6% off $20 Minimum Spend on eGift Cards (Maximum 2 Gift Cards) @ Gift Card Exchange


Hi everyone,

Yeehaa, eventually Black Friday is approaching and for those we are on the lookout for a good deal but have not made their minds yet - Perhaps you might want to turn your eyes to the Gift Card Exchange website.

Currently they are giving 6% off from the eligible gift cards. They provide for both Digital and In person (.pdf format) gift cards including custom amount as well.

Amazon : https://www.giftcardexchange.com.au/amazon-gift-card
Exchange : https://www.giftcardexchange.com.au/exchange-gift-card
Rebel : https://www.giftcardexchange.com.au/rebel-sports-gift-card

Don't forget the unique code GIVING6 that you must enter prior to payment.

How to redeem:
Please go to the individual website where you buy the gift card from.

Things to know:
To use the code - you must sign up and login. Thanks to @Kangadrew
Minimum gift card purchase is $20.00 per retailer;
Maximum gift card purchase will depend on the retailer selected and
Gift Card Exchange has a daily, combined gift card purchase limit of $5,000.00
Maximum purchase of two (2) gift cards during the Promotion Period

For details, here is Black Friday Promotion Terms and conditions:

Update: The following gift cards are now excluded from this promotion

Flight Centre

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • A good deal for Airbnb gift card?

    • +6

      6% off is decent. but not the best - I've gotten 15% off in the past.

      • +1

        Yeah, it is not that great to be honest but it's really helpful when you are in need right now.

        E.g. I cannot defer for some purchases where the kids really need to buy something. So rather than pay a full price, it's still a deal when buying a lot if applicable.

      • I think I got 30% off flight centre gift cards a while ago on sale at woolworths.

  • +5

    No Coles or Woolworths?

  • +10

    It's better to get the Exchange eGift Card since it can be exchanged for any gift card listed on their website

    • Has anybody tried swapping the Exchange card for Apple / Bunnings / Flight Centre (which are excluded from this promotion)? The info for the Exchange card says it can be swapped for any brand so appears it should be a way around the exclusions.

      • +6


        Yes, I have just tried swapping with Bunning gift card from Exchange card successfully.

        Make sure you have accepted the Exchange gift card and the balance shows up in your account.
        Once you got that then you can just simply proceed buying the Apple/Bunning/FC gift card by choosing the "Pay with credit" option at the checkout and bingo!.

  • Bought Amazon gift card from here. Successfully redeemed after a couple of minor errors.

  • Bought Amazon GC. Good deal. Thanks.

  • +3

    Doesn't work with Coles Eftops GC fyi

  • +3

    They don't accept Amex cards.

  • -6

    Only 6% is an insult to the community haha

  • +3

    Only just managed to get my ANZ VISA unblocked from the lat time using this site. Be carefully, ANZ always flag them as untrusted

    • +1

      Were you able to purchase at the end? After unblocked?

      • +2

        Nah I had to use another card

    • Mine was declined. Tried another and it froze at "processing payment". Tried again but I had hit my limit for two uses of the promo code GIVING6. Walking away pissed off and empty handed.

      • Yeah if you message them they will generate a new code for you. Annoying but that the price of gettting a discount sometimes

  • Yeah, my ANZ card doesn't work….. Oops! D4405 | Please try another card. If problem persists, contact us.

    • Same

  • And Amazon sold out….

  • Bought Amazon here. Thx

    • BYW, cannot use the code for Bunnings.

  • +1

    My first tx on a NAB card went through. Second time though, I got the D4055 error.

    I then tried getting another card again, but code no longer applies, as their is a 2 card limit… and my 2nd use of the code got eaten by the error. :/

    • +6

      NAB just rung me up. Asked me if I tried to purchase some gift cards, and that the 2nd tx was blocked because they needed to make sure it was me, and to be careful with gift card purchases, lol.

      Given that there is an sms approval code used each time, via nab's own portal (popup), this is lame.

      Anyway, they 'unblocked' my card, and let me know I can use it again in a short while.

      I let him know he lost me a $30 savings, and that I can't get that discount again, because there is a 2 tx limit for use of the code. Thanks man, lol.

      • +3

        Even more annoying when you miss the call from your bank. My card was automatically blocked even though I passed the SMS authorisation. I spent more than 30 mins in the queue calling my bank to get my card unblocked.

      • I had the same thing happen - If you hit up GCX support they give you a replacement code.

    • +2

      Same here! Annoying

  • +2

    Oops! GX003 | Your Bank Has Not Authorised This Payment | Please Contact Your Bank

    Totally waste of time.

    • Same here. Then tried again, this time spinning went forever without doing anything. Tried the third time, when entered promo code it said usage limit has exceeded. How can that be when it has not processed any gift card for me?

      • CS was responsive and offered me a workable solution (Pay ID). Got the GCs I wanted.

  • thanks bought amazon gift card this morning!!

  • +8

    What a crap website!
    First Anz CC won’t work even after visa SecureCode authentication
    Second St George CC won’t work either
    Third attempt - cannot enter discount code as already redeemed. FFS just take my money already

  • Anybody know if Coles prepaid Mastercard works with these guys? Seems they use 3D Secure so I'm guessing can't pay that way.

  • +1

    Is it me or most of these cards can be obtained for more than 6% off elsewhere

    • I isn't aware that I can get more than 6% anywhere anytime. Do you mind sharing how?

      • Which card ?

        • Like Amazon and eBay

        • Where can u even get ebay gift card?

    • most of these cards can be obtained for more than 6% off elsewhere

      To which cards are you referring to exactly?

      • most of them just saying that's why this deal is not that popular

    • yes, only worth for some of the stores like Amazon, Bunnings, IKEA etc

  • +1

    Just to add, there is not limit on the same gift card example 20$ amazon and a 50$ amazon and a $100 amazon.

    I believe the limit is on seperate gift cards from different stores.

    I have tried this and no issues! But you can only use the code once

  • didn't work trying to pay with Steppay but worked with other CC's fine

  • +2

    Thanks, OP. Good discount for Ebay, and also for the "Exchange Gift Card" (as credits, which must be used within 2 years to exchange for any gift card).

    • Do you know if I can get a 500 and 300 voucher and use them on the same transaction on ebay?

      • +1

        Yes. Don't see why not. I regularly use multiple gift cards per ebay transaction, but see the Ebay Australia GIFT CARD USAGE LIMITS here:

        My summary is:
        Max of 8 gift cards in any single transaction (but fewer if in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).
        Max use of $1,500 per transaction (and < $2,000 per DAY and < $5,000 per calendar MONTH).

  • +1

    ANZ does not work, what should I do? I want to get qantas points with that card.

  • +4

    Failed payment on 3 credit cards, wow.

  • +1

    Same as many, failed three cards in a row.

  • My NAB card failed too.

  • My Bankwest and commonwealth card failed multiple times saying I needed to contact my bank.
    Gift card exchange created a ticket for me and said to sign out of my account on all devices and try again.
    They said the only option is to pay them using their payid and they will give me credit so I can purchase the gift cards. Not too sure if I should go ahead, is this site trusted?

    • That's odd, worked with my commbank, a window opened up to put in a netbank code and it got accepted straight after.

  • +3

    What a joke!

    1. I set up an account to buy 2 gift cards. Used my NAB card, and like many other people here, my card was temporarily blocked by NAB due to suspected fraud.

    2. I called NAB to unblock it. Wasted 30 minutes waiting to talk to NAB on the phone to fix this.

    3. I tried to log back in to buy the gift cards, but it said the promo code could not be re-used a second time.

    4. Moments later, I received an email from the Giftcard exchange to say this:

    Unfortunately your purchase was unsuccessful.
    It appears your bank has stopped this transaction.
    Due to a high level of fraud on the internet, I am aware that some banks are a little cautious when customers attempt to make large gift card purchases.
    If you wish to try another purchase, please call your bank and inform them that you want to make a legitimate purchase on our website, 'Gift Card exchange'.
    To help you with your purchase, I have organized this special Promo Code, only for your account. Please use this code: GIVING6-TAKE2
    Thank you very much for thinking of 'Gift Card Exchange'.
    Have a great day.

    1. I logged back in to the Gift Card exchange to use the new promo code, but I could not log in as it did not recognise my email - but this is impossible as I had already received a welcome email. So I tried to use the forgot password, and received an error.

    2. I then replied to the email that they sent me, advising them I could not log in. And this is what I received:

    We have suspended your account due to suspected fraudulent activity.
    If you wish to rectify this issue, please immediately call us on 03 83977277 (Option 1),
    Or please forward us a message with your mobile number, so we can contact you.
    We need to identify that you are the person making these purchasers.

    What absolute crap!

    • -1

      Sorry to hear that you experienced the unpleasant situation.

      Normally for big purchases, I ring my bank first prior to commit to such large sum. Each bank have their own policies especially when the fraud check is triggered.

      Have a chat with them and explain your issue. Hope you get them sorted for you.

      • +2

        It's not the bank now. I have sorted it out with the bank. It's the gift card company who think I am doing fraudulent activity!

  • Worked with a BoM card, didnt work with an ANZ card

  • I'm trying to use 28 Degrees Mastercard and I get to the part where I need to enter a one-time PIN but I'm not receiving any SMS, despite trying multiple times.

    • Sadly a known problem that is still going on 23/11 as I’ve just experienced it! Absolutely terrible on their end 🫤

  • +1

    So bad. I used my ANZ credit card and my card just gets blocked. I didn't know that until I got notifications of all my recurring payment failed, and also failed on making transactions at shops. I had to call ANZ to unblock it. I was held on the line for 1 hour until someone picking up… never again.

  • I failed with Citibank card but my Westpac card was accepted.

  • +2

    Now i have to unblock both NAB and ANZ card. Not worth the time. Disgraceful.

    • How do you know that the cards have been completely blocked? Do you get that as an error message or have you tried to use them again on another transaction?

      • They should try to ring you. I lost the call. And I didn't know my card got blocked until I used it to pay at shops/restaurants, so annoying. Fortunately My friend was with me and he helped me to pay. You are (profanity) up if you only have that card, just like me becaues I stored the card in my phone and I only had the phone with me. LOL

    • That's on NAB and ANZ. Not on the giftcard seller.
      It's anti-fraud measures.

  • +2

    Tried with Zip virtual card, and as expected it didn't work - fine.
    Then tried with my Westpac Altitude. The wheel spun around for ages so I checked my bank - no charge had been made - and checked GCX - nothing in order history.
    OK, I thought, I'll cancel and try again…

    You cannot use this voucher anymore (usage limit reached)


    Edit: I see Buy2Much had the same issue

    Edit 2: Created another account and it worked.

    • I had exactly the same with my Westpac Altitude. Spinning wheel and no transaction first time. I can't remember exactly how I got around the problem, unfortunately.

  • +1

    Amazon gift card worked!

    • Amex no worky
      But CBA MC did for me today.

      • I used Macquarie

  • +1

    Okay just noticed this too. I just did a purchase using CBA. At the security code screen, Gift Card exchange sends you a text code, but CBA actually want the net code from their own app. I ket entering the texted code but it was incorrect. Tried twice, and then realised it wanted the Commbank app netbank code, which worked straight away. Macquarie app doesnt use a net bank type code for purchases.

    • Yes payment approval came up via CBA app.

  • any similar discounts for gift cards but from a website that allows me to pay via Afterpay?

  • Just tried getting an Amazon card - You cannot use this voucher anymore (usage limit reached)

    • You have to register / log in - I just did it and it worked

    • I got 2x Amazon gift cards today.

      It works…only after logging in,
      and you need to send it as a gift … to 'yourself'.

  • Thanks OP - purchased a $500 Amazon credit for $470 and added to my Amazon Account - too easy and ready for Xmas

  • Worked on both mine and my partners accounts without any issues.

  • Worked just now with HSBC Visa credit card.

  • tried two different CC (NAB and AMEX) didn't work

  • You cannot use this voucher anymore (usage limit reached)

  • I could only buy 1 and then it started saying limit reached. WTH

  • Anyone know how to get Apple gift cards for cheaper than this 6%?

    • Your best bet is to keep an eye to the upcoming ColesWorths' promotion and hopefully you might get one. Sometime they run promotions for Apple gift card as well.

      Savings may be in the form of points which you can use toward your shopping if that suits you.

  • Cheers OP, looking to pick up a heap of stuff tomorrow at IKEA combined with the black Friday discount! Appreciated :)

  • anyone else getting a 503 error? haha

  • The one time I dont want NAB to worry about my purchases and they fraud detect block the purchase, now I cant buy it because the site thinks I already used the code.

    • Same. Sucks big time!

  • First purchase didn't work, entered the SMS code for my card but just got a white box. Macquarie Mastercard.

    Turned off adblocker (this was an issue that also affected Prezzee) and my second purchase went through with ubank Visa.

    Tested a 2nd purchase and it says limit reached.

  • try to buy giftcard with commbank. purchased failed with errorcode, and money went out. what is going on?

  • Can I pay with Paypal?

  • Amazon gift card worked for me, just registered a new account and it went through with no problem. Brave browser with adblock on.

  • +1

    Ebay gift cards no longer appear to be working.

    You cannot use this voucher with these products

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