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Red Bull (& Sugar Free) Energy Drink 24x250ml $36.00 ($32.40 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Red Bull items on special:

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    Thanks, ordered the original: https://amzn.asia/d/hnRBF6I

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    Damn no zero?

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      Ikr, zero is significantly better than sugar free.

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    In Coles, it's $6 for 4. The same price.

    • Yes, but someone could be paying
      with discounted Amazon gift-cards ;-)

      • Pls telle where is can get the cheap gift cards?

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          a couple of quick examples, that I found :

          here - 2023 JAN

          here - 2023 NOV

    • Cheaper with 1 time sub and save (Granted have Prime)

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    Just get the Aldi dupe , taste the same and Is cheaper all day everyday

    • Which 'dupe' tastes the same as Red Bull ?

      From memory, is that 'wild horse stallion' (or 'flying horse power'?) ?

      Of all the energy drinks that I have had,
      ( and I have had a lot! )
      I am quite fond of the Red Bull taste (even better in Asia).

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        Flying power mate , tastes the exact same as normal red bull. Flying power is even made in Austria so fair to assume comes from same factory as RB

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          That's one brand I'll need to try it out.


          I didn't neg you.

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          Nah the ones they sell now are made in Australia.

          To me, Red Bull has better taste. It's a bit more well-rounded. But Flying Power is cheaper so I drink that haha.

          • @HairyChickens: Is flying power back?!?! I haven’t seen it in months if not a year

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              @Jimothy Wongingtons: All the stores I've been around Sydney have had them for the past two months or so. An Aldi employee said they changed suppliers and they are now all made in Australia.

              The tropical flavour was replaced by Passionfruit and to my disappointment, it tastes nothing like V Blue.

              There are also 500ml cans for $2

              • @HairyChickens: Interesting
                Will give it a go
                I usually get the monster ultra whites at about $2.6 - $2.8 unreal taste, wish had more caffeine though

        • How much do they cost?

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          It had the same taste when it was manufactured in Austria. Australian made tastes different, May be too much sugar.
          But certainly not as same as redbull.

        • The sugar free versions used to be made in Austria, but are now Australia made with at least 98% Australian ingredients. Even better I'd say!

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    Aldi's energy drinks are still cheaper at $3.99p/l, compared to 5.40p/l and are Aussie made now as well.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out.

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