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Add an Additional Credit Card (First Approved Card Only), Get 15,000 Bonus AmEx/Qantas/Velocity Points @ American Express


Updating the post - Full Credit to @littlesoldier for sharing the below link.
Looks like most of the Amex primary card holders/types can get this offer from this link and get 15000 Bonus AmEx/Qantas/Velocity Points for Adding an Additional Card.

List of Eligible Cards

15,000 Bonus Qantas Points

  • The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card
  • The Qantas American Express Discovery Card
  • The Qantas American Express Premium Card
  • The Qantas American Express Classic Card

15,000 Bonus Velocity Points

  • The American Express Velocity Escape Card
  • The American Express Velocity Gold Card
  • The American Express Velocity Platinum Card

15,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points

  • The American Express Explorer® Credit Card
  • The American Express® Platinum Edge Credit Card
  • The American Express® Platinum Reserve Credit Card
  • The American Express Essential® Credit Card
  • The American Express® Gold Card
  • The American Express® Green Card
  • The American Express® Rewards Advantage Card
  • The American Express® Platinum Rewards Credit Card
  • The American Express® Gold Credit Card
  • The American Express® Blue Credit Card
  • The American Express® Platinum Card
  • The American Express® Elevate Credit Card
  • The American Express® Elevate Premium Credit Card
  • The American Express® Platinum MoneyBack Credit Card
  • The American Express® Cashback™ Credit Card

Just received this offer in my email for my Qantas Amex Ultimate Card.
Note that I already have 1 x additional card in my account.

Add an Additional Card by 11 April and receive 15,000 bonus Qantas Points on your first approved card.
Share one Account with an Additional Card at no extra cost.
Plus for a limited time, receive 15,000 bonus Qantas Points and share the love.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (4)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points

Centurion Personal Charge Card: random (6)

Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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  • +1

    nice, got 5000 MRs few weeks ago from platinum reserve, points arrived within 3 business days.

  • +3

    I'd love to get this offer, but nothing recieved as yet.

  • Targeted?

    • +5

      No this isn't targeted. I used this link that user "littlesoldier" provided below, applied for the additional card and got my 15,000 points in less than 5 minutes lol (my QFF points balance updated to show an additional 15,000 points):

      • +1

        Thank you!

      • did you already have an existing additional card on the account?

  • Just got 2 offers 15K MR Points one for Plat Reserve, one for Plat Charge Applied for a Plat Charge for Mum as Ive already got a Plat Reserve for her

  • +1

    Got the offer too but can someone clarify whether this offer still works if you already have one additional cars golder on the account? I.e. would be eligible for the second additional card holder?

    • I have 1 x additional card too in my account and still received this offer. So, I guess it should work for us.

      • +2

        YMMV - I saw a similar comment in a past campaign and applied for an additional card. Points never came through and amex support said I wasn’t eligible because I already have an additional card.

        • But did you get the similar offer email at that time?

            • +4

              @krushr: I can also confirm that it works even if you already have one additional cardholder. However, I had to call them to finalize the application as they needed some additional information, and they instantly approved the card. I then received the bonus points, which equal $150 with my The American Express® Cashback™ Credit Card.

              • @deanl: Happy days, thank you for sharing the info

              • @deanl: Did you have two additional card holders in the end? Or did you cancel first and re-apply?

                • @leonardoryan: Yes, I now have two additional card holders. Didn't need to cancel first and re-apply.

  • +5

    Its not targeted, you can get the additional card bonus offer from here: https://www.americanexpress.com/en-au/credit-cards/manage-yo…

    • -2

      but you don't get bonus points.

      • +3

        what do you mean? the website stated the 15000 bonus points…
        that link is generic

        • but you don't get bonus points. scratch that. didn't see the second tab there.

    • Thank you, this worked for me

    • I don't see this pop up when logging in and thought it's targeted?

  • +2

    i have never added an additional card to any CC before. what's the process? if i add for my fiance, are there credit checks carried out against her name?

    • Wondering about this too.

    • +6

      Used to be you literaily put down the name and relation to you, now they check if it's a real person via Australian ID verficiation like DL, medicare, passport, etc. No credit checks as the main card holder is responsbile for their debt (at least last time I did it with amex a few months ago that was the process).

      • Can I just get it for myself again? 😅

      • +3

        Yeah miss being able to add my dog

    • +3

      Short answer in my experience was No. They checked the legal IDs (DL/Passport) but no questions related to credit check were asked.
      IMO this is because primary card holder is sole responsible for all card related debts. Secondary card holder will have separate logins created at the time of their new card activation.
      Secondary person can take advantage of some Amex offers as well same as primary depending t&c of individual offer.

  • +1

    if you add an additional holder, will this affect them getting a card themselves in the next cpl of months?

    • +3

      no, additional card holder will not record towards their own credit report
      so they are eligible to get their own card (and get the welcome bonus if they are eligible)

  • My wife and I both signed up to the qantas ultimate amex recently, is it possible for us both to add each other as an additional card holder to our respective cards and get an additional 15k points each? Or because we are both amex members its not possible?

    • +2

      yes, it doesnt matter
      both can hold each other's additional card too

      • cheers

      • +2

        Cheers. That's a nice win then. Extra 30k points between us on top of the 100k we each got and 40k I got for referring her.

  • +1

    Doesn’t work for business cards.

    • i wonder if business cards have the same promo on a different link?

  • Can we not just apply via the link or do we need to actually receive the offer via email?

  • Terms and conditions state:

    This offer is only available to eligible Card Members who have received a direct invitation from American Express.

    So if you didn't get an email, I don’t think you are eligible for the bonus points. Happy to be corrected however

    • +1

      The very first line on the deal's generic linked page:

      The Primary Card Member named above will receive 15,000 Bonus Points when they apply for an Additional Card by clicking on the link on this webpage by 11 April 2024.

      • But is that a direct invitation?

        • I received a direct invitation, so shared the deal.
          However this page is publicly available. read the first line of Terms & Conditions there.

        • +1

          Just applied via the link above, approved, QF points in my Amex Account (ready to transfer to QF)

          • @wzk: Yep same. 15k qantas points have appeared on both mine and my wife's account. Added each other.

  • +2

    I just got my partner a card for my Qantas Amex like 2 weeks ago, does that mean I’m unable to get this offer? Anyone had any luck getting bonus points when you just miss out on the offer period?

    • I'd like to know this too! Got the card a few days ago.

    • Same here, would like to know. Got card for +1 a few days ago.

    • Same thing. Can we just not cancel the partner card and apply again?

    • +2

      Same here. Might need a second wife to get this deal.

      • Or a husband to go with the existing wife. Also the husband can keep your wife entertained when you’re too tired

    • +1

      Can confirm if you add the same partner again with the same details, it will be approved and 15k points received instantly.

      We were the same situation and had already applied for an additional cardholder on both immediately on application a couple of weeks ago.

      • So do i need to cancel the original card first?

      • Tried this, I added my wife again and was approved :)

        • Did you need to cancel?

          • +1

            @killabob: No, just straight add another card

      • Doesn’t that mean they will have 2 cards for this account in their name? Amex don’t care about that?

  • +1

    Nice. Have 4 cards so thats 60000 points

    • bonus points only works for the first card unfortunately

      • +1

        4 seperate accounts

        • Separate accounts as in separate logins?

  • 15000 MR = 7500 QFF
    not equal value

    • If you are adding someone to a Qantas card or Virgin card, then it's 15,000 points of that respective card. So in the case of the Qantas ultimate amex, it's 15,000 qantas points you get.

  • Edit: it was in the T&Cs, first card added only.

  • Stupid form limits the first name field to 10 characters (probably due to the space on the card).

  • So David John’s Amx isn’t eligible seems?

  • +2

    Applied, approved and points credited all within 15 minutes. Thanks OP.

    • Where do you see the points credited? In amex or Qantas?

      • Amex. Will need to wait until Amex account does usual monthly sweep to qantas

      • How to check the points in amex?

        • Nvm, found it on Membership tab :)

  • +1

    added my 82 year old dad for some free points, thanks!

    • Wonder if I can add my one month old baby

      (note: joking)

      • Technically you could with a fake birthdate lol with no driver's licence they'll call you to confirm details.

  • Do you still get bonus points if you already have an additional card holder approved?

    • +2

      as long as the last approved card is not within the current promotion period

      • +1

        Thanks! I'll give it a shot and see what happens

        • Please share what you find. Thanks.

          • +1

            @CrazyBargainer: Yep, it works. I had an additional card holder approved last year and just made another application for additional card holder. This one was approved straight away and got my bonus points within 15 mins. I have the explorer (if thats relevant)

  • thanks OP, got it approved for add holder

  • Thanks, says "Your request will take approximately 10 business days to process." But received an approval email immediately.

  • Thanks OP, great deal.

  • Are Amex business cards valid?

  • +1

    I am getting an error when i opened the link and after signing in to amex like technical issue please try again later.

  • If parent doesn't have email can that field be left blank or need to put something?

  • Nearly added my partner as an additional cardholder last week, glad I didn't! Thanks OP, approved and points in my account in less than ten minutes.

  • +2

    Thanks, got approved and received the points in less than 5 mins.

  • +1

    Last time I applied during a promo for 5k points it said first card only, but you could still apply for multiple cards and get points for each. Has anyone tried applying for multiple additional cards during this promo?

    • if you got the answere let me know

    • Did anyone find out whether it works for multiple? Probably not honestly.

  • I applied for my son and got approved for Platinum edge. No bonus points in the account yet.

    • Kids need to be 18 and over for a supp card to be approved?

      • +1


        • Do you have to enter ID for a 16 year old?

  • can we get points for multiple members

  • I don't think this applies to people where there are already 4 additional cards. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • I have multiple Amex primary cards.

    I have only received the offer on two of them.

    But each says the 15000 is only given to the FIRST card added.

    It's not certain to me if the FIRST refers to first additional card under each primary card, or the first additional to all my primaries combined. i.e if I added an additional card to each of the two cards I received the offer on, will I get two lots of 15k points to each respective account?

    Can someone who knows please clarify.

    • +2

      From the T&Cs

      The Primary Card Member may apply for several Additional Cards across different products, but will only receive the 15,000 Bonus Points for the first approved Card.

      If I understand that correctly, even if you hold multiple cards, you can get the points on 1 additional card only.

      • Very clear. Thank you.

  • Would this impact your credit rating and would it impact borrowing capacity when applying for a home loan?

    • I don't think so as you are just sharing the Credit Limit between the Primary and Secondary cards?

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