyone confirm this is not targeted? I don't see under my account upon login but give it's displayed on their website, I assume everyone is eligible?

    • As long as you click through the link above, sign in and then populate the cardholder details, you should be okay.

      • Thanks, just added my wife on both Essential and Qantas Discovery cards. Got the 10K bonus points for the Essentials card but not for the Qantas Discovery card. Anyone experienced the issue with getting points for the Qantas card?

    • Confirmed not targeted. This was definitely not in my account. I followed the link provided here and got the points within minutes of my application for an additional card holder.

      • hey are 10k points showed up in the amex app?

        i applied via the link on public website, but after 20 mins, no email for approval, and no bonus points

        • +1

          Took a few hours for mine to show up (about half a day).

  • Removed my wife as an additional last night via amex chat on my phone.

    Re added her today using her middle name initial.

    Approved and points added within 10 mins.

    Velocity platinum card.

  • My online portal doesn't mention 10k points. When I go to the website it always says "log in" even though I was already logged in.

    In the Android app, it says "add a new card" like the OP's screenshot, but doesn't mention 10k points.

    Oh well. I've milked the cow too much it seems. And I didn't even get a card for my cat.

  • Added a previously cancelled additional cardholder (cancelled more than a year ago) and got the 10,000 QFF points in the 'to be transferred' view of the app not long after approval. Card still hasn't arrived yet.

  • Additional physical cards arrived in the post yesterday.
    Jumped onto chat this morning and cancelled them.

    Used the link and have so far added another 2 cardholders, bonus points have also landed. I think I'll stop now :)

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