[PC, Prime] Free - Bramble: The Mountain King @ Prime Gaming


Amazon Prime Gaming has added a surprise additional game for this week. This game was not mentioned in prior postings or on the Prime Gaming Blog. It's rated "Overwhelmingly Positive" on Steam where it's currently selling for $43.95.

  • May 24th Bramble: The Mountain King (redeemed via Epic Games).
    A grim adventure set in a world inspired by dark, Nordic fables.

Just a reminder that you need to be an Amazon Prime user to have access to Prime Gaming


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  • +3

    wow great find. I have been wanting to play this for ages. Thanks

  • +3

    I still don't understand how Amazon doesn't have this service listed when you sign up to prime. It's like they hide it. I had no idea until months later into my membership this even existed. This was a couple of years ago, so hopefully they have put something on their main site.

    • +2

      As a gamer, you could justtify having a Prime membership just for the games really.

      • if you don't really use the other benefits, you can just

        1. Cancel prime membership.
        2. Wait until the final week of each "cycle" of free releases
        3. Sign up for 1 month of prime membership (sometimes you are eligible for the free trial again randomly)
        4. Claim all the games in that "cycle"
        5. Cancel prime membership (past times I did this I got pro-rated refunded $7.99 out of $9.99, I didn't use any other benefits like prime video or free shipping)
        6. Obtain the Ozbargain PRO badge.
    • +1

      You're absolutely right. Despite being a Prime member from Day One, I was unaware of the benefit until I saw a post about it and I looked into it (I'd assumed it was just the U.S. that had it). I'd regularly received e-mails from Amazon stating "Unused Prime Benefit" (or something similar) but that always tended to focus on Prime Music or Prime Reading… no mention of Games. It's listed on the Prime Membership Benefits page but people still seem unaware of it.

      • +1

        It has evolved over time. It used to be called Twitch Prime. From Wikipedia:

        Amazon re-branded its Twitch Prime to Amazon Prime Gaming in 2020. Amazon Prime subscribers also get Prime Gaming at no additional cost. The main difference is that "to access Prime Gaming, customers don't need to have a Twitch account (as they did for Twitch Prime)".

        Prime Gaming subscribers can redeem free video games, as well as various rewards in external video games such as digital loot, currency or cosmetics that would typically cost money or are exclusive. The selection of games and rewards on offer changes over time, but redeemed games and rewards can be kept even after one’s Prime Gaming subscription ends. Additionally, Prime Gaming allows for a free paid subscription to one Twitch affiliate or partner per month.

        • I was aware of the history via Twitch but only realised it was available for Australian Prime members about 2½ years ago.

          • +1

            @cryptowiz: Yeah, I was part of Twitch Prime. I'm not sure how I came across it and joined up. It could have been via Alienware Arena where I was watching some Twitch channels for points.

      • Bezos patient zero {time marked}

    • +3

      I subscribed to get the free twitch subscription. I just collected the games because they were free. Then I started using prime video, and now buy things on Amazon I see for cheap on ozbargain. They suckered me into their ecosystem very effectively.

      • +4

        By far the best value subscription across streaming and online shopping on its own, but for the fact it's one subscription for all - even better.

    • +1

      I've had Prime for two years+ and only just learned about it today from this deal

      • +4

        Then here's something that I post regularly that you should know…

        For those of you who are new to Prime Gaming, here are some answers to the questions you are about to ask…

        • You get free games each week whilst you are an Amazon Prime member (check https://gaming.amazon.com/home on Friday mornings). Make sure you log in to that page under an Amazon account that has a Prime subscription. Click the button marked "Free Games" to filter the currently available games and claim them. Varied DLC is also available for free by clicking the "More Benefits" button and scrolling down to "In-game content free with Prime" and following the instructions.

        • The games are yours to keep, even if you unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.

        • Most games are redeemed via the Amazon Prime Gaming app (a Windows app) which you'll need to download, install and log into. Other games are redeemed via Epic, GOG, Origin, Legacy Games or other sites that may need to be linked (Amazon provides full instructions) and usually require another app be downloaded (such as Epic, Battle.net, Origin, EA, GOG Galaxy) and an account used or created.

        • Of course, you could always just log in at the end of the month and pick up all that month's goodies in one fell swoop. If you do this, you need to watch out that your Prime subscription doesn't expire during the month, as that would make the games unavailable to claim.

        • Prime Gaming gives instructions for redeeming some games via the GOG Galaxy app. It can also be redeemed by going to https://www.gog.com/redeem and pasting in the code (this saves having to download yet another gaming app). You can then download the game and install it (no DRM) without having to use the GOG Galaxy app.

        • Finally, don't forget that if you have a spare code for a game that you don't want, you can always post it on the OzBargain Code Request Megathread (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639741?page=9#comment) to allow other OzBargainers to make use of it. Or you may want a game code and you can post a request for one on the same Megathread. Just one point though, if you do use one of the codes, be sure to leave a comment stating that it has been redeemed and thanking the member who posted it. We're all part of the OzBargain community here so let's treat each other with courtesy and respect.

        Hoping this helps clarify things for you. Thanks for your attention and happy gaming!

  • +1

    I don't even have Prime itself, just Prime Video, and I still have access to these.

  • -1

    Amazon would want to add some additional benefits to the Prime membership because their delivery service is a trainwreck

    • What would you change about it?

      • +2

        Negged for being critical of Amazons delivery service 💩

        If I could change anything with Amazon it would be for their drivers to actually deliver the package rather than claim they tried and drop it off at the post office. Ive moved back to using Ebay because most stuff gets delivered by Australia Post and Ive never had issues with their delivery. I was surprised to see that Ebay was cheaper for lots of stuff than Amazon.

        • +3

          For us, Amazon's delivery service is so far above everyone else. They deliver on weekends, they give you some notice before it arrives (it's not perfect though) and if stuff is delayed they even refund your money, no matter if you get your stuff or not. Most of the time stuff gets delivered way before their estimate.

        • +1

          I live outside of suburban Sydney and I still get next day delivery on everything, so I have no complaints at all about Amazon deliveries. I definitely try to limit what I buy on Amazon as I like to spread the business around but on some things you just have to go with them because they are so much cheaper (usually stuff I'm buying that comes from Amazon Japan, U.K. or U.S.A.)

          • @cryptowiz: I appreciate that everybodys experience with Amazon will be different but a quick google shows a lot of people complaining about the same issues Ive raised.

            • @Talby23: People aren't going to write about good/positive things. The only ones that write stuff are the ones that have had a negative experience.

              • @ozbs25: People just wrote/good positive things in the comments here. Regardless it dosnt change the fact that its an issue.

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